Corlip Phi’lya, local sovereign for the Bothan Sector, sat in his dwelling reviewing the papers brought before him. One of the local shopkeepers had blacklisted a certain individual for misconduct and this individual refused to be denied. These two had never gotten along, it was only a matter of time before they made an official case for their discord.

“If you asked me, I’d tell you just to give the shopkeeper what he wants,” said Melo Gruff‘lya, Corlip’s foremost advisor.

“And that’s why I didn’t ask you,” Corlip replied. “I intend to review both of these cases.”

“Corlip, you already know that misconduct did take place.”

“Yes I do, but at the same time I think there may have been some provocation. I know the history of these two, they’ve never gotten along, and I want to resolve this once and for all the right way.”

“Let’s just throw them both in confinement and put this behind us,” Melo joked. Corlip chuckled.

“Corlip,” a voice said. He looked up to see one of his guards. “The seer wants to see you.”

Corlip sighed. “Again? She comes back every week with the same prophecy.”

“She says it’s urgent,” the guard said.

“Let her in,” Corlip said reluctantly. Melo rolled his eyes.

“Corlip!” the seer said as she strode toward him. “The prophecy comes soon!”

Corlip rubbed his eyes impatiently. “You mean the one where an anonymous adversary comes to ensure my demise?” he said bluntly with blatant distaste.

"No, Corlip," the seer said. "Not anonymous at all. Do you remember the name Brifur Roj'i?"

Corlip stopped. "...Why do you speak this name?"

The seer smiled. "I seem to have struck a chord," she said, feeling as if she had finally gotten through to the sovereign.

"Don't trifle with me, seer," Corlip said, his tone darkening ominously. He rose from his seat and strode over to the woman, bearing down on her. "Tell me what you know," he growled.

The seer's smile quickly faded as a wave of fear shot through her. Corlip was much taller than her, muscular and intimidating. "Brifur is dead," she stuttered, "but his son lives on."

"Then his son," Corlip said, still maintaining his gruff tone, "is the adversary come to slay me?"

"Yes, my lord," the seer said, breaking his gaze and staring at the floor. "Jinjor Roji, even now, makes his way to Bothawui, seeking to usurp your rule."

Corlip snorted. "When will he arrive?"

"Soon," the seer said.

Corlip paused. "Very well." He turned to Melo. "Melo, have the docking bays monitored, and put out a warrant to arrest this Jinjor Roji."

"As you command, Corlip," Melo said with a bow as he left to arrange things.

"Seer, for once you have actually served me well," he said cynically. "If you have any more information, please bring it to my attention."

"Yes, my lord," the seer said before departing.

Several days passed, and the trial continued. The two Bothans had a history of discord between their families. One of these owned the shop, and his daughter would help out around the place. Another of the father's sons would come around often and flirt with the daughter. The father and shopkeep, intolerant of his rival's son because of some unresolved conflict, placed a restraining order on the Bothan and blacklisted him from the store.

The rival's son kidnapped the shopkeep's daughter in retaliation, and after a search ensued for several days, the girl was found, and the kidnapper was summoned to court.

The shopkeep's daughter testified for her kidnapper. As it turns out, she hadn't been kidnapped at all, but was actually in love with this Bothan, despite their fathers' rivalry, and that she had actually agreed to hide with him for a while. Nevertheless, the jury issued a guilty verdict on the Bothan with a penalty of humiliation by having him shaved, and then sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment.

Despite a public outcry at how unfair this move was, Corlip turned a deaf ear to the complaints of the general, ignorant populace and returned to his duties.

*A beeping sound alerted Jinjor Roji to the fact that he was entering the airspace of Bothawui. His ship, Evolution, landed at a local docking bay under his name. He wanted to draw attention to himself as much as he could and any likeness to his father should attract that. He exited the ship and walked upon the ground of his ancestors for the first time in his life...

Unfortunately, the glory was short lived as a small squad of armed men approached Jinjor on the streets outside of the docking bay. The lead man spoke to Jinjor using the gruff dialect of the Bothans.*

Squad Leader: Stop right there, Jinjor Roji. There is a warrant for your arrest regarding treason.

