*Jinjor ran through the complex as fast as he could. He could not afford to waste one moment. If those soldiers outside the building have the time to recooperate, Jinjor will have a hard time escaping Coruscant's domain.

He crashed through the doors into the stairway and leapt up 3 steps at a time. He had only 3 flights to go, but his ship is a fast one. With the last leap, he tripped and slid on his knees through the top door. He got up and walked into the middle of the roof, scanning the horizon for his ship.

Anxiety and fear gripped his heart. What happens if the ship never got the message, or someone else got control of it during his absence? Whatever the case may be, Jinjor was relying on this ship.

All that worrying broke apart when the ship parted the clouds and approached the complex. Jinjor gave it space as it landed, waited impatiently as the ramp lowered, and ran into the ship. He headed straight for the cockpit, punched in coordinates for Onderon, and guided the ship manually through the blaster fire. Once he breached the atmosphere, he switched to auto-pilot and walked to his bunk. He fell asleep immediately, which is quite rare for him.*

*Jinjor slept as his ship traveled through space towards Onderon. His dreams were filled with nightmares of primitive beings groveling at his feet, while a man stood in the shadows silently. Jinjor tried escaping the crowd, but a strong green aura trapped him where he stood.

Jinjor woke from his sleep dripping with sweat. The blaring alarm was quite effective towards its purpose. The alarm was set to alert Jinjor to when he reached Onderon's system. He slipped out of the bunk and walked to the cockpit. The planet Onderon and its moon, Dxun, were all he could see. It was a spectacular sight indeed for the atmosphere of the two celestial bodies were shared. Long ago, this unique phenomenon gave the creatures of Dxun a new prowling ground on Onderon.

One aspect of Onderon wasn't known to Jinjor, but will be soon. While distracted by the sight, Jinjor hadn't realized that he breached the atmosphere and was nearly landing on the surface of Onderon. Even more unknown to him was the group of men hiding nearby the chosen landing grounds. When the ship landed and the docking bay ramp lowered, Jinjor left the ship. Almost instantly, the Onderonian men surrounded Jinjor with their primitive weapons. A vicious smile appeared on Jinjor's face when he reached for his lightsaber.

But then he stopped. That nightmare contained men that looked like the ones who surrounded him. The only thing missing were the somehow familiar eyes peering at him from the shadows. Wanting to see what else develops, he decided to do what the "captors" wished.

The men led Jinjor down a trail for 2 miles until they reached a village. That village housed a great structure that was fit for a King or even a God. In that structure, Jinjor assumed would be the mysterious man of the shadows. Perhaps it was Lord Zero, already occupying the pitiful planet. Either way, trap or not, the questions must be answered.

Up went Jinjor along the long stairs to the center of the structure. Up went the primitive men, cautiously slithering around behind him. At long last, the stairs ceased and he walked through the archway into the central chamber that housed the mysterious man.*

*Jinjor was in the Central Chamber which housed the mysterious man. The long path ended at some sort of throne that was covered in shadow. From his position, Jinjor could see that someone was seated in that throne and held much power.

The men stepped in front of Jinjor and warned him to move even slower. They walked backwards, making sure that Jinjor did not threaten their highly established figure. A smile still lingered on his face, getting ever closer and clearer with who this mysterious man was. At long last, the path was dwindling and the men stopped Jinjor from walking even further. One of the men behind Jinjor came by and hit Jinjor in the back of the leg with the force pike. Taken by surprise, Jinjor fell to one knee and appeared as if he were bowing.*

Mysterious Man: Oh pish tosh, Jinjor. You don't have to do that just for me.

Jinjor: Well Raynor, don't get used to it. That was merely a mistake by your foolish underling.

*Jinjor called his lightsaber to his hand through the power of the Force. It flickered on as he rose and flashed through the man's arm. The limb fell to the floor as the horror stricken man knelt to Jinjor. The men surrounding Jinjor backed away and knelt to him as well.*

Raynor: Ahahaha, Jinjor. These gullible fools already consider you one of their Gods.

*Jinjor wasted no time kicking the groveling men away from him. He did not like this extra attention, and did not like what this could do to Raynor's already inflated ego.*

Jinjor: What have you done with these villagers?

Raynor: Villagers? Oh, I see. You couldn't see the single city in its entirety. Onderon only has one city, Jinjor. The fierce creatures from Dxun live outside the city limits. Without the wall surrounding the city, the people living on this planet are doomed. Where you are right now is the Judgment Room. The room's single purpose is for the Lord of the city to govern all. In this room, I have the choice of allowing new people to pass on into the rest of the city, or allowing old people their release from the city. Their customs are difficult to explain, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Jinjor: I do. Now explain to me why YOU are their Lord.

Raynor: Like I said, Jinjor, their customs are quite complex. But I shall attempt to put this into words that even you can understand. The peoples of Onderon believe that those with the power of the Dark Side of the Force are Gods.

Jinjor: Ah, and when I showed my Dark Side for that brief moment, they realized their error. So...how did you come to be here?

Raynor: Well, after you and I fought I did not leave. I just disappeared around the corner. Seriously Jinjor, you really need to use the Force for that kind of stuff. Your eyes deceive you.

*Jinjor grunts and rolls his eyes. How could he have missed that. It just didn't make any sense...*

Raynor: Well, I watched you finish off your Master's wishes and then leave. I remained in the complex and checked out your work. You were clean, cleaner than I thought you would be. All the corpses were dealt with properly and the scientists were too scared to do anything besides piss in their pants. When you returned, I heard your transmission with Lord Zero. I recognized his voice as the man I fought when you took out that diplomat. I heard Onderon pop up and decided to set up shop long before you. Of course, I didn't do that before rigging the laboratory with equipment for my eavesdropping. I watched everything Jinjor. I watched that wannabe Sith work feverishly to ruin your Master's plans. I watched that doctor crap his pants at least three times. I watched your face contort as you realized the time was right. I watched the foolish woman strike down the monster and then I watched you strike down the foolish woman. Then I saw you leave, but I didn't stop there. Your master was still alive and was calling her lightsaber, Jinjor. You're just lucky that Sith toddler stopped her lightsaber's return to its master's hand.

Jinjor: Wow, you sure know how to summarize stuff. So basically you're telling me you're a damned dirty pervert?

Raynor: Jinjor, get your mind out of the gutter. I'm trying to be serious here. While you were with your Master, I was still acting as your mentor. Each time I met you, you only became more arrogant and less honorable. She was steering you towards the negative aspect of the Dark Side. All my life I was trying to teach you the ways of the more powerful Dark Side. The Jedi limit their powers by trying to suppress their natural urges. All the effort to resist those feelings could have been put towards learning to embrace the Force.

Jinjor: That still doesn't explain why you tagged along. If you really wanted to fully train me, why didn't you just say so?

Raynor: You needed to learn from someone else. Some things I could not teach you, only someone with pure anger could lead you down that path. When Darth Exodus started that Sith training school, my answers were revealed. That man was a true Master of the Dark Side. He empowered you much more than I ever could. Without that technology, you would never have learned to effectively dodge blaster bolts nor have a decent grasp of Force abilities. When I found out Darth Malice took you on as her apprentice, my pleasure was further satisfied.

Jinjor: I don't really see why. She sent me out on missions for personal gain and barely taught me anything. It was I who accomplished her goal, which went all to hell anyway thanks to Darth Rivan.

Raynor: Yes, yes I saw. Yet how would things have changed if you hadn't chosen that man after you found out that Freedon Nadd was dead?

Jinjor: I don't know what would have happened, I can only know what is happening.

Raynor: I guess when you get stronger in the Force, your abilities for future sight will grow stronger.

Jinjor: Actually, now that you said that, I did have a premonition...

Raynor: Actually, that wasn't a premonition. That was me sending signals into your mind. I wanted you to be cautious and if I know you as well as I think I do, you would have ran in with your fists flying. However, your mental powers are strong. In time, you should develop them until you do receive premonitions.

Jinjor: I have every intention to grow stronger in the Force. Darth Malice was just a guide, she never actually taught. So tell me, are you pleased?

Raynor: Frankly, I am. You are much stronger than when you became Darth Malice's apprentice. Your physical condition is much improved. You are faster, stronger, and sleeker. Your mind as well has shown a great difference. You think more clearly, make decisions faster, and you prefer to ask questions now instead of later. For example, the time you chose to strike down your Master was precision at its best. She showed herself to be weak, and you as a Sith, needed to weed her out of the Sith ranks.

