The Magnetic Pyramid

The Magnetic Pyramid

By Sharon Brady and George Buletza

There is much interest today in phenomena associated with pyramid “energy.” Doubled-blind studies have demonstrated that in some instances small pyramids constructed and aligned according to the design of the Great Pyramid can be associated with unusual phenomena such as increased activity and growth of living systems. Direct measurement of such energy has proven difficult. Thus, there is much speculation as to the cause of biological effects, but there is little data to substantiate any of the numerous theories. Claims, wild theories, and speculations abound, but very few facts are available concerning this subject. Are we dealing with magic, or is there a rational basis for pyramid effects?

Theories which have been advanced to explain pyramid phenomena include the following:
1) Ether vortex theories and theories involving gravity,
2) microwave resonance,
3) radiant energy of atoms making up the pyramid form and associated cosmic lens or cosmic crystal theories,
4) Orgone, odic, and vital life force theories, and theories of unknown and as yet undiscovered energies,
5) theories involving electromagnetic fields and static electricity,
6) multi-energy theories incorporating any number of the above, and
7) the powers of imagination.

To date, direct measurement of a pyramid “energy” has proved futile and pyramid effects on nonliving systems have proved equally difficult to verify or substantiate. One exception to this is measurement of pyramid effects on water. Light scattering studies with highly purified water have shown similar changes from controls with such experimental treatments as pyramids, magnets, magnetic pyramids, and with psychic charging treatments. Simply carrying water samples in the aura of a subject for seven days gave effects similar to psychic charging and magnetism.

“Charged” Water
With infrared spectroscopy, Dr. Edward Brame has independently found that lengthy group prayer over ordinary water breaks down the molecular bonds that hold a group of H2O molecules together and produces a similar kind of water composed of single molecules rather thin complexes of molecules. The effect is similar to established methods of breaking water bonds with magnetism. Brame believes this simpler kind of water is healthier to drink. It is also interesting to note that Rosicrucians have psychically “charged” water for centuries for the purpose of health and healing.

Do pyramids operate in a manner similar to magnetism and psychic charging? There is one report that weak magnetic fields are measurable around even nonmetallic pyramids, and numerous reports of increased biological effects with magnetic pyramids. Such reports are difficult to evaluate in light of the fact that weak magnetic fields in and of themselves produce many effects on biological systems similar to those reported for pyramids alone. Pilot studies in our laboratories show increased brainwave amplitude while subjects read under wither a pyramid or a weak magnetic field. There is also a balancing effect on a person’s own electromagnetic field or aura.

To determine the comparative effect of magnetism and pyramid energy the simple biosensor system previously described was chosen. Each of these biosensor samples was self-contained and consisted of one hundred alfalfa seeds, four milliliters of water, and a filter paper substrate sealed in a plastic container. Biosensor seed weight was 225mg plus minus 10mg. Six biosensor units were placed above and below sixteen experimental treatments (total of 96 biosensor units). Experimental treatments consisted of four 10 x 12.5 cm plastic pyramid grids each having twenty 2.5 cm base pyramids, four pyramid grids with magnetic fields, for magnetic fields placed in boxes of equal dimensions to the pyramid grids, and four control boxes without magnetic or pyramid gelds. The magnetic fields consisted of a single 10 cm bar magnet. The poles of the magnets were extended by means of 12.5 cm steel rods so as to form a figure “H” in the base of either the pyramid grid or box. Pyramid grids, magnets, and boxes were all aligned to the magnetic north. Alfalfa sprout weight was measured on days 3 – 8 and 1 ml of water was placed in each biosensor following the weighing.

Results indicate that with daily administration of water, sprout growth under the influence of pyramids, magnets, and magnetic pyramids were all significantly greater than with control treatments. Greater increase was observed on days 3 –5 with the magnetic pyramid amounting to a 17 – 21% increase per controls. The magnetic pyramid gave greater growth than the ordinary pyramid on days 3 – 5 (9-14%, while the pyramid grid gave greater growth than the magnetic filed on day 8 (7%); but otherwise, there were no significant differences among the three experimental treatments. Distance (1 – 12 cm) of the biosensor from the magnetic or pyramid field was not a significant factor in growth rate of biosensors.

Increased Growth Rate
Biosensor growth rate increases with this experimental treatment were less than those measured in many previous pyramid studies. This may have been due to the water. Previous studies utilized pyramid charged water with pyramid treatments in order to maximize effects. The current study used untreated water throughout, perhaps reducing the total treatment effect each time the uncharged water was added to the biosensor. Further study of this problem is indicated. In this experiment seven biosensors were destroyed by mold. Mold was not a problem in previous experiments and its presence may have contributed to reduced growth, and greater variability.

This study shows that weak magnetic fields produce effects on biological systems similar to those observed in pyramids. Magnetic pyramids may have greater effect on early sprout growth than ordinary pyramids, but in general, little difference between pyramids, magnets and magnetic pyramids was shown. Little can be said, therefore, about possible magnetic effects of the pyramid itself, other than that the effect is similar and that orientation to magnetic north is necessary. Great differentiation of pyramid and magnetic treatments may be achieved under maximum conditions with use of charged water. However, more might be learned by scaling studies where the magnetic and pyramid effect are compared to greater biosensor-field distances than were used in this experiment, strength of magnetic field, and size of pyramid.

There is much experimentation yet to be done in the field of pyramid, magnetic, and psychic energies. The field is so new that it is wide open to new ideas and new kinds of tests. Every week the Rose-Croix Research Laboratories receive many suggestions and new ideas for experiments that we haven’t had the time to follow-up. But just by working at home, you yourself might discover something that everyone else has overlooked. Due to this enthusiasm and desire for participation, a new Laboratorium Kit is now available for the purpose of investigation pyramids and the mind’s psychic energies. Hopefully, in the months and years ahead we will constantly learn more about the source and nature of the energy fields and forces that operate within ourselves and the universe.