Jinjor Roji: I beg your pardon? This has been the first time I've set foot on this planet. How could I possibly be treasonous?

Squad Leader: The details are not mine to reveal. Please do not resist or we shall be forced to apprehend you with...force.

Jinjor Roji: Do what you will, but know that I will not come calmly until I feel you deserve my peace.

*The Squad Leader grunted in impatience and stepped back to level out with his squad. They raised their blasters to chest level and let out a volley. Jinjor couldn't use the Force so he dodged into a roll. He came up out of it unharmed and pulled his sais from the holsters normally reserved for his lightsaber.

With one in each hand, the sais flashed the sun's reflection dangerously. Jinjor ran forward in a burst of energy and came upon the squad with spinning thrusts. First came a stab to the leg, then an uppercut to the jaw of the second, and a sudden stop as he rammed into the chest of the third.

Six there were to start, but now only three remained. Those three that remained attempted to shoot once more but Jinjor threw one sai directly into the nozzle of the nearest blaster. It exploded and stunned the holder temporarily as Jinjor came upon him and twisted his neck. He pulled the corpse to his chest, retrieved his sai from the damaged blaster, and allowed the blaster bolts to hit the lifeless body. Jinjor threw the body forward upon the unsuspecting Bothan and then followed through with a slash to the chest.

The lone gunman once again released a flurry of blaster bolts at him, but Jinjor evaded them easily. With two sais reflecting the sun dangerously once more, the squad leader abandoned his blaster in favor of a vibroaxe. Jinjor shifted his stance for melee combat and awaited the first move. The squad leader rushed forward with the vibroaxe held high above his head. Jinjor watched as the vibroaxe came down swiftly and locked the sais together above his head. It caught the vibroaxe full on which resulted in the shoddy weapon to break. The vibration fizzled out and turned into a useless junk of metal.

The astonished look on the squad leader's face amused Jinjor. However, Jinjor disarmed the squad leader by pulling the sais backward. The vibroax went with them and the squad leader stood quivering.

Jinjor: Enough! You are not a challenge for one such as me. Take me to whomever issued this foolish warrant. Now!

"The public seems rather upset at your decision," Melo said to Corlip about the verdict of the case.

"I care not," Corlip said, rubbing his eyes. "I'm tired of these two."

"I thought you said you were going to resolve the case fairly?"

"Melo, do not try my patience. I have made my decision."

Melo, usually on Corlip's side, couldn't quite understand his reasoning. Nevertheless, he knew not to question his leader, for fear of consequence. His thought process was suddenly interrupted, however, when the door burst open.

Corlip jumped to his feet and saw Jinjor walking through the doors.

"So, the son of Brifur Roji," he sneered. "I trust my guards didn't give you too much trouble?"

Jinjor: No, your guards didn't give me much trouble at all. They were quite courteous after I allowed them to nurse their injuries.

But I'm not here to help you with your security. I'm here to take back what is rightfully mine. You stole leadership of the Bothan Sector from my father after you kidnapped me like a coward! Now I shall repay your deeds with the same kindness you have shown me.

I challenge you to a duel with your champion. By the established laws of our ancestors, I have that right. Now before you try to weasel your way out of it, this law was developed to prevent a lot of bloodshed between armies. I'm sure you wouldn't want to cause that much harm to your own people...

*Jinjor smiled which not only revealed his fangs, but was considered a rude gesture among his own people. It's an act of hostility that is usually met with a fight.*

"No, of course not," Corlip said coolly. "And I am my people's champion. If you wish to settle this with a grudge match, then let's get this over with. Melo, hand me my sword."

Corlip took off his outer robe. A moment passed and Melo returned with a large broadsword and handed it to Corlip.

"We'll settle this in the courtyard."

Corlip showed Jinjor out to the courtyard. It was a sunny day, and a crowd had already gathered from Jinjor's dramatic entrance.

