This old flyer of Madame Bishop advertises her spiritual work. Although is from the 1980's, the message is quite clear as to Madame Bishop's validity as an " American Voodoo Priestess ".

 Her notoriety once spread throughout the United States with the help of appearances on tv programs such as the "Joan River's Show". I remember how she stunned the audience with her ability in giving accurate psychic readings. Madame Bishop also demonstrated how she did Voodoo spell work using items known to most Voodoo sorceress'. Needless to say Joan was very impressed with the charismatic Rev. Dr. Lady Bishop Jennings.

 Saint Barbara is the patron saint of Madame Bishop. Saint Barbara has been corresponded with the African deity Shango, Ogu Chango, Ogu Shango and she is even claimed to be one of the wives of the deity. Saint Barbara is the saint petitioned for protection from lightning and Shango is the god of lightning.

 Madame Bishop, a native of St. Louis Missouri, was quoted in the book " Voodoo Past and Present ", that Saint Barbara had asked her to take her to New Orleans. It was then after Madame Bishop's move to New Orleans over 15 years ago when she became one of my latter teachers of Voodoo.

Vevers of Ogu Shango and Ogu Chango

Ritual Spiritual Baths by Rev. Dr. Lady Bishop Jennings

 A bath taken to cleanse or protect a person spiritually, or for any other Spiritual or Religious purpose, is different from a bath taken to remove dirt of daily life. Because of the difference, some basic rules MUST be followed when taking a bath to produce spiritual or religious effects.

 When taking a Spiritual Ritual Bath, you MUST make sure your entire bathroom is clean. You MUST take a regular bath or shower first to wash off your dirt from the body, then wash your tub out real good, then rinse it out with ammonia water, then fill tub up with water so you can prepare for your Spiritual Bath. In a Spiritual Bath, you do NOT use soap, bath oil, or any other ingredients. Once the Bath is prepared, you are entering into a Spiritual experience and the Ritual requires that you MENTALLY separate regular bathing from the bathing of the mind or spirit. Some people put prepared baths in this water and some use a mixture of different herbs. Different herbs are for different types of Spiritual Accomplishments to the Aura and Body. Spiritual Ritual Baths cleanse the Spirit and the Soul. They help heal wounds the soul is suffering and can help promote the healing of your being. It is NOT wise to make up a Spiritual mixture for the Ritual Bath IF you do NOT know what you are doing and you MUST be CAREFUL not to let anyone give you a mixture that will CROSS you up. The different mixtures used in Ritual Bathing evoke certain energies (or spirits). People need a Spiritual Doctor the SAME as they need a Medical Doctor. There are certain laws of the Spirit as well as laws of the Physical. Give the Medical Doctor what is his and give the Spiritual Doctor what is his. IF only these two doctors could work TOGETHER .

 We have two kinds of WATER, fresh water also called sweet water and we have salt water. The TWO waters have different effects on us. Sea Water (SALT) for Christians, Jews, and Moslems believe remove or receive all the evils of the earth, taking away what is negative and holding it. On the other hand, fresh water gives us what we need to sustain life on earth. Baths taken to remove negative influences should have some water and some salt or sea water in their makeup. Baths intended to help us sustain on earth should be made with fresh water. Christian Holy Water is made up of blessed or consecrated salt and water. This combination is used to keep influences away from us. There are many types of Ritual Baths and there is certain Moon Phases which are best to do things under.


 Before you take a bath or shower, you MUST ALWAYS rinse out your tub or shower area with ammonia water so the unclean spirits or demons left from the last person will have died and you will not pick up these spirits or demons. Even if you were the last to bath or shower in the tub or shower, because you pick up other people's spirits in the air or just walking in the streets, shaking hands, sitting behind people, etc. Remember, you DON'T know what spirits or demons may be in the air or people around you may have. So start rinsing that tub or shower out with ammonia water after it has been cleaned out and each time before you get in it. You MUST learn simple protection for you and your aura.