Jinjor: Yes, she was once powerful. Her obsession with reviving her mother was her downfall. While a Sith embraces his emotions, it doesn't mean they allow their emotions to envelope them. The Jedi fear their emotions, so they try to get rid of their very soul.

Raynor: Yes, yes, yes. Good interpretation there. Jinjor, come with me.

*Raynor gets up from his seat and walks to the door right next to the throne. Jinjor follows closely behind and enters first. Raynor calls to his guards to hold off any activities until further notice. Raynor then enters the room and walks to a locked cabinet.*

Raynor: Long ago, I noticed you had taken my blaster. That blaster was my old identity. I used to be a spy, selling information to the highest bidder. Only until I met your father did I change my ways. Now I make sure that everyone is on an equal playing field. Jinjor, my time as an active member of the Dark Force is ending. I can feel my body getting ready to lay down and die. I can feel my end, and it is not a pretty end indeed. The time is now come for me to give you my favorite possessions.

*Raynor unlocks the cabinet and pulls open the doors. Inside, Jinjor finds a great many strong and rare weapons. The weapons that catch Jinjor's eyes the most are exactly the weapons that Raynor intended on giving him. Raynor pulls the two small weapons out and hands them to Jinjor.*

*The weapons Raynor was giving Jinjor were Sais encased in cortosis. The lightsaber won't cut through so they can easily stand up against their attacks. Jinjor takes the hilt of each Sai and looks on them with a curiosity that rivals a cat's. The Sais were larger than the normal specs, yet they were light. Jinjor understood their purpose and thanked Raynor.*

Jinjor: I will put these weapons to good use. Anyone that is in my path or someone else's will fall by these points.

Raynor: Good, use them for stealth. They are quick and most effective. While a lightsaber is quite effective in its own way, its glow will attract unwanted attention. Hold on, I have yet another object to give you.

*Raynor returned to the cabinet and pulled out a hidden drawer. Inside, a crystal of a silvery hue was found. Raynor took it gingerly out and placed it inside a box near it. That box was then taken out and given to Jinjor.*

Raynor: While Sith teachings promote speed in some cases, I highly suggest to you that you give great care and personal attention to your lightsaber. As I'm sure you have noticed, the hilt of the lightsaber is not balanced for you. It is too light and the length is not optimized for someone as tall as yourself.

I have started you on your path to making a personal lightsaber. I shall give you your next step which is to visit the Ixa'Ness Demons. Do not let the name fool you, however. They are old witches, well versed in the Dark Side. Travel to Dxun and the Force will guide you to them. After you have what you seek, return to me.

Jinjor: I thank you for the Sais and the crystal. Your advice and guidance I have always taken seriously, regardless of my demeanor.

*Jinjor bowed to Raynor and left the facility. He boarded his ship and traveled through the atmosphere to Dxun.*

*The trip to Dxun was a short one, since even a simple shuttle can handle it. Upon exiting the ship, Jinjor was amazed by the amount of fauna and wildlife that greeted his vision. It was quite unlike Onderon, where all he saw was a simple city civilization.

The mist in the air made his fur wet. He was raining lightly and the humidity was very high. He moved cautiously through this region. Large leaves and tree-like objects clouded his vision. All he could do was let his instincts guide him in the right direction.

After hours of fighting his way through the jungle, Jinjor gave up for the night. When he was almost done setting up camp, a Zeggak came charging right at him. Jinjor went straight for his lightsaber and ignited it.

The Zeggak was only enraged further by the sight of the lightsaber. He swung at Jinjor with his arm. Jinjor countered with a swing of his lightsaber, but was pushed back violently as the hand of the Zeggak slammed into Jinjor's chest. Coughing hard, Jinjor got up and saw that the Zeggak was barely phased by the lightsaber. The natural skin of the Zeggak was heavily armored and wasn't an easy target for lightsabers.

Jinjor knew that evasive movement with a full-on assault will be the only thing to bring down this monster. He ran up to the Zeggak and slashed furiously, hitting the creature in the same spot multiple times. The Zeggak roared in anguish as the lightsaber struck soft flesh. After that brief glimmer of hope, Jinjor found himself hard pressed to get close again as the Zeggak erupted into a mesh of flying limbs.

A useful tactic for Jinjor in many situations was put into action once more. Jinjor rolled to the right side and slashed at a single spot until he broke through again. The Zeggak turned his body along with his arm and tried to hit Jinjor. Jinjor back-flipped under the arm and closed in again. He pushed in as hard as he could in one of the open spots. The lightsaber was pushed in deep, burning the innards of the Zeggak.

The body was quickly losing its life-force. Jinjor backed away to allow the Zeggak to waste it in futile gestures. Finally, the body fell to the ground to signify its death. Jinjor walked up to the corpse and surveyed it. He noticed that the ears were soft and could be good for a dinner. He then cut them off and returned to his camp. Anything that was broken in the fight, he replaced.

Jinjor was about to prepare the dinner when a female voice stopped him.*

???- I wouldn't do that if I were you. Zeggak ears fetch a high price on many worlds.

*The voice remained in the shadows, but Jinjor had an inkling of who it belonged to.*

???- Tell me why you're so far from civilization.

Jinjor- Tell me who you are and maybe I'll answer your questions.

???- You are not one who can make demands, but I'm feeling good today so I'll answer you. I am Nyna of the Tribe that governs this region of land.

Jinjor- What tribe governs this land?

Nyna- More questions? Please answer mine and I'll continue the chain.

Jinjor- Fine. I'm searching for the Ixa'Ness Demons to locate a vital part for completing my training.

Nyna- Hmm, and what would you say if I told you that you have found what you are seeking?

Jinjor- I'd say "oh joy, my long search is over."

Nyna- Sarcasm, hmm? That won't get more answers.

Jinjor- Please, come from the shadows and talk to me in the light.

Nyna- Well, if that's what you want, I shall do what you have requested.

*Nyna stepped from the shadows and Jinjor's face twisted from amusement to confusion.*

Nyna was a Bothan. Jinjor was surprised at her race since most Onderonians were humans. Yet again, that is probably where the Ixa'Ness Demons received their name.

Nyna: Yes, I am a Bothan. I was born on the homeplanet, Bothawui, and eventually journeyed with my tribe to Dxun. We felt the wildlife would revive our natural instincts and make us stronger than the spoiled industrial core of the Bothan System. So far, it has done little, yet we still have hope for it.

Jinjor: I see. It is good to meet members of my own race other than Raynor.

Nyna: You know Raynor? That fool will try to ruin us. We cannot allow a Bothan to remain in power in Iziz. I care not for the traditions of Onderon towards the Dark Side users. He must be removed.

Jinjor: He can feel his end coming. Perhaps you will be the cause of his fall. Yet I was sent to find the Ixa'Ness Demons for a cause of my own. I was told that you had a piece that I could use for my lightsaber.

Nyna: I do not know what you are referring to. None of our tribe are Force Sensitive, so we have no need for lightsabers.

Jinjor: Hmm, for some reason I don't believe you. Raynor never sent me on needless missions and everything was for a cause. He believes in me, and in order to make me successful, he has proven his loyalty by setting me on my path to complete my training. I must have the piece, and I can either use diplomacy or the Force. Do not test me, Nyna, there should not be any bloodshed unless it is the only solution.

Nyna: Come out, my sisters, and test his worth.

*As two more female Bothans popped out of the shadows, Jinjor stepped back and handled his lightsaber. But Nyna raised her hand and showed her desire not to fight.*

Nyna: We do not desire to fight. I can sense your conflicting feelings.

Jinjor: Wait, I thought you were not force sensitive.

Nyna: I am not. I am deep into psychology of the mind and body. I can perceive your intentions through the way you act, speak, and look. The one to my right is Bonzu, while the one to my left is Feona.

*Bonzu stepped forward and presented herself to Jinjor.*

Bonzu- I am Bonzu with an obsession for appearances. One look at you and I see beauty.

*Bonzu stepped back and Feona presented herself.*

Feona- I am Feona with an obsession for intellect. One reaction from you and I see genius.

*Feona stepped away from Jinjor and the two go back into the shadows. Jinjor raises his eyebrow and tries to prevent the eruption of laughter.*

Nyna- You might as well release your feelings. It is indeed a humorous situation.

