You are experiencing the Ashram of VyasJi in the
   initial test run of its new format.  However,
     since I am insanely occupied with a full plate        these days (what else is new?), this 'test run' will most likely be here to stay awhile..hehe.
As many
of you know, i've been doing quite a bit of traveling these past several months; now that i've returned to my proud homeland (please..), I feel
obligated to relate my many stories from abroad, including a mass of arbritary adventures; however, this is the main reason for the site revamp: think about it, if you were as busy as me, would you spend all your waking moments updating your pathetic webpage or just change up the layout?  Yeah, that's what I thought.. (unless, of course, you subscribed to the first suggestion, in which case, you have no life.. :)
Okay, so all that being said; i'll try to add more content (although, not nearly as much as in older versions of the site) & give my shoutouts where they are due.  Links will be up soon and i'll try to leave my classic rants every now and then as well.  I don't yet know whether or not I will continue to write my editorial columns for the university paper (
Daily O' Collegian) but will definitely use the homepage as a place to collect my thoughts on politics, lifestyles, music, pop culture, and all that other jazz that makes the ol' VyasJi tick.  If you are desperate for the pics and journal entries from the old site, holler at me and I'll consider sending you a link.. heh. I've taken a lot of that stuff off of here b/c I'll be entering the real world soon (I know, it's about time, right?) and all those pics of partying and actin' all crazy may come back to haunt me someday; i'm sure many of you have incriminating photographs of me anyway and that's fine; just as long as you didn't get 'em from me! Hahaha..
Aite then, i'd better get back to being professional and let you all continue your lives.  One thing is for certain though: No matter how busy I get, I'll never forget who my friends are and will keep my life posted on the net so that even though I may not talk to you all as often as I'd like, you can at least see how genuinely busy I really am.  Honesty is the best policy; it's what got me this far and i'm counting on it to carry me even further!
Les amis jusqu' a' la fin!
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