My Florida Pics when....gee...when I went 2 florida!!!

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PiC1: Me an da homies Hanging Out in My Room after da trip....callin OmegaRex
PiC2: Me and a plant....interesting....
PiC3: Me hanging out on a leather chair
PiC4: Me and da Enchanted Castle PiC5: Me at da entrance to Animal Kingdom
PiC6: Ahhh...da mummy's gonna eat me!!!
PiC7: OKie, dis is me dead in a tomb after da mummy kills me, HeHeHe
PiC8: Relaxing on a beach chair....
PiC9: Go Go-Cart!!!
PiC10: Resing at da house after da long journey
PiC11: Can nevva find these in NJ...!!!
Parent PiC12: Me, my mom and the big tree
Parent PiC13: Me, my dad, and the big tree
Parent PiC14: My mom, me and a big ant
Parent PiC15: Me, my mom and a veggi-dino
Parent PiC16: My grandma, me, and my dad lookin at ducks...very ammusing...