*Jinjor burst out in laughter, shortly followed by Nyna. All of this was just too much for Jinjor who led a serious life. Relief and joy seemed to have entered his heart at that time. The two finally stopped laughing and then resumed their discussion.*

Nyna- You have been judged for receiving our most prized possession. Shortly upon arriving on this planet, we came across a cache of goods. In one of the plasteel containers was a crystal, a Kaiburr crystal to be exact. It is perfect for use as a focusing crystal in a great many devices. We found a way to break it into pieces and use the shards. Perhaps, this is something for your lightsaber.

*Nyna reached deep into the folds of her clothes and pulled out the fragment. She threw it to Jinjor who caught it with ease. Jinjor looked at the Kaiburr crystal and felt a trickle of power emanating from the core. The Force reacts strongly with this crystal and Jinjor made a mental note to ask Raynor about this.*

Jinjor- I thank you. This will truly help me in achieving my power.

Nyna- When you have grown stronger, return to us. You will take one of us as your Queen. Do not resist, or the three of us will hunt you down.

Jinjor- Heh, figures there would be a catch. But all three of you are catches yourselves. I would be honored and will return.

Nyna- Fair well, young Lord. You are a rising power and must not submit to any false feelings.

*Then Nyna backed away into the shadows and left Jinjor alone in his camp. He still gripped the Kaiburr crystal in his paw, feeling his own power in the Force ebb. Raynor sent him for something powerful and Jinjor just hopes he wasn't the escort.

Jinjor placed his lightsaber back on his belt, and then put the Kaiburr crystal into his pouch with the silver crystal. He packed up his camp and started a long trip back to his ship.*

*Jinjor was tired after the long trek from the camp to his ship. He boarded it and placed the ship on autopilot to Onderon. Flopping into the chair, Jinjor relaxed a bit. The situation on Dxun was most amusing and it was a refreshing pace from Darth Malice's over the top serious mentality.

Like before, the trip from Dxun to Onderon was quick. Jinjor got up from his chair and left his ship once again. The people of Iziz saw him and gave him berth. The path up the Sky Ramp was littered with soldiers, yet they paid him no heed. The doors to the ruler's chambers were opened and Jinjor walked down the hall to Raynor's throne. In the throne sat Raynor twiddling his thumbs. The old Bothan looked up and spoke.*

Raynor: No need to tell me how you fared. I can feel the power of the Kaiburr crystal from here. Onderon is very close to Mimban, where this crystal originated. Now be careful with this crystal, Jinjor, for the power is related to its distance from Mimban. For example, you will feel a great decrease in your power if you went to a far away planet such as Hoth. And then you could feel a great increase in power if you were on Mimban or the nearest planet closest to it which is named Gyndine. Our home planet, Kothlis, is also very close to Mimban. To use this there would make you a great deal stronger than Coruscant.

Jinjor: This is a powerful crystal. I can't thank you enough Raynor.

Raynor: Do not thank me yet. While it is great as an aid to the Force, it is also a very good tool for lightsabers. It is used as a power crystal. In other words, if placed in your lightsaber it enhances your control over yourself and your blade. Now come, I just remembered that we have another part for a lightsaber on Onderon.

*Raynor led Jinjor through the halls of the Royal Palace. People bowed to Raynor and Jinjor as they passed and quickly moved out of their path if it was needed. The two of them stopped at a door.*

Raynor: While searching my memories deeply for possible parts, a servant offered his assistance. I answered his question upon which his eyes began shimmering. Apparently, the Royal Palace has a room where they kept old relics of their old Lords. In this room, the Royal Palace Museum, lies many parts for your lightsaber. I had him show me this room, so I could show it to you. Now, this will be the first time I have entered the room as well, so let us look together.

*Raynor had the door to the Museum opened, and the two Sith Lords entered a room holding one more milestone on Jinjor's path to his own lightsaber.*

*The room was dusty from years of being unused. Glass cases and wooden structures lined the walls and middle path. Jinjor searched the left side as Raynor did the right. They swiped the glass, opened drawers, and handled each item with care. Everything in the museum was older than anything alive in this very age.

Jinjor came upon an item that captured his interest. It was a hilt, designed for smooth ease. Jinjor carefully lifted it up and wiped off any foreign objects. He held the middle in his hand and pretended to wave it around. Raynor caught the movement and came over to join Jinjor.*

Raynor: I see you have found a good part. That seems to fit your broad hand. It also looks like you can use it for tricks and confusion moves. Let me take a look at it.

*Jinjor handed the lightsaber hilt over to Raynor. The old Bothan took out a tool and opened the casing. Inside he found absolutely nothing. With a frown, Raynor looked up at Jinjor and shrugged.*

Raynor: This hilt is empty. It would need everything. It would need your energy crystal, an emitter, a power source, and a lens. We already have the energy crystal and lens. We will have to find a strong emitter and energy source that should last until the cosmos end.

Come with me, we'll go to the closest merchant and barter with him. If he doesn't have what we need, we'll just go to another.

*Raynor gave Jinjor back the hilt. Then the hilt was placed on Jinjor's belt near the pouch holding the other two parts. Raynor led Jinjor out of the museum, out of the Royal Palace, down the Sky Ramp, out into the Merchant Quarter, and finally into the Western Square.*

Raynor: We'll go into the Cantina first. Perhaps the bartender can lead us to a reputable merchant. Be on your guard, all Cantina's are dangerous. Especially when there are Beast Riders in them.

*The two Sith Lords passed the Cantina's bouncer, opened the doors, and stepped into the dark and murky interior of the Cantina.*

Pliskin stepped down off the transport and breathed deeply. It'd been a long time since he'd smelled air so fresh. The cityscape was nothing to scoff at either, a wonderful mix of form and function. He tightened his grip on the bag slung over his shoulder, checked to make sure the blaster was in it's holster on his hip and began to wander about. After a few minutes of wandering lost he stopped a passerby by grabbing their arm.

Pliskin: Excuse me, can you tell me where I could get a drink? My throat is a bit dry after sucking in that artificial air.

The citizen shook Pliskin off with an agitated look on his face. He pointed at a small building ten feet behind Pliskin; small but busy. Aliens of all kinds wandered in and out of the doors.

Citizen: Next time you need directions make sure you're not already there!

The passerby stomped off and Pliskin was left by himself. He threw a dirty look at the "good" samaritan and made his way into the cantina. Pushing past a few seedy-looking denizens of the bar he finally found his way to the counter. He banged his fist on it and called out to the bartender.

Pliskin: Hey! Can I get a drink down here please?

The bartender made his way down the length of the bar and came face-to-face with Pliskin.

Bartender: What'll ya' have?

Pliskin: Surprise me. Give me something good, local and strong.

The bartender quickly threw together some kind of green concoction and slid it over to Pliskin. He threw his credits down on the table and began walking the bar, looking for traces of work or something to do.

*Jinjor Roji and Raynor walked deeper into the cantina searching out the bartender or a sign of anyone who would know about quality merchants. Jinjor nodded to Raynor and branched off one direction as Raynor followed a different path.

The path Jinjor took was to the left. He passed dreary patrons one after the other as they tried to tear themselves from the horrible reality that is their life. None of them looked like they had an inkling on where they were.

As the Cantina branched out, Jinjor turned with it. In it was the room for pod-racing and those who wished to make a quick buck. The bartender was in the back filling out orders as quickly as he can. A disgruntled man, strong in anger, pushed his way to the bartender. Upon receiving his drink, he entered the crowd once more. The taint of the Dark Side was strong with this one and this peaked Jinjor's curiosity. He would find this one again after he received his information from the bartender. Jinjor made his way through the throngs of patrons to the bartender and immediately began his questioning.*

Jinjor: Know of any merchants who sell rare or unusual pieces of technology?

Bartender: My information comes at a price. Pay up or get the hell out.

Jinjor: Fine, here's 100 credits. Now fess up.

Bartender: Ooo, a very generous Bothan. There's a droid right across from the Cantina who sells equipment for outrageous prices. Of course, if you can throw 100 credits out on a whim, I doubt you'd have much trouble affording his prices. There is also an annoying merchant in the Merchant Square who deals with goods found all over the galaxy. He could possibly have what you seek. That is all I know, and thanks for the credits.

