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Soaps and More
All natural vegetable glycerin soaps are customizable to your specific skin-care needs. Plus, you can choose mold shape, color and scent for a soap that is truly
all your own!

Herbal concoctions are designed to aid healing. There are several available; the most popular is
S.O.S. - Super On Skin. Think of it as a moisturizer you take with you. S.O.S. was formulated to not only minimize visible scars, it also has many herbal oils that help stop the itch of Eczema, heal scrapes and abrasions
as well as soften your heels and elbows.

Lotion sticks are hard yet smooth lotions in a sort of push-up deodorant container. So you can toss them in your purse or knapsack.
Fun and portable for healing or
just plain smelling good.
New to the healing family is the
A.B.C. Stick. For all your Arthritis, Backache and Contusion needs in a hands-free stick.

Are you sensitive to the preservatives found in most lip balms and chapsticks? Me too. So these are available to you in a variety of flavors and forms. (Strawberry is great!)

Be sure to explore all the goodies!

Fun for gifts, party favors, for self or to share, it's ALL Just Clean Fun.
Gift Baskets are available. Customize them for your group or function.
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Lotion Sticks
Faces and Shaving
Lover's Touch
The Famous Biker Bar
New! Vykky's Boot Beads
New! Red and Gold Support Colors

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