*Jinjor Roji followed Corlip into the courtyard and was then quickly encircled by the gathering crowd. On the outskirts, Jinjor pulled off his cloak and unsheathed his sais. He brandished them to his foe as Corlip readied his broadsword.

The two Bothan warriors circled one another. Jinjor knew he would need the inside for close combat since the broadsword has a long range. This weakness must be exploited or it would be a much longer battle.

Corlip jerked forward to try to put Jinjor off his guard but the feint was unsuccessful. Instead Jinjor used that to his own gain by rushing in as the defender pulls back. Jinjor's fine-tuned reflexes from difficult training at the Ord Mandell training facility permits Jinjor to move quickly without tapping into the Force.

This sudden closure forces Corlip to swing the broadsword up, which Jinjor easily dodges. Jinjor breaks to the side and sinks a point into Corlip's kidneys. The defender stumbles backwards in surprise and feels for the wound. Blood smears upon the paw and enrages Corlip.

With a sudden fury, Corlip charges Jinjor with his weapon raised above his head. He heavily drops it but the weight makes the entire motion too slow. Jinjor's able to parry by locking both sais and then thrusting hard back up. The broadsword's weight changes Corlip's direction as the defender struggles to keep his balance. Jinjor easily gains a few more stabs in with Corlip's wide-open defenses.

This sudden surge of pain makes Corlip Phi'lya drop the broadsword behind him. Shortly thereafter, he falls backwards clutching the region of his fresh wounds. Corlip feebly coughs up blood as he shivers from the excessive blood-loss.

Jinjor thought he won the challenge, but Corlip slowly stood up. Once more, he charged Jinjor with a fury that would shock even the eldest of children. Jinjor was tackled as the powerful mass rushed into him. The sudden surprise made him drop his sais as he crashed into the ground. The two tumbled upon the ground attempting to get the advantage over the other. Hands grappled, knees jerked, heads butted until finally Jinjor was able to get a solid grip upon Corlip's throat.

The young Bothan squeezed with all his might as he forced the old Bothan off the top. With a firm grip still in place, Jinjor squeezed harder and harder until Corlip's consciousness gave way. An audible gasp was released throughout the crowd as Jinjor brushed himself of earth. Corlip's eyes slowly opened and then he spoke with his dying breath.*

"Strength," Corlip said with a slight laugh, delusional from the pain but oddly trying to act as if his defeat was somehow expected. "You're strong."

Corlip was aware of the crowd around him and suddenly aware of the embarrassment of losing in front of his public. The pain in his body worsened and his sight began to fade. He had lost. What more was there to do? But sleep. Yes, sleep...

Melo watched as Corlip's last breath escaped his lungs and no more was inhaled. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Well," he asked with a shaky voice, "apparently strength has decided the victor, as is Bothan custom. You're now the ruler of the Bothan sector."

Melo turned to address the crowd. "All bow in honor of the new sovereign of Bothawui, Jinjor Roji."

The public obeyed.

*Wearily, Jinjor Roji walked over to Corlip Phi'lya's broadsword and picked it up. He held it by the pommel as he looked it over. In the Bothan language, upon it was inscribed the rights of the sovereign and his duty. With Jinjor reclaiming his title, this broadsword will prove to the population that he is indeed what he is.

Jinjor retrieved his cloak and approached Melo. With a whisper only the servant would here, Jinjor Roji gives his first order of his life.*

Jinjor: Assemble the government officials. We have much to discuss.

*Jinjor turned from the servant and returned to the room where he first met Corlip Phi'lya. He sat in the seat of the sovereign and placed his new broadsword upon the table. Another servant came over and gave Jinjor the scabbard for the sword. Upon the scabbard was yet another inscription, but of only one word. Sathanis was its name and Jinjor will refer to it as so.*

"Very well," Melo said, agreeing to assemble the officials. "It will take a few days to conduct the hearing, but I will send out a broadcast immediately."

Melo walked to his quarters to write a message which he would post at the senate and send out to every individual member. There wer 427 members of the senate, and he would need each of them to attend.