*The bartender went back to his duties leaving Jinjor free to walk the bar. He meshed back into the throng of patrons searching for the man he saw earlier. He found the man still walking around, but didn't approach him. He wished to study the man and feed off of the anger he radiated.*

Pliskin finished the last swig of his drink and placed the glass down on a table as he passed by it, unaware of the two patrons already occupying it. One of them grabbed the back of his vest and pulled him back violently. Instinctively, Pliskin spun around and simultaneously took a swing with his right hand. The Twi'lek saw it coming and was able to block the oncoming attack with his free hand, throwing Pliskin off balance enough for the agitated alien to knock him backwards. Pliskin stumbled back clumsily and tripped over the feet of one of the other customers. Laying in a pool of some unidentified liquid on the floor Pliskin made a move for his blster, but the Twi'lek beat him to it. He loomed over the disabled dunce like an ominous group of dark clouds.

Twi'lek: There is no common courtesy anymore, is there? My friend and I, were we even there when you passed by the table? Have you no sense of decency!?!

Pliskin: All I did was put my glass down!

Twi'lek: It is the principal of the thing! You cannot treat me like I am invisible, or you will soon learn that even in the emptiness there lurk dangers that you could not even comprehend!

Pliskin: Look, I think we're taking this a bit too seriously. Why don't you put that blaster down... before you're down a tentacle!

Twi'lek: Pathetic human, I do believe that you're in the worst possible position to be making threats! Wouldn't you agree?

The Twi'lek let out an evil, vile little chuckle. He began to step toward Pliskin again, but Pliskin was ready for him. He gave one swift kick to the side of the Twi'lek's right knee, making him sway slightly. Without missing a beat, Pliskin rolled to the side as a blaster shot rang out through the bar, and before the Twi'lek could react he was back on his feet. He groped at his hip for his blaster and had it pointed at the Twi'lek at almost the same moment the Twi'lek was able to get a bead on him again. There they stood, a few guests in the bar had screamed and ran, but the majority stood there and watched as these two volatile men squared off.

Pliskin: We seem to have come to an impass.

Twi'lek: An impass to you, maybe, but I trust my reaction time enough. We shall see who comes out of this one-tentacle-down! I'd like to see you try and procreate after I get done with you!

*Jinjor was one of those in the crowd watching the fight. At first, his interest in the man was dwindling. Yet just as quick as he seemed beaten, he came back with his own punishing moves. The two were now staring at one another with their blasters at the ready.

The man has proven to be resourceful. Quick on his feet yet rash in his demeanor. Jinjor felt it was time for this useless fight to end. In one swift movement, Jinjor's lightsaber cut through the Twi'lek's blaster.*

Jinjor: Your lesson is over. Now it would be wise for you to follow your own advice. Leave the Cantina and don't bother coming back with any friends. None of them are any match for me.

So intensely focused on the standoff, Pliskin hadn't even noticed the Bothan when he made his way to the Twi'lek. It wasn't until the bright flash of the saber and the screeching of the Twi'lek that he was able to shake his head and get his bearings back. There were two pieces of blaster now, and the startled Twi'lek took a few steps back from this newcomer. The Bothan spoke, and as quickly as he could finish his sentence the Twi'lek had dropped what remained of his blaster, grabbed his friend, turned and left. Pliskin returned the blaster to it's holster, but his hand remained on the ready, his finger resting on the side of the barrel rather than the trigger. He resumed a more relaxed stance and wiped a bit of sweat from his brow.

Pliskin: Uh, thanks. Want a uh.... a drink in celebration?

Pliskin looked around and noticed the crowd staring at the two of them, it seemed that a circle had formed, as if the group had taken a collective step back with the appearance of the saber.

*Jinjor watched the alien leave and then turned to answer Pliskin's question.*

Jinjor: No, and neither do you. The alcohol poisons your body and disrupts your senses.

*Raynor came from behind Pliskin to join Jinjor. The man looked the Corellian up and down and seemed to be angry.*

Raynor: Did you find anything?

Jinjor: Yes, there are two merchants who could have the goods we are seeking. And I also found this man. He is strong in the Dark Side. I believe he may have some untapped potential.

With the appearance of the second Bothan and the mention of the Dark side, Pliskin's caution was upped a bit. However, he was now outnumbered, so he let go of his blaster and tried to act as nonchalante as possible.

Pliskin: Er, well I suppose I owe you something. A few credits, perhaps? Something for saving my hide back there.

Raynor: Yes, you do owe him something. You owe him your life.

Jinjor: Nay, his life is not mine for the taking. But I will offer him something along those lines. Human, I offer you the chance to give your life some purpose. I offer you the Force. The Force can be a strong ally, and with the power of the Dark Side even stronger!

Pliskin: My life is not for the taking, but I'm always up for a little purpose. I've never dealt with the Force before, but I'll help you out if I can. Well, I'll help out up until I feel my debt is repaid, and then I'm gone again. I don't have time for games, I've got credits to make, I've got to stay busy.

Jinjor: You have dealt with the Force before. It is one with you, guiding you, assisting you. Without the Force, you may very well have been killed in this fight or in any other previous brawls.

If you wish to learn the Force, you must stay and learn all that you can. To stop in the middle of your training would prove reckless. If you join me now, you are my apprentice until I say when you can leave.

Pliskin: No offense, but it was a lightsaber and good old-fashioned reflexes that saved me. But that's besides the point. As for this apprenticeship...

Pliskin grabbed a drink off the tray of a barmaid making her way around nearby and gulped it down quickly, throwing the glass to the floor.

Pliskin: ...I don't know if I'm the guy you want. Like I said before, I've got no experience with the Force and aside from a few tricks I can do with robots there's really nothing more to me than my fighting. Hell, I've never even held down a steady job. I can help you in a scuffle, but that's about it.

Jinjor: Fine, but you will soon see things my way...

*Jinjor walked to a bar patron and pulled him out of the chair. The power of the Kaiburr cyrstal radiated strongly as Jinjor formed his energy into something that could be utilized. In moments, the bar patron was floating in the air with nobody propping him up.*

Jinjor: The Force is a powerful tool. What saved your life was not from the assistance of the Force but from the assistance of the mind and body. Any fool can move quickly and wield a lightsaber. Do not confuse the Force with something that can be readily dismissed. Once you finally break your denial, you will learn to love and depend on the Force. That is both the benefit and the curse of such an enormous power!

*Jinjor released the control on the patron and he fell hard to the floor. Raynor clapped and came over to Jinjor. He bid himself good-bye and left the Cantina, howling with laughter.*

Jinjor: I am currently in the process of building a lightsaber. Come with me as I get the remaining pieces to construct it. I already know about the whereabouts of the merchants, so it should be a short trip.

*Jinjor turned from Pliskin and made his way through the shocked crowd to the Cantina's entrance and then out of it.*

His curiosity piqued, Pliskin chases after the Bothan, making sure to jump over the stunned guinea pig now lying on the ground. He exits through the doors and catches up with this mysterious stranger.

Pliskin: Ok, you've got me. I'm curious now. What do I have to do?

*Jinjor knew that revealing a powerful technique would get the man out of his shell.*

Jinjor: The only thing you have to do is open your mind. In time, you may embarass someone with that Force move.

Until then, you must do everything I tell you. If I am to be your Master, I need your complete obiediance. The first order I have for you is, what is your name?

Pliskin: Open my mind huh? Ok, I'll try. I've got to admit, a bit more alcohol and I'd be a little more open-minded, so how about it? Let me buy one more before I officially start this apprenticeship?

Pliskin extends his hand as he hurries along, twisting and turning to get through the crowd.

Pliskin: Pliskin, just Pliskin. Corellia's finest galaxy-crossing runaway. A pleasure.

*Jinjor shakes the man's hand and puts his face close to his. A stern look of impatience washes over his face as he answers the question regarding alcohol.*

Jinjor: Your mind must be clean and free of poisons. Alcohol is a toxin which destroys cells. In those cells are midi-chlorians. In effect, during the time of inebriation, the Force is weakened. I cannot afford to have you weakened any time during our travels.

My way of teaching is through experience and good old know-how. You will be in top form or you will die.

*The two of them stopped by the droid, IB-8D, and at the presence of them began its sale-mongering.*

IB-8D: Hello sentient beings. My stock today is full of powerfully exotic items.

Jinjor: I am in search of an energy cell or an emitter, do you have either object?

IB-8D: I have an energy cell. It's official name is Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell. It's description notes this power cell modifies the energy output of lightsabers, allowing skilled users to better deliver powerful attacks. It's cost is 495 credits.

Jinjor: Whoa, that's a little steep. Is there anyway to bring it down?

