Contact us and tell us who you are looking for and we will list at no charge:

looking for a woman who had polio, lived around Little Rock Arkansas and had a child in the summer of 1963 at St. Vincent's hospital.
Karen Kpreston@valuelinx.net

Would like to locate Shirley Blake from England AR. She boarded during the week in the 2100 block of Oak St. in Little Rock so she could take physical therapy. This was in 1946. She knew me as Carolyn Jolly. I spent week-ends with her family in England sometimes.

Carolyn Jolly Pratt

I had the first case of polio in Okinawa as a military dependant in May of 1948. I am looking for a person by the name of Ann Hackwood who also had polio at about the same time and place. I understand that her family was from Walnut Creek, California.
George Shaver; merlin2222@yahoo.com, 949-713-7726

Tichner Clinic - I am looking for anyone that was treated here about 1951-1968. I remember no names except Mrs. Neff and Dr Bock. Also Dr Tucker who was famous for suckers for the kids. The clinic is located in Long beach Ca and is still Treating Patients.
Ray Oviatt, currently a Respiratory Therapist in Fl. rpoviatt@adelphia.net

Are there any "Polio Kids" out there who spent time at Casa Colina Rehabilitation Center located in Chino, CA? I was there in 1955 and 1956, I was 8 & 9 years old during that time. My name was Kathy Gibson and I was from Barstow, CA. My dad took a lot of pictures of the "Kids" there and I still have them. Would love to hear from any of you "Kids."
As a side note, Casa Colina was torn down in 1957 or 58, because it was sliding down the hill. It is now located in Pomona and is still a Rehabilitation facility.
My e-mail is klhoop@aol.com

Would like to locate Scott McIndry, from Orinda California. Polio "Class" of 1963.

Ron, at Jobs106765@aol.com

At Colorado General Hospital. Stayed in their 'polio' gym for a year, 1946-47. Have book with some names. Were you their at that time> If yes contact me.
Cerese Schultz, CDSBroncos@yahoo.com

I had polio in November 1951 in Pensacola, FL. I was at the Escambia General Isolation Ward, then at the Shriner's Crippled Children's Home, also in Pensacola until June,1952. I am looking for Eugene Shivey, also a polio survivor from PanamaCity, FL.
. "Rosemary K. Hendrix"

I was in Georgia Warm Springs Foundation from 10/52 to 4/53. Many fond memories of Foundation and school. Would enjoy hearing from anyone around that time period.
Robert Brandenburg, Parsons, Kansas. email: reb@terraworld.net

Would like to find some of the 24 or so "kids" who were struck in the epidemic in our small town in Georgia in 1954-55. We were all kept at home and doctors took turns mading the house calls each day. Name of the town is West Point, Georgia.
Anne Busby. Anne Ziegler

I would be happy to locate friends who were at The Foundation Warm Springs ~ especially those who were there from July 1958 through January 1959.
Mary Louise Hall ~ North Carolina MLHJOH@aol.com10/00

I had polio in 1949 spent time in Lima Memorial Hospital Lima, Ohio then in January of 1950 went to Warm Springs Georgia where I spent from Jan. to May of that year. I would love to find some of my friends from that time.
Darlene Wisterman, maiden name Smith. phone is 419-562-5671. 10/00

My name is Shirley D Stephens. That was my maiden name when I was 4 yrs old and got polio in 1941. I stayed at Aidmore hospital in Atlanta GA. most of my childhood. I went to Emery hospital until 1950. My first doctor was Dr Funkhouser who died and then Dr Kelly. Email me if you were there the same time that I was.

