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O Ápice (The Summit)

- Produced by José Augusto Lemos - recorded and mixed at Estúdio Eldorado -1987 between November and December -WOP BOP - São Paulo - Brazil -10 tracks with lots of noise, samba, delay, rock, cans, Solano Star Ship and high density lyrics -songs by the band, lyrics by Morto - cover art by Degas.


1. Junto Ao Céu
2. O Último Designo
3. O Incerto
4. Desejo Em Chamas
5. Redenção
6. Não Há Morte
7. A Monomania
8. O Apice
9. Guerra Das Sombras
10. Expansão


1st  disk


Sanguinho Novo... (Brand new blood...)

- A tribute to Arnaldo Baptista with: Sexo Explícito, 3 Hombres, VZ, Sepultura, Último Número, P. Micklos, Akira S, Ratos de Porão, Fellini, Atahualpa I Us Panquis, Scowa, Maria Angélica -produced by Alex Antunes and Miranda -recorded and mixed at Estúdio Eldorado by Miranda - 1989 - Eldorado - São Paulo - Brazil - Despair, Delirium, Death in one track over São Paulo - song and lyrics by Arnaldo Baptista - cover art by Al Voss/Renato Yada.


1. Bomba H sobre São Paulo


To Arnaldo B.


Enquanto Isso...?! (Then...?!)

- A cooperative disk with: VZ, 3 Hombres, Solano Star, Killing Chainsaw, Akt2, Notícias Popular -produced by Alex Antunes e RH Jackson -recorded and mixed at SoftSynch Studio by Akyra S. and VZ - October 1990 - Manifesto - São Paulo - Brazil - the only 2 English tracks in The Caligari's Cabinet -songs by the band, lyrics by Morto -cover art by Renato Yada/Paulo Zocchi/Liane Abdalla .


1. The Cabinet
2. Santa Brigida




Hard Macumba

- The band's short discography, it's not enough to express their creativity and production. So much left unrecorded, but so much can be retaken by old DATs and Videos. So we released "Hard Macumba" in 1999.


1. Matéria
2. Sabedoria
3. Sonhos
4. Viva Yansã
5. The Cabinet
6. Pelle - live
7. Pocesso
8. Santa Brigida
9. Rompantes de Fúria
10. Via Plastex
11. Não há morte - live
12. Maldade - live


Hard macumba