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Handcrafted Accessories
for the shack by W2ENY
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CT-17a Computer Interface for Icom
Equivalent of Icom's CT-17, CI-V Computer Interface
Complete and turn key for controlling Icom Radios. All cables included, software CD, manual, quick start tutorial and HT support too!
Computer Interface for Single Radio
A slimmer package of the interface above. Complete and turn key, moderately priced to interface with one single Icom radio. Interface cable, software CD, manual, quick start tutorial.
Icom 6 kHz Filter for IC-746/756
Replacement 6 kHz filter for 455 kHz 2nd IF
Linear Amplifier Interface for Icom
Interface cable spruces up contact ratings for your amplifier, without potential damage to your Icom radio's internal relay.
Linear Amplifier Interface for Icom 706
Similar interface cable as above but specific to fit the 706. Again used to prevent potential damage to your Icom 706's internal relay.
The Ten-a-Tuner for Icom 706, 746, 756, etc.
Small adapter that plugs into the back of your Icom, activates the 10 watt 'tune' control on front panel. Reduces risk of damage to your finals while tuning with an external tuner.
CT Contest Cables
Serial and Parallel Computer cable
Supports use with CT, WriteLog, TRLog, etc. Contest Software
Drake Radio Stuff
Some original Drake info and magazine reprints
Active Antenna for HF
Single FET circuit for 9V operation
Antenna Articles and Projects
Some nice articles I've come across and had opportunity to try.
RF Safety Information
Afraid of the new FCC guidelines?  Some helpful information and methods of estimating radiated emissions.

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