IB-8D: I am sorry, sir. My programming is designed only to barter at a profit.

Jinjor: Let me take a look at you...ah, I can see a way to fix this. Pliskin, you mentioned something about having an effect on droids, right? Can you elaborate?

Pliskin: I prefer action to words. Observe.

Pliskin took the bag off of his shoulder and layed it at his feet. He bent down and undid the buckles that restricted the flap and flipped it open. He dug around inside for a moment and then retracted his hand, in which he was holding a small silver rod with a small clamp on one end and a socket for a plug on the other. He stood back up and pressed a small button along one of the sides. The clamp came open and Pliskin clamped it down onto the arm of the droid. Seconds later there was a loud buzzing sound and the sales droid seemed to go ridgid. He left the rod clamped to the droid and bent down again, rummaged around in his bag a bit more, and then produced a small datapad with a plug trailing off of it. He plugged it into the metal rod and began looking through the mass of code.

Pliskin: Bartering parameters or set prices, either one would work. Ah, here we go.

He stopped scrolling and then went to work on the keypad. For a minute or two he feverishly typed away, but not long after he let a smile spread across his face. He removed the clamp and put everything back in the bag, buckled it and slung it over his shoulder.

Pliskin: There. He's set a little lower now, you should be able to talk him into a lower price. You'll have to talk him into it though, I only messed with his restrictions for haggling, I did my part now I want to see you talk your way into a deal.

*Jinjor watched the whole operation with a stoic face. When Pliskin finished up and gave the reins back to him, Jinjor nodded to his apprentice and then began probing the droid.*

Jinjor: Droid, what is the manufacturer's price on the energy cell?

IB-8D: The manufacturer's price is 300 credits.

Jinjor: Hmm, that's still a bit steep. Droid, I'll throw in some computer components and pay you 100 credits.

IB-8D: The computer components are valued at 25 credits each, so you would need to give me 10 computer components.

Jinjor: Do you take me for a fool? 8 by 25 is 200, no way am I giving you 50 credits worth more. Just for that, I'll offer 5 computer parts and 50 credits.

IB-8D: That is very much under the original price. 8 computer components and 50 credits.

Jinjor: 250 credits total? That's half what you wanted before your...update. I accept, do we have a deal?

IB-8D: Our deal is made. Thank you for your purchase.

*Jinjor exchanged the computer components and 50 credits for the energy cell. After the exchange was completed, Jinjor once again brandished his lightsaber and struck the droid down. He took back his computer parts and credits and then turned to Pliskin.*

Jinjor: Salvage as much of the droid as possible. If you can get into any of his plasteel containers, take what's in there.

Sith do not have a need to barter. If someone gets in our way, you take them out. If anyone tries to get revenge, you take them out. This is not a game, Pliskin, this is life. The pieces are already moving, you just need to manipulate them to where you want them to be.

Pliskin gave Jinor a funny look.

Pliskin: Ok, that was ballsy, but what the hell? You can't just slice and dice your way through anyone who disagrees.

He went around the counter and bent down to gather what he could from the droid. Though he said it wasn't right, Pliskin couldn't help but admit to himself that he got a bit jealous when he had seen Jinjor exorcise his authority. Pliskin had always dreamed of power like that, being able to push people around wass right up his alley. Perhaps he would begin to like this new Sith Lord. He finished putting everything away in his bag and buckled it, then stood back up.

Pliskin: Ok, so where to now?

Jinjor: Have you placotton in your ears? The Sith worry not with what society dictates as right and wrong. What is right is the strong survive. What is wrong is the weak live on. You are a Sith apprentice now, Pliskin, it's time for you to shed what you do know and start realizing what you SHOULD know.

*Jinjor waits patiently as Pliskin gathers up the objects from the droid. Some of these items will come in handy during the construction of the lightsaber, and others will be useful for upgrading anything they may have. When the question was asked, Jinjor began walking to the next point of interest.*

Jinjor: Now we need an emitter for the lightsaber. I just "purchased" the energy cell, which is merely a piece of the intricate weapon. Next we go to the other merchant suggested by the Bartender. Only this time I want you to handle the situation. Shed off what society has taught you, and make up your own rules this time.

Pliskin followed closely behind Jinjor.

Pliskin: You want me to handle it? All right, I'll handle it, no problem. How much is this emitter going to cost?

Jinjor: You make the rules. That's all I will tell you.

*Jinjor and Pliskin arrived at the merchant's shop and Jinjor sweeped his arm signifying that it was time for Pliskin to work his magic.*

Pliskin looked over at the merchant and back at Jinjor. He saw Jinjor signal for him to go ahead and get on with it. He puffed out his chest, straightened his back and stomped over to the counter.

Pliskin: Greetings merchant, I'm looking for an emitter for a lightsaber. Would you happen to have one for sale?

Merchant: Ooooooh, an emitter? Yes yes, of course we have one, very difficult item to find, veeeeeeery expensive. I think I could part with it for, oh, let's just say 1,350 credits.

Pliskin began to speak but choked once he heard the price. His mouth hung open and he went wide-eyed. he cleared his throat and regained his composure.

Pliskin: *cough* A th-thousand!?! Ok... ok... Well, let's just say that perhaps I don't have that much to spend? Let's uh, let's just say that perhaps I don't plan on paying.... what then?

Merchant: Ooooh, not paying, eh? Well then I would have to say you don't plan on buying an emitter, i'd say you don't plan on building a lightsaber. Ok? Ok, NEXT CUSTOMER!

Pliskin: Wait! Wait, ok? We can talk about this. Look, what if we made a deal? I have something for trade.

This seemed to intrigue the merchant. He stopped, closed his eyes a bit and looked at the ceiling as if to think, stroking his chin. Finally he looked down at Pliskin.

Merchant: You intrigue me, Corellian. Go on, what have you to trade?

Pliskin: Show me the goods first, otherwise there are no negotiations.

Merchant: HA! You think of me as a fool, eh? Tell me the stipulations, and then I'll show you the emitter.

Pliskin: Look, you're not getting your hands on what I have if you don't prove to me that I'm not getting screwed here. Now show me the emitter or we can stop, forget we had this conversation. I'm sure there's another merchant somewhere around here that has what I'm looking for, and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to receive my patronage.

Merchant: Fine! I'll show you what you need to see.

The merchant dug under the counter for a second and then pulled out a small red box. He popped the latch and opened it, removing a small emitter from inside. He placed it down on the counter with his right hand, and before he could pull back his hand Pliskin had grabbed it and removed his blaster. He pulled the merchant close and placed the barrel of it right underneath the merchant's chin. This move surprised the shopkeep, and he looked over at Jinjor and back at Pliskin, his eyes flicking back and forth in a state of panic. Pliskin put his face close to the man's and spoke in a low tone so that only the two of them could hear.

Pliskin: Understand this, simple shopkeep. I want this emitter, and I'm getting it, whether you have to leave behind a hand or not. Understand?

Merchant: Y-you cannot do this! There will be guards after you, rest assured! If you leave my shop with this then you are dead men!

Pliskin shot at the man's left leg, right below his knee. He let out a horrible noise and went a bit limp

Pliskin: MY emitter! MINE! Understand!?! Now you let it go beforI have to take the emitter and your hand with me!

Merchant: OK! O-ok... just please! Please, go, NOW!

He flipped his hand over and presented the emitter to Pliskin. He grabbed it and threw it in the pocket of his vest. Giving the merchant's right hand one quick little twist, he turned and retreated from the shop, not waiting for Jinjor. There was an alley about 15 feet away to the right. He ducked back there before anyone could notice him, and sat waiting to see Jinjor walk by.

*Jinjor watched the whole scene play out with his hands across his chest and a blank stare at the shopkeeper. When Pliskin left, Jinjor broke his stance and approached the merchant. The annoying man backed away, but Jinjor used the Force to bring him closer.*

Jinjor: Do not fear for your life. If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead before you even saw me. Now, do me a little favor. Go alert the authorities about this man. He's a dangerous criminal that escaped by killing many men. Hurry, squash his killing spree right this second!

*The merchant stumbled backwards as Jinjor released his hold. He scampered off, running as fast as his short human body would allow him. He saw the man fall into a patrol of guards, causing a great uproar among their ranks. Jinjor turned from the sight and proceeded to follow Pliskin into the alley. Upon seeing the man, he entered the alley and stretched out his hand.*

Jinjor: The emitter, please.