Jinjor watched Melo leave to gather the officials. He had time. Soon it would be time to slaughter the ignorant fools who kept these degenerate planets "in line", and he figured to do so most efficiently he'd need his lightsabers, which were on his ship.

"You there," he said, turning to some guard. "My ship is still in your custody. I want it brought to the sovereign's personal landing docks."

"Very well, Jinjor," the guard said. "At the moment, Corlip's ship still resides there. What shall become of it?"

"What kind of ship did Corlip employ?" Jinjor asked casually and turned back to look at his new blade.

"It's a Marauder Corvette, sir."

Jinjor nonchalantly flicked some dirt off of the blade and twisted it from side to side, glinting the sun off of it. "That could be of some use to me. Put it in your military docking bay and leave it until I give you further orders. But for the moment I want my shipped docked in Corlip's personal bay as soon as possible."

"Right away, sir," the official said before bowing and turning to leave.

*The guard returned with his duties completed and notified Jinjor of the ship's new home. Jinjor got up from his chair, placed the broadsword in its scabbard that was positioned around his waist, and ordered the guard to lead him to the personal docking bay.

Jinjor followed the guard down winding corridors, through a secret door, down more corridors, and then through the large docking bay. The very first ship Jinjor saw was his own, Evolution. Jinjor thanked the guard and dismissed him back to his regular duties.

Jinjor retrieved his mobile unit from his cloak and pressed a button. The entrance ramp descended in its typical slow manner. Jinjor entered his ship and proceeded to the cockpit. He checked for any improper handling and everything checked out ok. Jinjor tapped on the hidden cargo hold which sprang open at the lightest touch of his finger. In it laid his two lightsabers along with the Kaiburr Crystal. He placed the lightsabers along the belt and the crystal in his pouch. The power of the Kaiburr Crystal renewed Jinjor's strength and that's exactly what he would need for the fight against the foolish traitors.*

*Jinjor left his ship and was escorted to the government chambers where every member of the Bothan Senate was seated. He took his seat at a raised throne and awaited the chattering to cease. When all died down, he leaned forward and began his announcement.*

Jinjor: You have been gathered together today to be told a very important change to the government. As you can already tell, I am not Corlip Phi'lya. He is dead.

*A murmur swept through the hall among a few individuals in the back. Their voices amplified by the power of the Kaiburr Crystal was easily overheard by Jinjor.*

Official 1: Damnation! Corlip was a cousin of mine. I relied on him for support!

Official 2: That man was a disgrace! Whoever this new leader is better make things right again.

Official 3: Hmmph, respect for Bothans are at all time low anyway. Who cares if an usurper tarnishes our respect some more?

*More voices rang in Jinjor's ear quite vividly, but he was tiring of this rude display. He waved his closed fist high and slammed it down hard against an armrest. The chatter quickly died away once more and Jinjor resumed his speech.*

Jinjor: I challenged Corlip Phi'lya to a duel that I obviously won. He fought bravely, but that was not enough. My power and wits obviously surpassed his own. I carry in its scabbard the rightful broadsword of the Bothans!

I AM JINJOR ROJI, HEIR OF THE RIGHTFUL TITLE OF THE BOTHAN SOVEREIGN! As I'm sure some of you know, my father held the title many years ago. You banished him from the Bothan Sector under threat of my life. I shall repay your kindness by righting this wrong. Some of you may survive my onslaught and you will prove your worth thusly.

*The crowd reacted as Jinjor would. It was a crazed rush to any and all exits. The doors slammed shut at Jinjor's order of the Force. Some clawed at the doors as they whimpered for their escape. Others closer to Jinjor tried to take him on in melee combat. Both lightsabers flew to his hands and promptly ignited. The purge was only just beginning.*

*Jinjor's fury was enhanced by the Kaiburr Crystal. His attunement to the Force was also enhanced. He could sense the thoughts, whether pure or tainted, in the minds of his fellow race. A wave of fear, greed, and a desire to live washed over him. As he struck down those with the intent to harm him, he could feel hope and happiness. As he approached the one with hope he could sense true hope. It was hope of a friend who returned from exile. It was hope of a broken nation to be returned to glory. It was hope that Jinjor would retake his father's stance and reshape the Sector into their rightful place.

