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Last Updated: August 12th, 2002

This page is going through a complete re-write. All active sections have content.

This web site (best intention) will be a resource for those of you interested in Warhammer 40k (3rd) and the Daughters of the Emperor, commonly known as the Sisters of Battle. These page's deals only with Warhammer 40k & the Sisters Of Battle. As my experience with Warhammer 40k and the Sisters of Battle grow, so will this page. This page will be under construction for some time.

What is Warhammer 40k?

Warhammer 40k is a miniatures war game where you buy / paint / assemble miniatures and play battles in the far future in a fictional universe on top of a table. There are actually two parts to this hobby, modeling - the art of assembling and painting the miniatures, and the actually game part which you use strategy and lady luck. There are many different armies each with it's own quarks, strengths, and weakness. For a much better description (and better sales pitch) head to Game Workshop's Warhammer 40k section

Who are the Sisters of Battle?

Here's the cool sounding description from the back of the 2nd edition Codex

Foremost amongst the fanatical warriors of the Ecclesiarchy are the Battle Sisters of the Adepta Soritas. They constantly guard Humanity against the vile hordes of Chaos, the insidious threat of heretics and the assaults of heathen aliens. With their elite training, superb wargear and unshakeable faith in the Emperor, the Sisters of Battle have crushed the foes of Mankind in countless battles across every part of the galaxy.

After a switching to Front Page, losing the original files, only having a very old backup, I decide to re-do this page from scratch. Look for frequent updates again.

Modeling, Painting, & Collecting

Army Design, Strategy, Tactics, Rules

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Disclaimer: This is an unofficial fan page devoted to the miniature hobby game Warhammer 40k and the Sisters of Battle army created by Games Workshop.