Tals site!
Hey! its tal, im tal, and you are you, now thats out the way. i got extremley bored and thought hey....ill make a sight like ramzi on random crapola! and stuff. ok well, umm....im..14, just to let you know, so im not some fat perv sitting by a computer with his belly resting on his desk whilst eating a chicken wing. it happens ok.... ok well a bit about me : i play the geetar and have been for just under 3 years (2 nd a half years ish) i cant remember! but anyway! heres my bands site www.colourhouse.tk and if you snoop around youll find a link to our music. errr my favourite bands / artist's are. incubus, chilis, Jimi hendrix ( dyn-o-mite) and gomez! they rule. and i reccomend you buy alll of those peoples c.ds because theyr good. Word of warning i tend to ramble on and go off the topic im talking about as you can see, ...i get so lonley....its cold and im scared and the snappy sea turtles have my teeth. anyway thats all enough for now and have fun looking around the site!
I appologies for the sheer crapness of this site