The MorsePractice Applet is displayed here.

Running MorsePractice as an Applet on Your Local System

If you prefer using MorsePractice as an applet, with files stored on your local system, download the MorsePractice.jar file and create a web page that contains the following HTML text:

  width="548" height="460"
 The MorsePractice Applet is displayed here.


Note that the Applet version will not load if the classes are not supported on your system.

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This program was written by Martin Minow, then K6MAM, and published in QST in May 2000. Mr. Minow had this program on his web site for a while, and then it disappeared. After a quick Google search, I discovered that Mr. Minow had become a silent key only about six months after the article appeared. (See the tribute to him published here.) Consistent with Mr. Minow's permission statement above, I am posting his code on my web site in his memory. I hope it is of benefit. 73 de Steve W3HF