Jinjor spared any and all who were Patriots. He would deal with them later, but for now he must deal with the Traitors. The lightsabers weaved through the air harmoniously. Limbs went flying, decapitated heads rolled upon the floor, and yet blood was absent. With each maimed body, Jinjor's powers grew stronger. With each kill, Jinjor's powers surged higher.

Corpses littered the floor and those without loyalty crawled about as they tried to regain their balance. Jinjor's fury reached an all powerful peak as he became The Hunter. Traps of mental disruption were set. Many were affected. Those who became victims experienced their most painful memories once more. Loved ones were restored merely to be lost again. Excruciating pain sent their bodies into shock. And after all was done, they were still alive but forever comatose.

In mere hours, the chambers elegance was reduced to chaos. Traitors who survived their wounds were quickly killed off by either Jinjor or one of his supporters. The Patriots numbered in the hundreds while the Traitors reached over 300 bodies. Jinjor's weapons were deactivated as he slumped against a wall to savor the carnage. The Hunter was gone, but the Kaiburr Crystal still longed for more.*

On the other side of the room, opposite of Jinjor, a single surviving senator, not part of the Patriots, survived.

He was 18 years old, a human, and his name was Cygnus Rakshasa. How he was still alive, he wasn't quite sure. As soon as the carnage started, as soon as Jinjor began his spree, he had scrambled for a door, just like everyone else, but found them all locked. As he fell to the ground and crawled away, dead bodies falling around him, headless, armless, bisected at the waist, he found that he couldn't see his hands...his arms...he had become invisible.

He wasn't sure how or why, but he knew now, as he watched Jinjor leaning against the wall, breathless from the slaughter, as he watched the Patriots roaming the hall, overturning tables and chairs in search of any heart still beating, he would have his

A Patriot prowled towards Cygnus, blood on his bare hands. None of the senators held weapons, as they weren't natural fighters. But Cygnus needed no weapon to enact his revenge...

Out of no where, the Patriot screamed in pain as his leg snapped, bending backwards at the knee. He fell to the ground and shrieked in horror and shock at the apparently ghostly force that had just impacted his now dysfunctional knee. Another Patriot's head spun 180 degrees on its neck with a snap and he fell to the ground, limp. Yet another Patriot doubled over in pain, clutched his waist, then fell over, unconscious as an invisible blow was administered to his head.

A chair, seemingly weightless, lifted itself into the air and hurled itself at another Patriot, who deflected the chair, only to have his both his left arm and leg broken in rapid succession.

Cygnus, previously horrified at the development, now reveled in the chaos he was bringing upon the murderous surviving senators...and now, he would kill Jinjor Roji. He was only 25 paces away, and as he strode toward him, his mind raced with ways he could dispose of the fiend.

*The screams of the Patriots did not go unnoticed by Jinjor. While his body was weary, his mind was still quite active. He could feel something unusual in the Amphitheater. It wasn't like anything he's felt before. It was pure rage and hatred not of his own. And yet, it wasn't controlled by a real Force user.*

Jinjor: Hmm, what do we have here? Another Force Potential so soon...I must be a magnet for these freaks!

*Jinjor stood up from his slump against the wall. He felt around him with the Force. He sent an echo out around him to try to feel where something is but actually isn't. Jinjor knew where he was now, knew what it was. A damn human! Jinjor shot his arm out into the air and latched on to its throat. Using all of his remaining strength he lifted the pathetic human into the air. Shaking him about, he shouted out an order.*

Jinjor: Reveal yourself, scum!

Cygnus grabbed Jinjor's arm with both hands in an attempt to loosen the tension on his neck. He gasped a few breaths and tried to contain his surprise that he had been found out.

"How did you find me?" Cygnus choked out with some difficulty in a very raspy voice.

