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[ So what is Voodoo Nations? ]
Voodoo Nation is the name of my site, and the things I believe in. As we all know, Voodoo Dolls are dolls made out of materials that are harmful to our living soul. Thats why I make them, so I can poke the living shit outta you. n_X No Im just p.l.a.y.i.n.g. with you. As for the word, "Nations" It means to gather all my thoughts to bring it together and combine it with my weird imagination.

[ So whos the Voodoo Biatch? ]

Voodoo Biatch is simply me Jacqueline, Jackie, Jacqs etc. I have like 38 fucken nicks. Some I don't even remember T_T... Iam the webmistress of this site, so whatever you find on this site it belongs to me and their own creators. So don't steal... because I WILL POKE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU =)

[ .T.h.a.n.k.s. ]
Thank you Alex W. YOU ARE STILL MY FAV. GUY IN THE WORLD, thx for watching Shakespear in Love, : sniffle : - Hugs
Thank you RAMSEY FOR YOUR HELP YOU GOT ME PSP8 I LUBBLE YOU! - : huggles him with some  snuggles :
Thank you Anna for the wonderful Blinkie you made for me. -M00
Thank you Karen for your wonderful support, if not you I will never touch my site. - Best friend
Thank you Jotay for your kickass comments and your ability to make go h0rny XD. -Fux0rz  ( ppl... its an inside joke chill )
[ So whats new? ]

October 11 03
Wow, I haven't updated anything thats because I have nothing to draw lately... just all about school now a days... but when I DO draw something... it will be like baby in garbage bag. In other words.. it will be all shitty : sober : I dun't think I'll be updating this site for awhile... heheheheheh to lazy bye 4 now


September 30 03
GASP! ITS MY B-DAY! yes it is THANK YOU ROBIN FOR YOUR DRAWING! XD its was very GOOD! its not crappy at all! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH CHECK OUT THE BLOG to get more info!!!! YAYS! thank you thank you XOXOXOXOXOXOXO


September 28 03

Ok so right now its 1:12 am considered to be morning, and I finished my
BLOG!!!! SO HAPPIEEEEEEEEEE CHECK IT OUT PPL - which means less drawing and more bloging - weee ... I think...


September 27 03
YAY! I fixed the link section and I feel so good and happy, because the links are my fav. part of the whole entire site!!!! Please check it out! Also Iam working on my blog layout, other then that everything is good. We also had the Dance yesterday, which went well, until this morning, woke up in pain- but pain is good - yip yip bye
oh btw - I will add the Morbid section when I put it up from my
Work section


September 24 03
Oh, I also added the Gifts section ( I need to update that part too ._.; )
I Updated the
CG section added like 6 new drawings, That I'v worked on over the summer. And other thing I got PHOTO SHOP 8!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Iam over whelmed and I a HUGE THANKS TO Ramsey! You rock, and I lubble you so fucken much, Without your help I think I will never get psp at all. I still can't find the brushes... oh well. Still, I will try very hard to learn how to use the program, because it is sooo amazingly cool!


September 17 03

I finally got my site back up, it's about time. I haven't drawn anything lately for the past months or so, but I did draw 4 pictures using oCanvas 1.1. I really need new programs. Because
IAM STILL USING PAINT TO MAKE MY LAYOUT. ALSO MY DOLLS. If only I had psp6 or 7 or even 5. Look at all the possibilities I can do with it. Anyways... yeah some of the links don't  work so live with it. And bare with me for awhile, I DO HAVE SCHOOL YOU KNOW. Oh yeah did I mention its my first year in HIGH SCHOOL. Kay well... Bye