I was in and out of Ill. Research Hospital from 1955-1959. I am looking for any one who may have been a part of the Ortho 4 group. The friends I made there were great and I'd love to get reacquainted with some of them again.
Jane (Schlafer) Shickle elsjane@yahoo.com

Looking for a person who worked at the University of Chicago in the 1950's. She worked in the research dept..her name was Mrs/Ms Updyke.
Linda James trulrn@ldd.net

I was in St. John's Hospital in Springfield, IL, in 1957 . I was only four years old. I had a wonderful nurse's aid -- Willie Mae Thompson -- and I have lost contact with her over 20 years ago. I think she might have moved to California to live with a daughter. I would like to find her.
Karen Nobis knobis@frontiernet.net


I am from Elkhart, IN and was treated at Elkhart General Hospial in 1949. I was only 3 months old when I contracted Polio. I went to Elkhart HS in 1964-1968. I would like to talk with others from this area who may be experiencing PPS.
Looking for hospital mates that were in Memorial Hospital in South Bend beginning Nov 9 1950. Dr Denham, Jr was the doc.
Alice Tuttle - ipsaone@aol.com

I am searching for members of the Central Indiana Reginal Post Polio Group. We met monthly at Community East in Indianapolis. . Looking forward to hearing from old friends.
Ruth Jones Miller jackson@bloomington.in.us


Would enjoy hearing from anyone who was a patient on 6B at K U Med Center in Kansas City in fall of 1950 until May of '51.
Robert Brandenburg, reb@terraworld.net

Looking for Vicky Morris McPherson, Kansas. We were both in Francis Hospital in Wichita Kansas in 1949.
Debbie (Allen) Nightingale. Parents, Uel and June Allen from Arkansas City, KS. printcess@home.com

I'm looking for my childhood friend, his name is Billy or William Crossman. We grew up together in the 1950's and early 60's. We lived in DeWitt Michigan. He has polio and wore braces on both his legs. He once told me that he was a poster child. I haven't heard from him in over 40 years, but I still think about him from time to time. I would like to send him an e-mail just to say hi. I tried searching the internet for old poster pictures of kids with polio from the 1950's but was unsuccessful.
My e-mail address is patmaria@chartermi.net . Thank you...Pat McIntosh

Looking for Althea Ballard, who was a physical therapist at Sheltering Arms Hospital in Minneapolis in 1949.

I would like to locate other patients at the Shriner's Hospital in Minneapolis. My aunt was a patient there in 1930 and I would like to include information about the hospital in our family history. She passed away before I could ask her. I have pictures that I would be willing to share copies of.
Lynne Bliss

Bergen Pines Hospital in Paramus Oct, Nov, and Dec of 1953
Looking for Richard Braun (Cliffside Park?), or anyone else
Looking for Patricia Gardina, of Lodi, possiblly 13 at the time.
Looking for Kathleen l9, forgot the last name from Paramus
Patricia Anne Sunbury of Rutherford now Pat Morgan - THATS-PATS@webtv.net

Sister Kenny Institute, Jersey City, NJ Sep50 -Dec51
Looking for anyone from Sister Kenny Institute
Ethel Menke (maiden name Ness) - Doetmen@aol.com

I am looking for Diane Scattergood from Kinnelon, New Jersey who attended Kiel School and Kinnelon School from 1957 on.My name then was Susan Wulf.
"Kambitsch household" (7/00)

Looking for anyone who was in Carrie Tingley Hospital for Crippled Children, in Truth or Consequences New Mexico between 1960 and '69.
Contact at email address Synraven66@altavista.com (7/00).

I am looking for anyone who stayed at St. Charles Hospital, Port Jeff, NY from 1949-1950 whom may have known my father, Gary S.
Patty Browning pabrowning@insightbb.com


My name is Steven Tiger. I was born in 1951. I was living in Brooklyn when I had polio. I was 2 1/2 years old. (November, 1953). I was in a hospital in Brooklyn. (Possibly Brooklyn Children's). I am looking for any person who might have been in the hospital during that time period. Also looking for any person who worked or visited the hospital. Both my parents are dead and I am trying to gather information about my hospital stay.
Thanks. Steven Tiger STiger@taconic.net

I am looking for Patricia Grey, she too was a polio victim and she was my best friend. My name then was Jo Ann Heslin and we both lived in Astoria, Queens, New York. I believe she may have moved out to the island.
If any body knows of her where abouts please email me at gypsee@bellsouth.net