*The futile grasping at his arm was all for naught. Jinjor's grip was quite firm and nothing was going to break it.*

Jinjor: You didn't honestly think you would sneak up on me, now did you? That's amusing, young one. Using the Force against a Force user is only effective in the case of surprise. While you were indeed invisible, you did not have the essence of surprise. You wasted your chance when you decided to kill meer peasants on the way to the King.

Now I must give you your due. It takes an incredible amount of Force potential to utilize a skill like yours. Even Masters have difficulty handling the stress. For a novice such as you to become invisible...yes...

I shall give you a choice. Die now and never realize your true potential. Or join me. I can teach you things about the Force you could only dream about. I can guide you beyond this pitiful political position into a realm of near infinite possibilities. I'm sure with your ambition, you will know the correct answer.

Now don't worry. Take your time. I won't tire due to my Kaiburr Crystal.

Cygnus' mind raced. The Force? Is that what this was? Of course, it made sense. He had heard of the Jedi and of the Force, but only by word of mouth. He'd never read or seen anything on the subject, and his knowledge was limited to the words themselves...but after he saw the strength and skill Jinjor possessed...

Cygnus hadn't wanted to join the senate. He was coerced to by his mother. That over-bearing, horrible witch. He hated her. Ever since his father had died when he was 7, his mother had changed drastically. His father was a senator, and his mother made sure Cygnus would take his place. Upon his 18th birthday, mere months ago, she signed him up against his will and, because of the position his father previously held, he was accepted in without question.

But he hated it there. He hated his life. His father was his best friend, and after he died and his mother lost her mind, everything went downhill. Taking part in this senate was just one more thing to hate about life.

And that defined his life: hate. But this promise of power that Jinjor gave him sounded intriguing. His other option was death, but at this point, he could've cared less. At least, that's what he thought until the slaughter began. It was then, watching the massacre, that he realized that he didn't want to die. But he hadn't been sure what to make of himself until now.

But this was his new reality: he could use the Force. There was no room for doubt. Even has he struggled against Jinjor's unyielding grip, he couldn't see his own hands, the hands that grasped Jinjor's wrist. Could he be taught to control it? This Bothan saw potential, and anything would be better than the hell hole he now occupied.

He gasped a few more times, inhaling difficult breaths. "Teach me of the Force," he choked out.

*Jinjor released the boy from his grip as soon as he uttered his choice. The human fell straight to the ground in a crumpled heap as he gasped raggedly for breath.*

Jinjor: A wise choice. Now give me a moments peace as I get this situation cleared up. Actually, make yourself useful. You're in charge of coming up with a tragedy story that shall be released to the public. And then after that, I have another mission for you. Nothing difficult at all. It's just to get your feet wet. Now go...use your ability to lie to my advantage.

*Jinjor left the boy where he was. He returned to the podium and assembled what was left of the survivors. The Patriots had a sort of savage hope contained in their eyes. Jinjor then addressed the crowd.*

Jinjor: My apprentice will release the details of the tragedy in twisted form to the public. All of you will know each and every detail before you leave this place. While I can feel it in your hearts that you won't betray me, just know this. If any knowledge about what truly happened here today gets released to the public, I will have your head!

With the expulsion of the Old Order, we shall be doing things my way. The Bothan Sector and all of its planets are strong enough to stand on its own. Indeed, they are even strong enough to add to its current power. I am tired of being treated as only a nation of spies or a nation of neutrals. This time, we will be the attacking force.

I will update you on that in a few minutes time. Please direct yourself to the lone human in the room. Be aware that he has the power to turn himself invisibile so don't be shocked if he phases in and out. You have the stand, human.

Cygnus' throat still hurt. He looked around the room and saw the senators staring directly at him. He looked down and saw that he had re-entered the visible spectrum, but he wasn't sure how.

He made his way to the podium, his mind struggling to come up with something to explain this most freakish of events.

Jinjor stepped aside as Cygnus approached and took the stand.

"Fellow senators...Patriots," he began. He started to tense up. The eyes of the senators were upon him and he had no ideas. He tried to think fast. "The majority of the senators are now dead. We are all that survive. Over 300 deaths were incurred in this room today. We must cover up the evidence."

