Thanks for visiting my page. I'm sorry, but I won't be able to do any work on the study guide for some time to come. Thank you for your support! 

style='mso-spacerun:yes'> My name is Bruce Spratling.  I’ve been a ham since August, 2002.  In order to promote amateur radio, and encourage new hams, I’ve written a study guide for the element 2 exam.  My study guide only has 12 pages of material, but it answers every question in the element 2 question pool.  The material is presented in a logical order, unlike the order of the question pool.  The question pool is over 24,000 words, my study guide is about 9,000 words.  The study guide is like “Cliff’s Notes”, in that everything is condensed.  It can be read in 2 hours.  I’d like to see the study guide get distributed through amateur radio clubs.  If a club wants to print and distribute the study guide, I’ll make a copy that has the club’s name on the cover, i.e.

Compliments of:
Your Amateur Radio Club
“Ourtown, State”

The study guide includes: 12 pages of material, the cover, table of contents, 6 practice exams (3 pages each), and the two pages of graphics that are used on the exam.  If an amateur club member knows someone interested in amateur radio, he can give them a copy of the study guide. If a potential ham comes to a meeting, he can leave with a copy of the study guide.

My study guide is for exams given after July, 2003. The exam has changed, so don’t study material that was written for the old exam!  I’ve corrected some minor errors on May 28, 2004.

The study guide can be downloaded here.

The study guide has been used by several clubs for technician classes with good results.  
I've also prepared a copy of the question pool with the questions listed in the same order in which they are covered in the study guide. The best way to read the question pool is NOT to read the questions in the order they are listed by the FCC. The questions in the question pool are in an illogical order. My version of the question pool can be downloaded here.

I’ve also created a PDF version of the FCC rules, part 97 (amateur radio).  All I really did was download the file, and format the tables into a Word document.  I also made a 3 page summary that I meant to be a place to look up a rule.  It prints out at 43 pages (single side).  It can be downloaded here.

Please send me any misspellings or errors you may find in any of my documents.

Ham artists (illustrators) wanted

I’m working on an “illustrated” version of the study guide.  Perhaps it will be a comic book, that remains to be seen.  I’m not a very good artist, so I’d like to find ham artists (illustrators) to collaborate with.  Please e-mail me if interested.

I’ve been working on a study guide for the new general exam (for exams given after 7-1-2004).  Hopefully I’ll find time to complete t.

Please send me your comments, suggestion, etc. at w8bbs@yahoo.com.
Thanks, and enjoy!