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KaGOLD and PkGOLD from InterFlex Systems - DOS, Windows 95, NT, and OS/2 The Most Advanced Packet, Pactor, Gtor, RTTY Baudot, AMTOR software for Kantronics and AEA tncs. More Features, Flexibility than ANY Windows or DOS app, including KaWIN XPCOM XPKAM XPWIN, HostMaster, etc. and runs on ANY Microsoft DOS or Windows based platform.

Keywords: KaGOLD PkGOLD InterFlex DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT, and OS/2 Packet, Pactor, Gtor, RTTY Baudot, AMTOR Kantronics AEA tncs. DUAL Port, KPC, KAM PK-232 PK-88 KPC-3 KPC-9612 Windows and DOS KaWIN Host Master, XPCOM, XPWIN, XPKAM