Waawaaskone Reg'd. Cavaliers
A Fancy For Glass
Waawaaskone is an Ojibway word meaning "Flower".
These are the flowers blooming in our garden:
Callie (Sharpcies Callago Waawaaskone)
and daddy Herbie (CHGooseberry Herb at
Herbie (CH Gooseberry Herb at Waawaaskone) & Allie (Waawaaskone's Alsiked Up, CGN)
Reba (Waawaaskone's All Dressed Up)
Ch Sharpcies Callago Waawaaskone   (Callie)
                                             Ch Toraylac Shamus O'Shaun
                                Ch Dreamwoods Emeral Isle
                                              Ch Madrigal Grace Note
                   Ch Gooseberrys Whirlwind Walter
                                              Ch Barrington's Harlequin
                                Dreamwoods Gooseberry Sunshine
                                              Ch Dreamwood's Desert Fantasy
Ch Gooseberry Herb at Waawaaskone
                                              Taynuilt's Toppo
                               Ch Plantagenet's Omega
                                              Plantagenet's Sardonyx
                   Gooseberry Sparkle  
                                              Ch Fianna's Fire Fly
                               Gooseberry Windstar
                                              Dreamwoods Gooseberry Sunshin
Ladies - in - Waiting
Puppies expected Fall 2008
Joanie's babies are here. 3 Boys and 1 girl. Two Black&Tan and Two Tri-colour
Joanie             and          Callie
At Waawaaskone, we also have ...
         A Fancy for Glass
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Joanie's babies - 1 week old
They each weigh about 1 lb. already

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