Pliskin was doubled-over, breathing heavily when Jinjor arrived. Perhaps it was the rush of stealing something so precious, perhaps it was the fact that he had to haul ass out of there, but whatever it was it had given him the rush he'd been looking for. He felt no remorse for the shopkeep, his wounds would heal and just maybe he had learned a valuable lesson about fair prices. Whatever happened one thing was for sure, Pliskin wasn't leaving Jinjor anytime soon. He stood up and handed the emitter to the Bothan.

Pliskin: *huff* Yeah *puff* Sure, no sweat. Did you see the look on his face when I ran? Was it priceless? Eh? Heh, fun, good times. What next?

*Jinjor took the emitter and placed it his bag with the rest of the lightsaber parts. Now that everything was gathered up, all that remains was the actual construction. As for Pliskin, it was time to test his abilities in combat as he sensed the approach of the patrol.*

Jinjor: What is next is escape. Your merchant has alerted the authorities and the patrol is heading your way. Somehow, just get yourself to the Royal Palace Sky Ramp where I will be waiting. Since I am a friend of the Lord who governs Iziz and Onderon, I will grant you immunity there. If you don't survive, it was nice knowing you.

*Jinjor climbed the nearby ladder to the roof of one of the buildings and then called out to the patrol about the whereabouts of the thief. He waved good-bye to Pliskin, threw the ladder to the ground, and disappeared across the buildings until he reached the Sky Ramp.*

Pliskin: He... what? Guards!?!

Before Pliskin could finish, Jinjor was gone and he was left alone. The alley suddenly became smaller then a carboard box. The only exit had become blocked by a large group of guards, at least five of them had appeared.

Guard #1: Hey, stop right there!

Guard #2: Put down your weapons and posessions and get on the ground!

Guard #3: There is no escape!

Pliskin did as he was told, he threw his bag on the ground and began to unbuckle the belt holding his holster on his hip. It came undone easily, and Pliskin motioned as if to throw it on the ground, but he removed the blaster from it's confines and took aim at the closest guard. Two shots in the chest and the guard went down with an agonizing cry. It took the others a second to catch up, but they begain firing wildly at Pliskin, who had since ducked behind a trash recepticle. What was he going to do? He was cornered, and worse yet he had been put in this position by the man he just stole a thousand credit's worth of merchandise for. he cursed Jinjor, but there was no more time to dwell on that. The shots had stopped, and he could only guess that the guards were starting to close in on his position. He gripped the handle of his blaster, his finger placed on the trigger. For the first time he noticed it, his hands were shaking. The combat adrenaline was a high like no other, soon the testosterone would work it's way to his brain and clud his thoughts, perhaps make him go gung-ho, but at the time he knew it would lead to nothing but a dead Pliskin.

Pliskin: Oh well, if I ever get out of this then Jinjor's definitely gonna' pay...

Pliskin thought to himself for a moment and then looked around the walls. There were ladders everywhere, but they were all up too high. There was one to his left, about ten feet in the air, but how was he going to get to it? He could hear the guards' footsteps now, they were getting ever-closer. And then it hit him, he was leaning up against a five foot booster seat. Why hadn't he thought of it before? As quietly as he could, he got up but remained crouched. He grabbed onto the handle on the side of the recepticle and stood up very slowly. Being as agile as he could he hopped up onto the top. He swung his legs around and got on top. The guards heard it, they looked up and saw him standing there, right above them. With a scowl on his face, he aimed the blaster down and took out the remaining four guards. The laser hit them in the face, burning a hole clear through. The smell of burning flesh filled the alley, ven outside. The cadavers piled up, and soon there was no more movement. Pliskin looked out into the street and saw a crowd of people watching. The women looked shocked, the men looked angry, the children thought it was "Cool!" Pliskin didn't care, he jumped onto the ladder and climbed up to the top. Jumping from roof to roof, he slowly made his way toward the skypad. He arrived minutes later, but did not enter. Instead he stood outside, perched on the roof, waiting for a sign of Jinjor to either come out or go in. He didn't care. A fugitive now, he had nothing but time...

*Jinjor came up from behind Pliskin without a sound and with a wide grin on his face. He can feel the anger mixed with adrenaline that the young man was giving off. He got himself out of a very sticky situation, one very much like the type that he would get into with his old Master. The only difference was that Pliskin's life was not in danger of forfeit. Jinjor spoke nearly in a whisper, so soft it was that he wasn't sure if human ears could pick it up.*

Jinjor: Pliskin, you have done well. Not many men could handle themselves in that kind of a situation. You have not truly completed your test until you are on the Sky Ramp. Go there, and then we shall continue to the Royal Palace.

*Jinjor backed away into the shadows and then jumped to the ground. He quickly moved back into the shadows and then positioned himself not quite in Pliskin's view. He then spoke to the guards positioned at their post to double their men at the bottom of the ramp. Passing this order along, the guards came out onto the Ramp and formed ranks. Their weapons were sent to it's most powerful stun and they were told to shoot first and ask questions later.*

Pliskin sensed it behind him, though he couldn't recognize what it was. He drew his blaster and spun around, aiming it up, but there was nothing. He took a step back cautiously but felt the edge of the roof. He stopped, Pliskin Pancakes wouldn't make the situation right now any better. He found a ladder on the side of the building and climbed down.

Pliskin: Let's see if we can't find ourselves a big Bothan rat...

He ran across the street and up onto the platform.

*The soldiers began firing upon Pliskin. Soon enough two new figures were approaching and the soldiers began firing upon them as well.

Jinjor peered from his hiding spot and recognized the leading man as Zero Badguy. He did not call off the attack since he knew the man can handle himself against the defensive measures. He did know what to think of the boy following Zero, but he must know how to take care of himself. In the shadows, Jinjor stood there watching the fight that would soon erupt with the fury of the Dark Side.*

Once the guards fired on him and Reno, Zero knew their lives were in his hands. He was not going to let these men stop him from getting to his objective.

Zero: Reno!! Lets get these Bastards out of the way. I don't care if I have to kill every man in that palace, none will stop me!!

Zero ran forward, drawing on the force to speed himself to speed himself up. His blades lept into his hands, deflecting the blasters shots he could not dodge. As he met the first rank of the guards, two lives ended as he spun towards the center of their formation.

I followed my master into the crowd of enemies, knowing that things were about to get uglier. Seeing him rush into their lines, deflecting blasts and taking lives put me into a frenzy. I couldn't allow myself to let him down, couldn't allow myself to fall too far behind.

But he was too fast, I ran as hard as I could but could not keep up. Luckily, all the guards were focused on taking him down. It gave me a chance to run in almost unchallenged.

I swept my claymore into the first guard's legs, slicing off the lower half of his left leg and knocking him straight to the ground. His scream alerted a few others, and I was quickly focused on by blaster fire.

I dodged a few blasts, and grabbed one of the guards. With my sword at his neck, I had no trouble using him as a human shield. I approached the closest two guards with an evil grin... the thrill was beginning to push me over the edge.

I jumped up and kicked the guard into his comrades, chasing after him with my sword at the ready. As he slammed into the others, I decapitated him. Still spinning from my last slash, I brought my sword around and down on another guard's shoulder. But I wasn't quick enough to bring down the third guard.

His blaster bolts finally found their mark. I took a shot in the arm, and screamed in pain. I threw myself at the guard, not fearing for my life anymore. In my rage, I dropped my sword and tackled the guard down, choking him as we hit the ground. I strangled him, with blaster shots screaming past my head. Once the life was drained out of him, I rose and kicked my sword back up to my hands.

With my left arm injured now, this battle was not looking good for me. I still didn't care and continued to run after Lord Zero.

*Jinjor watched the young fighter hold his own in the battle. Under Lord Zero's tutilage, he's sure that one will grow up to become a very powerful friend or foe. Jinjor stayed in the shadows as he absorbed the fear and hate from the men in action. The remaining survivors would join their fallen comrades as soon as either Lord Zero or the new fighter reached them.

This battle was meant for Pliskin, and yet he has done nothing. This intrigues Jinjor as he wonders what the novice is up to. In the shadows, Jinjor stayed, to watch the conclusion of the fight.*

Zero saw Reno strangle the guard and grinned at the sheer ferocity of his new apprentice, Reno was becoming a fine warrior. Zero continued to dash up the sky ramp killing as he went. He was hacking people up more viciously than he has in a long time. Reno seems to have rekindled some of his lust for glory, he was normally detached and efficient when he fought, but he was enjoying losing himself in the rhythm of this battle, his rage was brought to a new level. Zero continued to advance, destroying everyone who got in his way.

