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Welcome to Wabsnet!

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for spending some of your time here.

I thought of giving my old site a complete change in style and content. It will no longer contain anything from other sites. It will all be my work. It will include some of the programming assignments I did during my study in Kuwait University.

Enough talking now. I'm sure you'll find your way through.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me, and you can do that by sending me an e-mail to: wabsnet@yahoo.com.


Walid Bahsow

My Work


Programming assignments along with my source code.

Recent Additions:  *** New ***

bulletObject Oriented Programming

- Programming Assignment #1

bulletSimple Java Programs

- MaxNum

- NumSort


bulletExhaustive Search
bulletBreadth First Search: 2D Rubik's Square


Downloads - Educational

Games and Cheats - Health

Kids - News - Search Engines

and still more to come...

About Me

Photo Album

As the name says, you'll find some brief information about me.

Four photos of Madaar Village.


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