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Our Loving Suzy has passed on, but Oregon
Boston Terrier Rescue goes on in her memory
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In my warm, snuggly bed  with my  favorite toy, resting after playing tug of war with my daddy.
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This is Me!
I told Santa what I wanted for Xmas.  I got most of it, from my  Mom!
This is My Mumi that runs  the rescue
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I'm Suzy, a Boston Terrier, and a Rescue.  I loved my rescue home and my people.  We played most of the time, unless I need a nap or when Mom needed to go to work.
I lived to please her and she gave me lots of love and treats because I was so good.  We went for drives in the car and it was lots of fun. 
Mommy  got me a  rescue  playmate, Norman, and then a rescue sister, Baby Ruby, too.  My.  Mommy  still rescues  furbabies for others  in Oregon, where she lives.  I  waited and waited  until the perfect Boston Terrier  brother and sister  came to me.  They have web pages too now.    Baby Ruby  is afraid of people because she was abused before.  She is happy now because she will never get beat again..
I had surgery on my back because I couldn't walk.  It didn't help and my mommy got me a wheelchair so I could still get around and go for walks.  As with all things, I got real old and had to leave my family.  I still watch over them from heaven and do my best to protect them still.   Please contact my Mommy if you want to help or donate some money to help.
When I was alive, I had a beloved, My Potche who I loved from afar.  He to has came to the Rainbow Bridge and we are playing while waiting to be rejoined with our families once again.
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My sister, Baby Ruby
My brother Norman
I watch over the rescues from heaven and help Mumi to find them perfect homes.  Now the rescues are so happy because they have a nice family .
Homes get checked out before they move there, so we know they are safe and will always  be loved, happy, healthy and fed. And usually get to sleep in their beds too.....
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