Vorompatra's Extended Family

Ratites in general

Ratite-related Species

The Tinamou of South America
Not exactly ratites, since they can fly, though not for very long or very far: they are paleognath (i.e. "old jaw") birds, related taxonomically to the ratites by cladistic analysis. Further information can be found at Tinamidae and Tinamous.

Extinct Species

The Moa of New Zealand
This genus boasts the tallest bird ever known. Check out the Moa Pages or the Encyclopaedia Britannica for more information.

Extant Species

The Kiwi of New Zealand
The smallest of the ratites; check out Kiwi, Kiwis, and Kiwi Information.

The Rhea of South America
The "American Ostrich"--see Rheidae and Rhea Family.

The Cassowary of Australia & New Guinea
Someone once termed this bird "a turkey with an attitude" and it seems apt--check out Cassowary, Southern Cassowary, Cassowaries, and Casuariidae --lots of information and some nice pictures.

The Emu of Australia
See Emu and Dromiceidae for information and pictures about the second largest living ratite.

The Ostrich of Africa
Check out the Ostrich Page and Struthionidae.

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