Three more things up in the Harry Potter section. :D There's actually also another ficlet I wrote for Demon Diary, but I'll put that up when I have a section for DD. But chapter 3 of Angels and Demons is out, as well as two challenge responses- Epiphany and Sounds of Silence.

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About this Site

Okay, so I was too lazy to actually start a new layout of my own. But I'm now focusing on uploading my stories onto this site. My weblog has been moved (people should know- it doesn't work anymore when you try to get on.) But the link to my weblog is... somewhere on this site. So if you really wanted to know- go find it. The entire site is mostly focused on my fanfics, since I have discovered that I can't BS as well as I used to. Most of the links don't work as of the moment, but hopefully will in time. And most of my stories won't be up, either. I still have to format them all and... so that it's easier to read. Blah. Well, most of the stories will be on fanfiction.net anyway.

I go under the name Shamera. Is it that hard to remember?

I have a LiveJournal!!! Please comment! XD

Okay, it's come to my attention (finally) that Thien put this link up for the 'other Otaku page by Daphy'. *rolls eyes* I love you guys, but I gave up on an Otaku! page last year, remember? Trying to make a new layout each month was killing me, and Ray took up the task of maintaining the Otaku! site, and now Thien has as well.

This page just has a few of the chats that the Otaku! members were in, as well as a few social pictures. So I guess if you want to use this site as storage for that, it's fine. But this is actually my personal site, and not an Otaku! site. Just so you don't get mixed up.

Warnings and such

I figured that it would be stupid to put this on another page when it can be explained very clearly on the first page. I do write shounen ai. Not often yaoi, and I haven't written a lemon as of yet, but I hope that people do understand that shounen ai could count as boy/boy romance. Nothing below the waist of course (Hentais! XDD) and I still have a lot of stories to finish. Don't get me wrong, I don't only write shounen ai. I do write het, and sometimes even shoujo ai, but it's not often now.

Not only that, I have a certain bias (see Couples page) to which character should end up with who. I'm not the best author in the world (I don't even come close, I know. But hey! I need some sort of self-confidence about this.) And another warning might be that I have some wacky comments and such in each of the fics. Please ignore those. I claim insanity.

Shammy speaks

The spectacluar beauty of the minute precision of head-banging is lost on adults for some reason. Which is sad, really. They should practice it more.

The next time a friend tells you to jump, do not ask "how high?" but instead ask "who?"

Staring at someone does not always mean daydreaming.. it can also be good practice for trying to activate a part of the brain that would allow one to burn a hole through someone with a mere gaze.

When two relatives give you the same gift.. do not fret: go sell it.

When they say shrimp flavored, it is NOT real shrimp.

You should not feed chocolate to dogs as it is poisonous to them.. but watching them try to eat peanut butter is very amusing.

The glass is never half empty or half full.. it was all in your mind.

Copyrights & Credits

None of the series or characters from the series belong to me, of course. They all belong to their respective owners, which I'm too tired to list out. There are some original characters that belong to me, but I don't give a damn if other people want to steal those characters because I can always make new ones. Although there are a few that I really want to keep, of course. I asked Santa for bishies for Christmas, dammit!! Didn't get what I wanted. *pout*

This layout was created by Ivy Dreams. I was just too lazy to get off my fat ass and make one. I do that enough with my blog, so this is one thing I don't want to worry about.

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