He paused for a moment and put his face in his hands, struggling to think of anything to explain the circumstances. Suddenly, he had it.

"There was an explosion. At least, there will be. We'll say there were saboteurs among us. They set up a massive charge in the eastern part of the hall, and upon detonation, the blast and the shrapnel that was ejected killed the rest. We are all that survive. I don't care how you do it or where you get the explosive from, there's got to be an explosive we could get our hands on that could decimate a quarter of the room. But we need to set it up and activate it now if we want to have a convincing case."

Agreement was unanimous. Jinjor said that he was carrying explosives within his ship in the very vicinity of the building, easily retrievable. A few senators grabbed some of the explosives from Jinjor's ship, strung them together and set them up. The building hall was cleared as the explosives were detonated, completely obliterating a portion of the eastern wall.

When they all walked back in, they saw rubble covering the hall.

"Convincing enough," Cygnus said. "Quarantine the area and get a clean-up crew in here."

A few days passed, and the mess was eventually cleaned. The hole in the eastern wall would take some time to mend, and that's exactly what the senate wanted. The Patriots were all that remained, and there was little spoken suspicion of Jinjor's assault.

From there, Cygnus followed Jinjor back to the sovereign's hall.

*Jinjor slumped into the throne after the grueling massacre was finally finished. He sat there with his staff as well as the human standing around him. He looked at the human and began his querries.*

Jinjor: That was good thinking back there. Now exactly how long have you been a representative of your planet and just how much experience do you have in presentation?

Cygnus leaned against a wall and crossed his arms, looking down at the floor.

"I've been a representative for about 6 months," he started. "As soon as I turned 18, my wretched mother decided to enroll me for the senate." He scoffed as he mentioned his mother, a look of bitter distaste washing over his face. "As far as experience with presentation goes, I've got very little. My mother had pressured me ever since my father had died to become part of the senate and would try to lecture me on exactly how to speak, but out of sheer spite I never listened to the delusional wench."

He smirked and gave another chuckle at the mention of his mother.

Jinjor: Well, it would have done you well to listen to your mother. You are now given a great burden that shall utilize both traits. The Bothan Sector and all planets associated are now under my rule. You've heard the speech I gave the other day, so I shall not delve any deeper.

Your task is to present yourself to the Republic Senate and recede our planets from the Republic. I am sure this will be met with an uproar and I want you out of there as quickly as possible. I would advise you to arm yourself in case of unrest or anarchy in that time of trouble. When you are finished, I want you to make your way over to Onderon. I will meet you there and we will officially start your training then.

If you have any questions, I advise you to ask them now. If not, make your way to the Armory and then get your human ass over to Coruscant.

"No questions, I can take care of the situation," Cygnus said. "I've always had a knack for delivering bad news. I'll see you on Onderon."

He turned to walk towards his home. He eventually made it there, told his mother he was going to be gone for a few days but refused to tell her why, and stole his father's old ship. As he made his way off of the planet, he wondered why he hadn't done this sooner, but immediately realized that if he had, he may have never run into Jinjor and the benefits he promised. This was getting to be a very exciting month...

Jinjor Roji- {Good, good. I have no doubt he will be returning safely. Surviving a large-scale assault by a Sith Lord takes much cunning. Now, I must tell the news to my old friend.}

Servant, ready my ship. I must take my leave now.

Servant: Already? But sir, the government is in disarray! You must stay and handle your affairs!

Jinjor Roji- Do not question me, fool! If there are any situations I can be contacted through comlink. Right now, I have a very pressing matter to attend. I must allow the Patriots to solidify their hold and I must take some more measures to ensure their success.

*Jinjor stood up from the throne quite slowly and stretched fully once erect. He walked towards the docking bay with his back straight, his shoulders wide, and his weapons moving in tune to his stride. His ship was already set up for him by the time he got there. The ramp was lowered, the engine was powered up, and the system was ready to accept his coordinates. Jinjor went straight to the autopilot and set it to Onderon. He left the room and entered his personal quarters and instantly went into a deep sleep upon hitting the mattress.*