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Vzyadoq Moe was a very peculiar band.
Their name means nothing but random lottery of characters, its own style...
In their native Brazil, rockers believe VZ plays samba, whereas samba musicians see them as industrial rock and roll band.

As a-matter-of-fact the band had been intended to establish a link between the world young feelings, samba, rock and punk attitude.

VZ was:

Fausto Marthe - vocals
Marcelo Raymond - guitar
Marcos Peroba - percussion
Edgard Degas - bass
Jacksan Moreira - guitar (first move)
Fernandão Dias - guitar (second move)

The richness of harmony might sometimes sound toneless.
The dry beat is encompassed. The people's sentiment, inspired by their pain.
The city folks who dance on the pavement, amidst screams and machines.
Samba noise. Hard Macumba. Rock and Roll. That's Vzyadoq Moe's music.

Among tin pieces, brass, metal plates and very little sophistication the VZ trace their path of existence, in a garage (what news?!) in Sorocaba, São Paulo back in 1987. Gradually the band's style attracts admires, instruments and the stage.

They recorded their first album "O Ápice", late 88 from WOP BOP records, and it had been released on march 88.
In October 89, they take part in a record production "Sanguinho Novo", a compilation with some of the most representative underground's bands at the time. Which had been released in December 89 by Eldorado Records.
In 1990 another underground's album with friends, called
"Enquanto Isso" had been released. The Label was Manifesto Records.

Vzyadoq Moe has performed throughout mid-eastern and southern capitals of Brazilian states, in several towns of country side, and had been on virtually every major club and concert theater in São Paulo like: Teatro Mambembe, Centro Cultural SP, Espaço Retrô, Dama Shock, Projeto SP, Aeroanta, Der Temple, The Clash, Sesc Pompéia...

They had been in the media: live TV's shows (Metrópolis, Fanzine,...), magazines and fanzines, specially in a Biron Coley's article on Spin Magazine from July 89.

In 1990 the New Music Seminary, located in New York, invited the band to play in that festival at a Brazilian's rock night at The Cat Club.
They couldn't go, they had no money. For another hand, they'd recorded at SoftSynck Studio five wonderful tracks produced by RHJackson and the band.

They'd stopped their activities almost a year in 1992, coming back as a quartet in 1993 with more punch in their songs and hungry in their hearts.
Producing theirself on a record studios they'd matched their best sessions. One of this sessions became a MTV clip:
"Rompantes de Fúria", produced by Digital Group(thanks to Gil and Sérgio).

Things became strange, unstable, Yoko Ono had already became a widow, early 94, it is the end.