I was in St. Charles Hopital, Brooklyn, NY in the years 1947, for polio, had 8 operations. I was only 24 months old. Got polio at 8 months. Any friends out there?
Maria Graulau

My name is Arnie J Schure I had polio in 1955, age 10, lived in Brooklyn, NY and spent my sick time in Brooklyn Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital. I have been trying to find people that spent time there also. Was there Aug55-Dec55, had surgery in Oct58

I was in Knickerbocker Hospital, NYC in 1946. Looking for anyone who was there or who has any information about it.
Nancy NLEFS@aol.com

Convalesent Home for Hebrew Children Far Rockaway1924
Looking for Pete Sabitini or decendents
Arlene Dunkum - dunkuma@co.chesterfield.va.us

Convalesent Home for Hebrew Children Far Rockaway 1924
Looking for Harold Steinberg or decendents
Arlene Dunkum - dunkuma@co.chesterfield.va.us

Childrens home for Hebrew Children (now Blythdale Childrens Home) Far Rockaway 1924-28
Looking for anyone who knew Jack Schraga
Arlene Dunkum - dunkuma@co.chesterfield.va.us

Helen Hayes Hospital 1957
Looking for Rita Rosenblum Brooklyn, NY
Linda McMillan - ljmcmillan@webtv.net

Helen Hayes Hospital 1959-60
Looking for Kathleen Parks, West Hurley, NY
Linda McMillan - ljmcmillan@webtv.net

Helen Hayes Hospital 1940-50's
Looking for my friends who were with me also at NYS Reconstruction/Rehab Hospital.
Elwood Ennis - busi@gisco.net

New York State Rehabilitation Home (now Helen Hayes Hospital) from Oct 1944 to Jul 1947.
Looking for my friends
Jack Perkins

I'm lookin for Leonard Aliano or descendents from NYS Reconstruction Home, West Haverstraw,NY in the 1930's
"Paul Tryon" (7/00)

"I am searching for any survivors of Dr. Frederick Klenner's study from 1949. The study was entitled "The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C" Through my research I have discovered there were several young children who might be in their late 60s and others into their 90s. Dr. Klenner's study took place at a hospital in Reid, NC. Please if anyone was involved or knew anyone who was involved, or even knows where I may begin looking, please drop me a line. We only wish to you in the best light on TV. It is part of our nation's history and should be remembered.
James Esposito Associate Producer On The Mark 65 Mechanic St. Suite 204 Red Bank, NJ 07701 (732)741.7225 office (732)741.7223 fax (908)489.4629 cell James@onthe-mark.com

I am looking for Anna Markham (maiden name). We were in N.C. Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill Hospital, N. C. together in the fifties I believe and corresponded for a few years b/f losing touch. I have never forgotten you, Anna.

Looking for friends that were in Greensboro, North Carolina in July 1952-I don't remember names, I was young. My name was Elizabeth Jane Eller (now I am a Mullis)
Elizabeth emullis@vgh.org. 828-879-7685-work 828-879-9480 - home>

I am looking for girls who were in Gastonia Orthapedic Hospital, Gastonia, NC from 1946-1957. My maiden name was Carolyn Matthews. I was in and out of the hospital from age 2-11 and continued going back for check ups until I was 18. If you were there during that time please contact me

I am a polio survivor. I was in Barney Conv. Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio in 1953 and would love to hear from anyone who may have had Dr. Fouke as a doctor, or was in the center around that time. Thanks
Carol Dargee352@aol.com

I am trying to find a good friend, a polio survivor, whose name was Barbara Kamp when she and I attended Bowling Green State University (Ohio) 1958-60. She was from North Olmstead OH. I last saw her in June 1960. Thanks for any help in locating her you can offer,
Gene Davis gdav@purdue.edu 4/02

