WA1ZCN Used SLA Battery Program
For New Hampshire ARES Members Only

Before we go any further, we should not call them "gell cells". The term "gell cell" was once actually the trademark of some battery company, (I can't recall who - perhaps Deka Solar), that uses gelled lead-acid electrolyte.  The batteries most of us call "gell cells" are actually called "sealed lead-acid" (SLA) batteries.

I am in the burglar and fire alarm business.  We use a variety of different sizes of 12 volt SLA batteries in alarm panels and other equipment.  These batteries start to loose some capacity after three years in continuous operation.  Some will run well for five to seven years, but we can't take that chance, so we try to change them after three years.  This means that most of our batteries still have considerable usable life left, and are perfect for Amateur Radio use.

The most common size is the 7 amp hour (ah) battery, approximately the size (and weight) of a brick.  I usually have a good supply of used 7ah batteries on hand.  Every so often I also have 55ah, 28ah, 17ah, 4ah, and 2.5ah batteries, and on rare occasions I have 6v batteries of smaller sizes.

Here's the deal.  Disposing these old batteries is a pain, so you can have as many used batteries as you want for free.  All will have been checked with a volt meter to be sure they are still delivering nominal voltage.  They will NOT usually have been load tested. (If I pull a battery from service because it has failed, it goes in a different pile anyway.)

If you want the batteries load tested, there will be a $2 charge per battery, since this is a time consuming process.

New batteries are also available, at my cost.  The current price on 12v, 7ah batteries, for example is $14.  Others I can quote.

You cannot charge these with just any old charger.  It must be a voltage and current limited charger designed specifically for SLA batteries.  If you don't have one, I can supply a circuit board and wall-wart transformer at cost, usually under $25.

ALL used batteries must be picked up at my office in New London, NH, or you can meet me in my limited travels or at a Twin State Radio Club meeting in White River Junction, VT.  New batteries can be drop shipped (at additional cost) from my supplier to your door in New Hampshire or Vermont.  Payment may be made by cash or check in advance.  I don't accept credit cards - sorry.

If you want to contact me regarding any of the above, you can email me, or call my office at 603-526-6399.

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