*Jinjor watched the destructive might of Lord Zero, but he began worrying as he made progress up the Sky Ramp. He did not want the entire defense of the Royal Palace to come crashing down, so he knew that he must intervene.

Jinjor came out of the shadows and ran with assistance from the Force. The Kaiburr crystal pulsed with energy as it sped up his abilities beyond the norm. In time, he passed the injured Reno and then passed Lord Zero. This surprised Jinjor as he came out of the run and stood quite a distance ahead of Lord Zero. He turned around and called out to the Sith Lord.*

Jinjor- Zero BadGuy, end your assault! The attack upon you was misdirected. Stand down and your follower as well.

Jinjor's voice snaps Zero out of his bloodrage. Looking back at the bloody trail he and his pupil forged up the sky ramp, he is amazed at the bloodshed they caused in such a short time. He and Reno were becoming quite the team.

Zero: Sorry about that Jinjor, I got a little carried away it seems. This is Reno, my new student, as you can see he is becoming quite the warrior. Now who was this little melee actually meant for if you don't mind me asking?

*Jinjor was glad that Zero snapped out of his blind rage. He did not want to have to fight a friend or even reveal his cards so early. He walked over to the man and held out his arm for him to take.*

Jinjor: The opposition you wiped out was actually meant for a test. I recently met a man with a strong Force potential and wanted to see just how developed in fighting he was. He safely went through the first encounter and I wanted to watch him go up against the Sky Ramp's guards. To make it even, I doubled the men to block his progress and see how he can adapt.

Of course, when you arrived, I knew that it would be too easy. Your fighting prowess has grown since I've last seen you. Raynor will be pleased to know that bit of information.

And yes, I have taken a notice to your student. He is strong indeed and with your guidance, he will be a worthy patron of the Force.

Well, enough of that. I'm sure you're itching to search that Museum Raynor and I found. Let me meet your student and we shall continue on.

*Raynor sat on the throne staring into the dark room that lay around him. His time was near and he could feel it in his bones. His hair which was normally a dark brown was now spotted with balding spots and grey hairs. The old Bothan, mentor to Jinjor and Lord of Iziz upon Onderon, wheezed lightly with every breath he took.

His pupils were a lighter shade of black as they quivered to see beyond his nose. This throne was where he will die, but he refused to die until he spoke to Jinjor one final time.

His link to the Force was fast depleting and his senses weren't as tuned as he would wish. When at last the woman revealed herself, all Raynor could do was sit there.*

Nyna: Raynor, you are dying.

Raynor: Will you strike me down while I'm in such a weakened state?

Nyna: Nay, I did not come here to kill you. Your age will do that for me. I only came here to ask you what you plan to do with Jinjor?

Raynor: Ah, my wife, my plans will be revealed shortly.

Nyna: I AM NOT YOUR WIFE! I never loved you just like you never loved me. I was merely your mate. Jinjor must learn the truth about himself. He must know where he came from!

Raynor: You are only telling me things I already know! The time for false lineage is ended. His true purpose can be revealed now that he is older and wiser. As a child, he was rash and cruel. Time molded him into a perfect leader. The Force gave him a goal and he achieved that goal in a few short years.

Nyna: I do not wish to be exiled any longer, Raynor! I want to go home! Damn your foolish crusade with his father!

Raynor: We were all young, Nyna. Just like Jinjor, we grew up. We trained Jinjor not to make the same mistakes again. This time, he will achieve what his father and I failed to do. And yes, you shall go home. You shall give him whatever he so desires upon his success.

Nyna: And if he wants her?

Raynor: I would be honored if he received her. Jinjor filled the hole you could not fill. He was like my son and I'm proud of him.

Nyna: Don't you dare blame me! DON'T YOU DARE!

Raynor: I don't blame you, I blame myself. My inner darkness and greed prevented our true bonding. I know I'm supposed to be a strong user of the Dark Side, but my old age is showing me the light. I was wrong and I'm sorry. My mate, I'm sorry.

Nyna: Hush, sweet Raynor. You are speaking with great difficulty. Rest and regain your strength. You'll need it for when you see Jinjor. I shall stay here and tend to you until I must leave.

*And the reconciliation concluded with Nyna placing her hands upon the old paws of Raynor. She kneeled by him and she watched his eyes. Tears welled up in hers as she saw her mate seem to fade.*

I saw the stranger appear out of nowhere. It was a bit unnerving, but my master seemed comfortable enough around the man. He introduced me to Jinjor, and I approached.

I held my sword with my wounded arm and extended my right hand to greet Jinjor. The pain was incredible, but I kept my composure so as to not show any weakness in front of the two Sith Lords before me.

It's a pleasure.

After shaking his hand, I returned my claymore back to my right hand and held it over my shoulder as I waited to follow Master Zero and Jinjor into the Museum.

*After shaking hands with the new apprentice, Reno, Jinjor spoke to both of them about what will happen next.*

Jinjor: I told you on the communicator that the Museum has been uncovered by some of Raynor's attendants. In that Museum, I was able to locate a few pieces for my lightsaber. The amount of items pertaining to the Dark Side were mind-boggling that I just had to share it with you. Your apprentice is also invited to take whatever he wishes.

Now come, we must first stop by Raynor. He would want to see you, Zero.

*Jinjor walked up the Sky Ramp and shortly thereafter he entered the Royal Chambers. On the far side, Jinjor saw Raynor and to his surprise, Nyna. The Bothan looked very much worse off than when he last saw him.*

It has been quite a while since Zero last saw Raynor, and he could barely recognize the man now.

Zero: Raynor, I would like to say you look great, but we both now I am not one for honeyed words and empty compliments. Am I intruding on any private business? If so, I can return later to speak with you.

To Zero it looked as if Raynor was on his deathbed, and he believed in treating the dying with respect.

*Raynor slowly lifted his weary head and looked upon Zero BadGuy with the same fiery eyes he always had. While his body was withering away, his spirit still stayed strong.

Jinjor walked up to his old friend and kneeled on the opposite side from Nyna. He placed his hands over Nyna's as all three felt the end nearing.*

Raynor: Lord Zero, while I may not be in the same state I was in when we fought so long ago, I still command a great deal of power. Onderon is under my control and will be under my successor's control. I must choose my successor on this day. You will stay and be one of the two witnesses as this power of command is transferred.

Jinjor, there was something your father and mother never told you. While it is true that your father was a powerful Sith Lord, he was banished from Kothlis. The people feared his power and did not want his corruption to spread through the Bothan Sector. They stripped him of his title in the most terrible way and then sent him to the farthest reaches of space. Your father only did this because your life was being threatened.

When you were a baby, you were the Prince of Kothlis. As cheesy as that may sound, you were destined to rule. Before any news of the traitorous decree, they kidnapped you. His most trusted servants, who now happen to be deceased, grabbed you from your cradle. They brought you to a location that was clouded from your father's senses.

Your father left because you loved you. He left to make sure you weren't harmed. When he arrived on the planet that shall not be named, I was sent to deliver you to your parents. I felt the power within you then, Jinjor, just like I can feel it now. Your father and mother embraced you with fits of sobs. I bowed to your father ready to accept my death. He showed me mercy for some reason and I was let free. I chose to stay and remain with him and make sure that you grew up without any threats. When you killed your mother, my heart skipped a beat. I wanted you to avenge your father's banishment through the honorable way, and yet your father trained you down the Dark Side.

Raynor: I could only watch hopelessly as your father made you stronger and stronger in the Dark Arts. You developed a bloodlust, yet you somehow managed to control it. You loved the killing, but you mourned the consequences. Now that was your redeeming factor which let you cling to the Light Side.

When you left after your father died, I stayed close by you. I did not let you out of my sphere of awareness and I made sure you survived. When you approached the Jedi, I felt hope for the first time since you were returned to your father. But then you disobeyed the Jedi Council and went to Korriban, you met Emperor Palpatine and that foolish Sith Lord, and you toppled into the Dark Side. All I could do was make sure your honor stayed intact by challenging you each step of the way, keeping your arrogance from inflating.

Darth Malice took you on as her apprentice and took you to heights I could never take you. When you struck her down and became a Sith Lord, I still felt some light within you. Embrace that like your parents embraced your toddler self.

