WOE_NightWraith - Warriors Of THe Empire
Zone Name: WOE_NightWraith

Favorite Civ:
Byzantines Or Turks
2)Black Forest:
4)Archers Evolution:

Hated Civ:
Persians and Goths

Hated Clans:

Favourite Map:
Michi Zen

Favorite Units:
CAVALRY : Elite Cataphracts Of the Byzantines

Position In WOE:
CO - Founder & Joint Leader

Date Joined:
Since Formed ( 25.2.03)

Country Of Origin:


Playing Tips:
I Tend Also To Just Build Villagers, Alot Of Them in Order To Get massive amounts of resources first. I also concentrate mainly on the limited resources first in order to get the most - stone and gold. Then i gather food and wood which are most abundant and easiest to gather.

Hi all, my name is Dan however im sure you all no me better as WOE_NightWraith. In this page i will give you an insite into my tactics, civs and general gameplay. I hope this will prove interesting to anyone who reads it as well as informing you of my gaming technique. Well start at the begining with my favorite Civ. Choosing your civ at the begining of the game is always one of the hardest tasks as you try to match your opponents weakness with your strengths while ensuring your weakness remains covered. As many of you will realise the civ in AOE2 are unbalanced in some ways. The teutons for example are probably the bestr military civ on the game however they tend to lack in the economy department. I Have to say that my favorite div on the game has to be the Byzantines. I Am One of these players whp prefers cavelry to all other units and the byzantine Cataphacts are probably the best cavelry units on the game. Being able to deploy large cavelry forces can decide the outcome of the game this co-insides with the map we mainly play on in age of empire, the "michi" map.  This map is incredibly fun and stratigically challenging to play on and allows for a good old fashioned long play war game. i hope you have found this section interesting and look forward to playing with all those who are hoping to join the WOE. Thank you and i look forward to playing you :).

WOE_NightWraith Joint Leader And Co. Founder
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