Some thoughts about these gradients:

Made more to reflect the palette of color in a scene, than to be a "useful" gradient,
consider that these are foremost a set of colors.
Included sometimes are shadow colors and sunshine colors [even 'sun itself' color].
This is for subtle matchings.

To use a sea colors gradient with Flaming Pear's flood filter:
[A filter that creates virtual water in your image.]

1. Open a blank canvas, 200 wide by 600 tall, and apply linear gradient vertically, zero repeats. Use this to choose shadow colors to apply in Flood. On ocean gradients there is often a very light [breaking surf] color; just as there is sometimes a shadow color.

2. Copy the gradient, pull the darkest [lightest] color out if it is "abrupt". Generally "abrupt" color was included to use as a shadow or hi-light [surf or sun] color.
Alternately copy the gradient [choose EDIT] and adjust the dark [or light] colors into a more blended use. These may yield a gradient for shaded waters [light -shallow -sunlit], or darker, deep distant waters.

3. Adjust the gradient [choose EDIT] for spacing, color blend, and most importantly a horizon line and create!

4. If you are having a hard time, you can make your canvas larger, and crop the area you want to keep [Image/crop to selection]. It is actually easier to adjust the gradient in the edit area.
[Remember to copy it and adjust the name --add a 1 or 2 or 3 maybe]. This takes a bit of experimenting, but this is fun learning.:-) Don't overlook the option of multiple layers blended over, and under each other. A nice way to get the light behind a wave, perhaps.

If the sun color is included, you have to copy the gradient, and remove the "sun color" and the bright "surrounder colors" from your sky fill. But you have sun colors that match! Don't forget to make a tall vertical canvas to select from. I have not found "the better way" to insert sunshine hi-lights. If you discover one, I'd love to know about it.

If gradients have very similar names, they are from the same image, and often one is sky and the other water.

Another way to proceed:

You can just get totally creative; use a tall canvas with the gradient vertically on it as a way to select colors for your brush or spray can, and create something 100% original!

Enjoy nature's colors!