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"Eden, sex, and the mind."

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Did Adam and Eve really screw us up? Is our sexual guilt based on something other than parent training
sayyes. I love Hebrew myth and the Eden story is a doozie.
Adam and Eve were the first soul mates. Before that time sex was simply a carnal act and rather promiscuous.
My soul guide tells me the events in the myth took place when a mutation occured in a Hominid couple about 1.2 million years ago. This myth was given by spirit, not tradition.
The mutation made the couple subconsciously telepathic as all humans are now. God had forbidden them to use it. "Thou shalt not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil:" We were not ready for the consequences of Eve's power grab. She wanted Adam as her exclusive mate. She wanted a love bond. She became the first seductress, it is true. Our minds are what sexually attract us to another person. Eve developed the ability to asral project. Adam also. Eve deliberately snatched this power from God's authority so that he would love only her.
Unfortunately, it backfired. Adam, did indeed bond with her but their minds were now capable of something else. They could now psychically manipulate others in the astral plane as they travelled. Other hominids were helpless to protect themselves. Eve and her offspring had a huge evolutionary advantage over others. She and Adam could sway thoughts, send negative emotions and messages, send evil and frightening dreams and cow others into submission.
They must have seemed godlike to others. Their offspring became the shamans, the priests, the seers. God had to judge them by isolating them from others. Marriage was insitituted to protect this psychic bond and try to make the couple stick with each other instead of hurting others with their more powerful minds.
See? Sex, sin and guilt, do go together. This is not a male chauvanist guilt trip. It is spiritual truth. People who are sexually magnetic are powerful astral projectors. They have vivid fantasy lives and strike their less charming cousins as manipulative and even evil. They tree of knowledge allowed Adam and Eve to "know' each other. This is the soulmate bond, the true love bond that we all seek. The tree unfortunately had a serpent in it. Sin. To manipulate and control the mind of another helpless person has to be the essence of original sin.