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So here are some photos...

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lo pagan This is were i live in Murcia, the southeast of Spain.
These are my mates, Colin and Nuno. They've had me living at their place for 5 months without complaining. I did cook for them from time to time though - it's no excuse but it makes me feel better :). We've had some great parties together!
This photo was taken at the great Pachanga at the UEA last summer. I'd recommend anyone who's around Norwich on the 1st of June 2001 to go along. This is a party you just can't miss!
La Pachanga
La peña "La peña" de Norwich!! These are the best guys on Earth all put together in one small place. If you ever wondered what made so many people stay in a place like Norwich here's your answer!
Baila, baila, baila, bailame,
esa rumba tan gitana que yo siempre cantaré.
Salsa dancing!!

Julio's Links




Central American Institute for Biological Research and Conservation
EconetAn environmental bulletin.
Ecovoluntarios Information about all kinds of volunteering jobs and conferences in Latin America and around the world. (In Spanish)
The Natural History Museum in London.
Legislación y jurisprudencia sobre medio ambiente. Un ladrillo de las manos del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente. (In Spanish)
Operation Wallacea volunteer expeditions.
Raleigh International volunteer expeditions.


Devnet Jobs free job listings in Civil Society organisations in Environment and Development. Maintained on a voluntary basis by development professionals to maintain the quality and somewhat validity of the jobs advertised.


El Mundo
El País
The Village Voice
A maioria dos jornais existentes na net
The Journal of Ideas - Ideas to improve the quality of life - free magazine, science, technology, economics, health, sex, society, interest...
Giornale d'Italia

Sinónimos y Antónimos Lista de diccionarios de Sinónimos y Antónimos en Español
Todo lo que quisiste saber y nunce te atreviste a preguntar sobre el 'spanglish'


UEA Photographic Society Links


Potato Bread (in Spanish)


The British Council homepage
Developing teachers.com Check out it's excelent lesson plans and teaching tips and sign on for it's weekly teaching tip or monthly newsletter
Dave's ESL Cafe The Internet's Meeting Place for ESL/EFL Students and Teachers from Around the World. Very Good, check it out!
International House If you are CELTA qualified or interested in getting qualifications for TEFL, check out this site for one of the biggest and most reputed organisations in the business.
ELD Various links to other ESL-related sites
English Club EFL-related site
English Expert A site for jobs in EFL and translation.
Grammar Genie A site for jobs in translation.


A guide to Japan
Lonely Planet the budget traveller's companion.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office.Up to date information on safety issues listed by countries.

Other links

eGroupsA site for people to find or create mailing lists
NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML If you want to get started on HTML this is an the best you'll find. HTML explained for the most computer un-literate to understand. You'll be able to do stuff like this page and much much better.
Visibone's 216 Webmaster Colour Palette
Shilla Paragliding School

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