Note: Vehicle Purchases
If you are thinking about buying a vehicle, you should be aware that several manufacturers pay for equipping their cars for use by persons who are disabled. For example, General Motors (GM) will reimburse up to $1,000. Ford and Chrysler also have programs.
Unfortunately the dealer may not tell you about the deal. You have to ask! If the sales person lacks knowledge of the program, insist on contacting the manufacturer. Better still, you call the manufacturer. For more information, telephone;
Chrysler..... 1-800-255-9877 Ford....... 1-800-952-2248 GM..... 1-800-323-9935

    A group of volunteer pilots from around the nation, who donate their time, skills, planes and fuel to provide free air transportation to ambulatory, medical patients, though wheelchairs can sometimes be accommodated. In order to qualify patients must have a letter from their doctor or social worker indicating the diagnosis and reason for the trip. Some evidence must be provided that there is a financial need for this service. Air Lifeline provides transportation from airport to airport. Ground transportation is the responsibility, of the patient.
    For more information write to: AirLife Line, 1716 X Street, Sacramento, CA 958l8


    Mail us a copy of your paid purchase order and the Polio Connection of America will mail you a FREE Polio Information Book.
    Your purchase from any of the following group will help our Post-Polio Research Program.

    Handicaps Inc 800-782-4335 lifts, vans related items

    Jim Probst Viewpoint Mobility 877-368-6022 - info@viewpointmobility.com vans, autos and related items

    Mac's Lift Gate, Inc 562-634-5962 - macslift@aol.com vans and related items - visit their website


    Wheelchair Getaways, Inc 859-873-4973 - corporate@wheelchairgetaways.com wheelchair rentals Avis 1-800-331-1212 The Auto Rental Company has agreed with the government to provide hand controls so that disabled people can rent cars.
    They also agreed to permit disabled people, who do not drive to be financially responsible for a rental agreement.
    Previously, only the driver could sign the contract.