It is always a new year and also a new Congress and also new individuals in the National Institute of Health (NIH). This means, in our team efforts to secure more PPS research funding for us, we have to begin fresh with some individuals and renew with others. In this area we are now requesting your assistance for our mutual benefit.

What we would like you to do is write a letter to each of the following at least once a year:-

1. Honorable Senator (yours-both of them) - US Senate - Washington DC 20510
2. Honorable Representative (yours) - US House of Representative - Washington DC 20515
3. Gerald D Fischbach, M.D. Director National Institute of Health - NINDS
31 Center Dr MSC 2540 Bldg 31 Rm 8A52 Bethesda, MD 20892-2540

In that letter simply state something like the following:

We need more research funding for Post Polio Syndrome. Most Polio Survivors including myself are now suffering from the ‘Late Effects of Polio’ and we need help. Doctors cannot relieve our pain, fatigue and weakness and everything daily is getting much worse.

Soon I will be required to again use a wheelchair, crutches and special breathing devices as I did a long time ago unless something is done. I am now using a cane and walker and recently had to quit my job and go on disability. Shortly, I will have to secure welfare in addition so that I can alter my home to stay there and care for my family. I will also require funds for all my new medical expenses including surgery, medical equipment and controlled pain killing drugs.

I know there are probably millions of Polio Survivors suffering now in our country and every day they are also getting worse. Please have more funds given to solve our problem. Our problem is a basic problem and a solution to our problem I am sure will help others who have neuromuscular problems and save lots of money for us and our country.

I await your response. Thank you.

When you get your first reply send it to us with a copy of your letter. We will send you a free copy of our latest Information book. What more can we do to entice you to write.

Please also send us any other responses you receive for our records so we will know who our friends are and who to contact personally. Those letters are critical for our follow-up lobbying operations. We have been successful using this method in the past and with more funding for lobbying and more cooperation from everyone in the form of letter writing we can be more successful. What can be more important to us. .

The Polio Connection of America should be at least one of your most important ‘charities’. We must all work on this program. Nobody else has done this, no organization has joined us and we expect no one else to do it..

If you are a member of any polio group ask your leader to give some time at the next meeting so that everyone present can write a letter while they are there. Even if you cannot attend the meeting telephone the leader and request that this action be done.