Wanda here...juz doing this for funnn..
i live in singapore.small insignificant dot on the map.:)
nothing worth doing there.i used to go to a boring sch called scgs, which has a snob for a principal.did i mention greatly obese principal hu tells us to lose weight when she NEVER does tt?so much for being a role model huh?
but anyway, now i go to UWCSEA!!which is wayyy better than scgs..hehe.i swear, the teachers r better!!
i hav 2 dogs..fluffy, 11yrs, and tobii,1yr plus.no,they r not mother and daughter.And now tobii has grown so much...if only she could grow slower...
Tobbii is austrailian!!damn...y cudnt she b american like meee???im proud to b american!!haha..patriotic weirdness..itz strang i nv ever felt any sense of belonging to sinapore.hrmmm.and hrmmm summore.
u noe,theis is so filled with lame crap.i need a better page.but no,do i hav the time?no.do i hav the paitience?no.
so.this page is doomed to b eternally crappy unless someone helps me.
              *BIG HINT*
so anyway, i have this really weird pg about
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about me- Wanda
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w_sk_anda_l@yahoo.com, wandaywang@hotmail.com
July 10th 1988
Rollerblading, reading, listening to music...

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