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Newcomer's Resource Page

Welcome to my beginner's page for those interested in Amateur Radio. My interest in Amateur Radio began at Keesler AFB where I was attending a fundamental electronics course. One day I had the duty of cleaning the barracks and noticed a book on amateur radio in the trash can. After reading some of the materials in it, my interest developed and was later increased when a ham moved to the lower part of the squadron and had a 10 watt Hallicrafter cw transceiver similar to the S-38B. Later, when I was working as a radar tech, I met a ham, a W6, who helped me to secure the proper study materials and received WN7VWK. The next year I upgraded to general class and later advanced to Extra. This has been a tremendous experience which has lasted over 44 years. My greatest joy has been teaching amateur radio since 1955, working as an volunteer examiner and seeing the joy in the faces of applicants when they are informed that they have passed the test being administered. I have been involved in many facets of Amateur radio, especially chasing dx. JOIN THE FUN ON AMATEUR RADIO! IT'S EASY TO DO AND GREAT!

My current station setup: