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It has been over two years since I have last updated this website. I don't think anyone even comes here anymore except for me. This is in fact the first time I've been here in about a year. No matter how silly this site or band is, it was a huge part of my youth. My friend Chris and I were really good friends and this site stands as a testament to that friendship. I don't know when or if I will see him again, or be able to hang out like we used to, but if we don't I'll still have this place to remind me of the old times. So very much has changed since 1999, I don't even know where to begin. Now here it is, 8 years later and My life doesn't resemble anything it once did. The people I know, my surroundings, myself. If nothing else I am sad for the life I used to have when I was in this band. While I know everyone has to grow up, sometimes I find myself, like a lot of people, wishing they could go back and have more fun. Here I am, at 23, feeling extremely nostalgiac for my old, dear friend, and our silly band.

Yeah sorry about the long wait. I simply cannot let Ear Factor die, it's been in my life for something like 6 years. So long as I remember the passwords for this site, own the albums, and have Chris's cellphone number, there will be an Ear Factor. I have tried many times to get EF back on its feet, but it has proven harder than once thought. I promise I will try to write some new songs, or record some stuff. If you've stuck with it this long and are still reading the site, I would hope that you could stick around a little bit longer.

Well, I don't know if this EF reunion is going to happen or not. We'll see in the coming weeks. On to other things. Ryan (drummer for El Hobos) and Will (bassist for El Hobos) and Myself (adam) are going to record some stuff with our sideproject Roman Holiday (formerly Sep-C). Here's a tentative tracklisting, keep in mind some of these won't make it on the album:
1. Gatsby's Bulletproof Vest
2. I Zigged When I Should Have Zagged
3. Honky Tonk Fuck
4. Avant Guard
5. A Bone Chilling Summer Breeze
6. We Don't Know Nothin 'Bout No Fucking Zebras
7. Never Not Never (ever never whatsoever be touchin no candy)
8. The Hole Where My Heart Used to Be
9. I Will Kill You (relax, I'm just joking!)
10. The Battle of Clitorus Falls, Nebraska

So Keep your eyes and ear peeled to this site for more info.