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Remember, "Amateur Radio is the only reliable, failsafe emergency communications service in the world that is available when all other communications lines are down!" ARRL
POW's & MIA's
I hold a technicians class FCC amateur radio license, and was  formerly KF4ZAT; the main reason of this page.
I work as  a maintenance mechanic for mail processing equipement (MMMPE-8) for the
I am a retired Sergeant with the
GA Army National Guard. Formerly an active duty EM1 with the U. S. Navy.
I recently was remarried to the most wonderful woman, Anita. Thus, expanding my
family from two children to six. Ages from two to twenty-one. Caleb, Danette, Arden, Zane, Camryn, and Seth. On my previous page I asked for prayer, that God would take the broken pieces of my life and make something beautiful from it. He has abundantly answered this by sending this wonderful family with similar devistation; fellow ogres. And a special thank you to Ken, KB2KDW,  for being a friend and helping me keep my perspective. God bless us all...
ARES Patch
Mission: "Provide notification to citizens of local, regional, national and international emergencies utilizing the Internet and electronic mail (email) in a secure and expedient manner"
GET READY! Fulton Co. EMA; GEMA; FEMA; Homeland Security: Nat'l, & GA; WX: NWS NCWF & PTCIntellicast, AccuWx, WxUnderground, WxChan., GA Lightning, H. Alley, H. City, BoatUS, EEmail; My Plan!
I've compiled a Metro Atlanta Ham Frequency List. Email Me if you need it sent to you. I hope to update soon.
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Last updated on April 1, 2006

I am a
Chrstian, 43 year old only child. My father died of lung cancer in 1981; my mother recently followed him for the same reasons on March 20, 2003.
I was granted a divorce, after almost 15 years of marrage (14yrs., 10mons., 25days), that I didn't ask for nor want (soon after mother's death) on April 29, 2003; see:
Fathers are Parents too!. Up until my seperation I had lived in the same house since age five (except for active millitary time and first 6 months of marrage).
One of my favorite things to do (if I ever had any free time) is  hang out at Barnes & Noble, drink dark roast Starbucks coffee, and read electronic communications magazines (i.e.
Mon. Times, Pop Com, QST). I listen to Classical & alternative Christian Music (Heavenly Metal, Rap, & Ska; esp.DC Talk - Jesus Freak). I love Christmas especially out of season; "Olive the Other Reindear" (THE BEST!), "Charlie Brown", "Grench". Musical & other types of parody {PDQ Bach, Wierd Al}.

My favorite animal is the duck billed
platypus. They are an awkward, smart, intraverted, not well known or understood, eclectic animal species. They don't really fit into any of the established animal categories. They have many other characteristics, also, that remind me of myself; odd, a geek / nerd. Why befriend or date a geek : A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys. The animated character which I feel that I most closely resemble is Shrek, and Anita makes a fine Pincess Fiona, too.. Fortunately I was able to finally find my Ogre to marry. If given the choice, we both would rather choose to stay Ogres. We have both found out that these interspecies relationships don't last and aren't healthy. Also see: The Geek Syndrome (Asperger's Syndrome / Mild Autism) O.A.S.I.S. {Is this me?!}.
"This We'll Defend"
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