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Welcome to my homepage.


March 1st: New month so all the news that was here has been moved to the old news section. Also I've added yet another quiz to my quiz page.

March 5th: I've added a second page to my personality quizzes and moved some of the ones that were on the first page to the second page. In addition the two quizzes at the bottom of the second page are new.

March 6th: I've made some more updates to my webpage. New background image as well as a new nav bar on all the pages. I'd like to hear some feedback to see what you guys think. Vykk17@netscape.net

March 21st: I haven't updated this site in a while. Once spring break is over I promise I'll work on it some more.

April 22nd: I uploaded my psych paper, you can download it here

June 10th: Ok, ok so I said that I was going to be updating my website soon and I lied. Oh well. Maybe I'll find some time when I get back home. For those of you who don't know, I'm down in Tahahassee at FSU. The weather here sucks big fat hairy monkey nuts! But the campus here is nice.

January 23rd: Got a message saying that if I didn't update my website soon that it would be taken down so I'm updating it.

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