Other Aepyornis Websites

Yes, they do exist: a few other people out there have webpages devoted to the Vorompatra, or that at least make some mention of the ol' ratite. Here are the ones I've found; where possible, I've included each site's depiction of how the Vorompatra may have appeared. Other images can be seen by clicking here.

Steve's Typewritten Book of the Not-So-Grateful Dead is a collection of pages devoted to extinct animals, among which one finds Vouron Patra, a solid introduction to the bird. Steve credits David Day's Vanished Species for the depiction you see at right, the ratite as envisioned by Tim Bramfitt.

Tim Bramfitt's Vouron Patra

Zdenek Burian's Aepyornis

the University of Sheffield did some archaeological work in Madagascar in 1995-1997; read highlights of their expedition, including their investigation of the interaction between the early settlers and the long-resident Vorompatra. This illustration at left appears to be derived from a painting by Zdenek Burian (click here to see the color painting itself).

the Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology is currently augmenting their site with an English-language version, but their Vorompatra page is still in French. Their webpage features this picture of the skeleton & egg with a handy attendant thrown in for scale. (Click hereto view my translation of their Vorompatra webpage.)

The Science Museum of Minnesota has a nice Madagascar page of activities aimed at a younger audience, which in turn links to their Aepyornis page.

Musée de Tananarive

Also for younger readers: Lynne Remick has written an introduction entitled " Have You Ever Heard of an Elephant Bird? " which she has kindly loaned to this website while she prepares a nest of her own...

Bill Munns' Vorompatra

Bill Munns used to make models of animals, both living and extinct. This is a close-up of an Aepyornis' head he made before tackling the whole bird. Click here to see his full-size reconstruction of the Elephant Bird & learn what it takes to create something like this.

Kazunari Araki's Vorompatra

Araki Kazunari also makes models, specializing in dinosaurs. This is a close-up of the head of his Aepyornis model. Click here to see the complete sculpture and here to see his webpage, which features many of his fine dinosaur works.

Finally, there are entries in several on-line encyclopedias...

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