I was at Barney's Medical center and Magnetic Springs until I was five. Is there any way to locate someone who may have been at one of these facilities? My name was then Judy Harter and the physician who cared for me was Dr. Fouke in Dayton, Ohio. He was in a practice named Fouke, Flook, and Johnston.
Judy Antley

I had polio in 1949 spent time in Lima Memorial Hospital Lima, Ohio then in January of 1950 went to Warm Springs Georgia where I spent from Jan. to May of that year. I would love to find some of my friends from that time.
Darlene Wisterman, maiden name Smith. phone is 419-562-5671. 10/00


Portland Poster boy 1940's His name is Nathaniel Lord, as I recall--he was a best friend. I have no idea what has become of him--I moved away, I think in 1945, after the war ended. robert smith

Shriners Hospital in Portland mid to late 60's. Looking for anyone
Greta Stellaard - massop@direct.ca

Shriners Hospital in Portland 1956 and 1968. Looking for anyone
Susan Case - dscase@airmail.net/STRONG>


I was in the Home for Crippled Children from 1966 to 1969, I am looking for Edna Walters, Charles Williams, or anyone from those years.
Please contact me, Harry Wetzel, at harryarthurwetzel@yahoo.com

I had polio in 1950 and was in The D.T. Watsom Home for Crippled Children in Leetsdale, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh. Looking for others who were there, Jael Greenleaf

Would like to find The boys who were on Little-Ward-Side-Porch at the Philadelphia Shriners Hospital during 1955-56. Tom Tripodi, Nevin Harshman, and Berry Stanbaugh. We were called the arthrodesis row.
Bob Mikeal. Email me at Maggie_Darling@prodigy.net 9/99

. I would like to find anyone who was a polio patient at Geisinger Hospital in Danville, PA, in Sept. of 1953 - and/or anyone who was at Camp Daddy Allen, in the Poconos (in PA), in the summer of 1954.
Sandra Bishop ladyhawk01@earthlink.net 4/00

----- Original Message ----- I would like to locate a friend that had polio and was in the Old Roper Hospital in Charleston, SC during the time of July 4th 1950. His name was Billy and I think his last name was Classen. He was paralyzed from the neck down. He was still in the polio ward when I went home. I know he was from Mt. Pleasant, SC. I was called Patsy Bishop at that time and I was 9 years old. I am now Patricia Buckner.
"patricia w buckner" 12/00

I would like to locate someone named Billy, last name something like Classen, I am not sure of the last name. We were in the same children's polio ward in the old Roper Hospital in Charleston, SC during the month of July 1950.
"patricia w buckner" bopeep683@cs.com or bopeep@charleston.net 12/00


I am searching for a friend/relative who had polio and her name Christine Bohannon and was in The Jr. League Home in Nashville, Tenn. in 1940-42. Her mother's name was Claire and father was Guy Bohannon and they were from Cookville,(Putnam Co.) Tenn.
Janice Burton Janice@Burton.net 11/00

My name is Kathy Sykes - maiden name, Potts. I would like to hear from other polio survivors who were in the Cripple Childnen's Hospital in 1962 and 1963 in Memphis, TN. On the subject line of your e-mail, please type "Polio Survivor".
Kathy Potts Sykes jk@watervalley.net


I am looking for fellow polio survivors from the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas from 1954 - 1963.
Vicki Vinson Lester june@gv.net 8/00

I am looking for Donna Day from Ft. Worth, age 51-53.
Vicki Vinson Lester june@gv.net 8/00

I am looking for Blossom Tarlow. Now 68
Dana Johnson djohnsoncpa@earthlink.net

I had polio in 1952 and was hospitalized from August to November at the Morris Memorial Hospital in Milton, WV. I grew up in Coal Grove Ohio and now live in Kentucky. I would like to hear from anyone who was hospitalized there.
Diane Robbins Cape capet@netburner.net

Wurzburg Germany 1963-1966
Looking for childhood friend whose maiden name is Debbie Watzke
Patti Pearson Solari - (919) 493-4749 - harveylee@email.msn.com