Voodoo in New Orleans

This page has links to photos of Voodoo-related places in New Orleans. Just click a thumbnail image to see the related page of full-size images. You can also find out more about Voodoo or visit the Voodoo links page for more info.

Baron Samedi, Baron Cimitere, and Baron La Croix. The Guede family of Loa.
Niche at St. Judes and two Voodoo vevers St. Judes is right between the Quarter and St. Louis #1. It's very near Congo Square and is a very important historical church as well as having some supposed connection to Voodoo.
Man with Cross on Bourbon Street Not really Voodoo, not really cemetery. Just an interesting photo of a guy making his way down Bourbon Street on a Friday night during JazzFest with a giant cross.
Voodoo Spiritual Temple Located on N. Rampart Street in New Orleans—around the corner from Marie Laveau's house and across from Congo Square--makes this prime historical Voodoo grounds.
Two Botanicas in New Orleans N E W ! Botanicas supply religious goods, candles, and herbs for Voodoo and Santeria practioneers.
Marie Laveau's House and Tomb in St. Louis #1 Cemetery The house that Voodoo Queen Marie's Laveau's daughter, Marie II, briefly lived in is now Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo, a tourist shop. Marie Laveau's tomb is frequently covered with rosaries, Mardi Gras beads, flowers, coins, and other offerings. Some visitors also rap three times on the tomb, mark three Xs with a piece of brick or chalk, and then ask Marie for a favor.
A Voodoo Offering at St. Louis #1 Cemetery An offering at an out of the way tomb in St. Louis #1
Voodoo Flags Two sequined Voodoo Flags.
St. Louis #2--Leaning tomb and ironwork St. Louis #2 is reputed to be the real resting place of the Marie Laveau's, especially Marie II.
St. Roch--Tallart's book Voodoo in New Orleans recounts tales of Voodoo ceremonies taking place in this cemetery. Also a photo of a niche in the St. Roch chapel dedicated to those who've been healed.

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