Running 1200 Mhz Celeron Tualatin in ABIT BH-6 Rev. 1.1

CPU: Intel Celeron 1200 Tualatin tB1 Stepping

Bought it at Reichelt in Germany for € 56.


Slotket: MSI 6905 Master Ver. 2.3

Got it at eBay for € 11.

VID25mv is connected to JV4 Pin 1.
VID3 is connected to JV3 Pin 1.
VID2 is connected to JV2 Pin 1.
VID1 is connected to JV3 Pin 1.
VID0 is connected to JV1 Pin 1.

Which means that the voltage mod can be done via jumpers. Putting a jumper on Pins 1 and 2 means connection from CPU pin to Slotket Pin. Putting it between Pins 2 and 3 means connection between ground(?) and Slotket Pin.

Threads on how to modify your slotket here:
Madonion Forums Forums

Modifications required:

Quotes from posts:
"You could try connecting pins AK4 to AK26 although I've heard that some people don't need to do that with Asus slockets. I was able to boot without the connection using MSI 6905 ver 2.3 but was not stable until I connected the 2 pins."

"With my yesterdays experiments /damaged also plastic Slotket holders a bit!/ I found interesting facts that may stabilise your CPU @ higher frequencies: instead of ak4-ak26 bridge /w or no resistor/ I used instead direct hair thin wire bridge on s370 between isolated AK4 & non isolated AN11 (Vtt) pin !!! Advantages: the wire is shorter & bridge easyer to do & so recieving less RF noise to the CPU thus improving stability also because Vtt pin is RF decoupled to GND by capacitors, while ak26 has much higher impedance & not decoupled! So also VttPwrGd is now RF decoupled too & Cpu more stable !!! Also now is no need for safety serial resistor in bridge against higher voltage because on Vtt is fixed on 1,5V needed for VttPwrGd, whatever the Vcore is !! You should TRY this manipulation leaving the ak26 pin alone!"

"...on Vtt [=AN11] for BX there is always 1,5V regardless the Vcore is!"

Figure 6 on Page 26 of the Intel datasheet (29859604.pdf) says connect a 1kOhm Resistor between VTT and VttPWRGOOD - i didnt try this.

Doing the mod

Insulating the required pins: First i tried to use sticky tape to cover the pins in the ZIF socket - without success. After i tried unsoldering the pins in the slotket (solder didnt even melt!) I decided to break the pins in the socket off. Just get a small tool and bend the pin in the socket around till it breaks off ..

Pins insulated
Pins removed

Then i had to decide which connection between CPU pins i was going to make. First I tried connecting AK4 to AG1. This worked fine and the system booted up. Later i tried connecting AK4 to AJ5 which also worked. I couldn't find any difference in performance or stability yet. For doing the actual connection i used some cut-off IDE wire in which i put holes with a pin. Later the wire-wrapping method was used with big success [ADD PICS+STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR WIRE WRAP].

Lately Cemal Gurek has posted on Forums describing a mod where you insulate 7 pins and have to do no connections. I tried this but my system wasn't 100% stable till i did an AK4 to AJ5 connection- your mileage may vary.


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