Now that you know your true lineage, you must avenge the wrong-doings. You must go to Kothlis and you must challenge the rule. It is worse off than when your father was in charge, Jinjor. Make it right again, please. Challenge their current Lord in a duel through the ancient rituals. They will see your truth and will not refuse it.

Now that is done, I give control over Onderon to you Jinjor. You are to rule when I am dead. But I shall not die until you are the rightful ruler of Kothlis once more. Go forth, young one, and make me proud.

*Raynor hugged Jinjor tightly, as a father would shelter his son. The two men held there for what seemed like many moments until Raynor started wheezing. Jinjor fell back as Nyna tended to his coughing fit. Jinjor got up from his knees and walked over to Lord Zero.*

Jinjor: I will regain the power of the crown upon Kothlis and I will retake the Bothan Sector. Lord Zero, I shall bring you to the museum since Raynor's condition won't allow him to come. But let's go and get you whatever your heart desires!

*Jinjor led Lord Zero and Reno down the long corridors. After leaving the royal chamber, Jinjor brought them down the right fork all the way down and then broke off the main path to the left and brought them around to the main entrance to the museum. The doors shifted open and Jinjor walked into the lobby. Inside there were hundreds of powerful items of the Dark Side from centuries even millenia before.*

Jinjor: Choose whatever you want, Lord Zero. You too, Reno.

Zero could feel the unrestricted power of the dark side in the room around him and he reveled in it. These were the type of artifacts his father was willing to sell his future for. Zero could feel the force pulling him toward a specific area. Then he saw it, the holocron was suspended in the middle of a chamber. Zero quickly called it to himself with the force and put in his belt pouch. Hopefully with this he would learn how to make his own Sith Swords.

*Jinjor's eyes eagerly waited to see what his two friends chose. He watched Lord Zero pick up a Sith Holocron through the Force and pocket it. A smile broke through Jinjor's hairy mug, revealing two powerful canines. The baring of these teeth were not meant as a primitive warning, however.

Jinjor's eyes drifted over to Reno as possible item choices wafted through his mind.*

Zero continued searching the room. Entering a different room, he noticed a suit of armor in the corner of the room.

Zero: Is that what I think it is?

Hurrying over to the corner, Zero picked up the breastplate and studied it intently, on the back piece of the armor there were 8 different places to hide daggers. That confirmed it for him, this was Zeison Sha armor, a long dead sect of force users who lost a war with the Jedi ages ago. He would make this armor his own and use it in his own fight against. To the left of the suit, he found the daggers that were meant to go with this particular piece.

Zero: Jinjor, I have found all I need in this place, let us proceed, if you and Reno's business is done here.

Jinjor: Please wait a few more moments. Your apprentice is still deep in thought as to what he wants for himself. It is a difficult choice indeed with so much available to one at a time.

As I looked around the museum I saw many artifacts, none of which I recognized or was particularly interesting to me. I walked through the large room, wishing I knew what any of these things were.

I could feel Jinjor staring at me, and as my master returned to the room I heard them speak. As I turned to look face them, my eyes caught something glinting in the dim light. As I looked upon the jewel, I felt drawn to walk up to it.

I grabbed the sapphire, and instantly got the strange feeling of somehow being complete. With the sapphire in my hand, I walked back to Master Zero and Jinjor.

I'm sorry about the wait, I don't really know too much about anything in here. This sapphire looks and feels unique to me, I think it's all I'll need.

Jinjor Roji: The power emanating from that sapphire is strong indeed. The best use of something like that would to attach it to something. An amulet, a weapon, or necklace of some form would be the best possible choices. You have done well in choosing your gift.

Now come, Lord Zero and Reno. I shall take you to your quarters so you can get some rest. I'm sure you'll also want to examine your new items.

*Jinjor leads the two Sith out of the museum and through the Palace of Onderon. As they traveled, they can see that the surrounding walls have become more decorated and beautiful. Jinjor stops at a door that leads to a two-room suite for diplomatic individuals. Of course, diplomacy on Onderon is moot and it is currently unoccupied. However, the lush accommodations should allow the two travelers to feel at rest.*

Jinjor: This is where I must leave you. As you both heard, I must take back the territories that were wrongfully taken from my father. I shall return as soon as I can, but know this. You have full access to any facility on Onderon. Give this datapad to any foolish guard who may come your way and your access will be granted. I'm sure you will want to find out what's in that holocron, adapt your equipment, or train among yourselves. I leave you to this servant.

*A servant appeared from the shadows and bowed to the Sith. Jinjor bowed back and left the three beings alone.*

*The servant introduced himself as Bing Keltythe.*

Bing: Can I bring you anything? Lord Roji has left the whole of Onderon to your disposal so no desire shall be left unfulfilled.

*His eyes search Lord Zero for an answer and then drifted over to Reno. In his hands, Reno held the sapphire he found in the museum. The servants eyes open wide, but he holds his tongue and will only speak if questioned about his reaction...*

I noticed the servant's reaction to me possession of the sapphire. For some reason, he made warning signs flare up within my head. Even so, I proceeded to ask questions as calmly as I could.

What was that look all about? Do you know what this is?

*The look on the servant's face went from shock to an arrogant smirk.*

Bing: Of course I know what that is. I'm well versed in Onderonian history. And what you have is the rare Ankarres Sapphire. In the annals, it is understood that this sapphire has the ability to make the wearer stronger physically and within the Force, more graceful, and keen. Quite a few of our Lords were able to tap its power and bring the might of Onderon to new levels.

It's just sad...Oh well, you had permission from Lord Raynor. Anything else you require? A moment of peace, some food and drink, women?

So that's why I felt different when holding it. I knew there was something strange about the way my body felt when I first picked it up... Would the sapphire's powers be weakened or affected in any way if I cut a hole in it to put it on a necklace?

Bing: Oh most certainly, sir. Most magical power enhancing crystals must remain intact or else their power wanes. The Ankarres Sapphire's power is subtle enough and no Onderonian scientist dared alter it. You would do well to take their precedence...

*Elsewhere in Iziz, Jinjor was boarding his ship. Evolution was being put back to use once more! The message he sent for it long ago reached it during the fighting between the Sith and the guards. During that time, Jinjor hadn't noticed the beeping noise of its arrival on the planet. Nevertheless, he found out as soon as he stepped into the docking bay. His father's ship was waiting to finally return home. Jinjor boarded it and blasted off into space. He set the ship on auto-pilot to Bothawui and settled down to prepare for the construction of his newest lightsaber.*

Thank you Bing, I'll take your advice and not alter the Sapphire. I don't really need anything else, unless Master Zero has something specific in mind?

I watched my master stand in thought as he contemplated his next move. Even at that early point of our travels, I knew he didn't like to sit idle for too long. Rest sounded pretty good to me, but I wasn't about to suggest it unless Lord Zero mentioned it first. I would have chosen any kind of fatigue over the thought of letting someone down in that manner...

Zero could tell his apprentice was getting tired, and quite frankly, after all his recent battles, he could use some rest himself. Zero: Reno, I think we should rest here for awhile, I think I have an idea as to how we can put that crystal of yours to good use.

He was right, I was feeling worn out. Though I was willing to continue, every part of my body screamed for rest.

Yes master.

And with that, I waited to follow my master to wherever it was that he planned to rest and listen to whatever he planned to do.

Zero went to the quarters his generous host had set for him. He directed Reno to his room and left him with this little bit of advice.

Zero: Rest well Reno, for tommorrow you will be fighting all by yourself while I use the knowledge in this holocron. It is very important you make yourself ready for anything.

*The flight was short due to the "close" proximity of the planet. The alarm blared its shrill sound as it awoke Jinjor from his slumber. He still felt drained of his energy, but he pulled himself out of the bed. The docking procedures initiated shortly before he entered the cockpit. Clearance codes were requested and Jinjor confirmed them.

In the docking bay after all was settled, Jinjor was approached by guards.*

Lead Guard: Hello, my Lord. We are here to escort you to Raynor.

Jinjor: Thank you. Lead the way.

*Jinjor followed the guard up the Sky Ramp and through all of the battle trenches. Soon enough, he was in the Throne Room. He rushed to Raynor's side and knelt down next to him. The old man's head slowly turned to look at Jinjor.*

Raynor: It is done?

Cygnus arrived from his trial, successful. He had caused quite an uproar with his bad news, and somewhere in the recesses of his mind, he found pleasure in this.

He touched down on the docking bay and exited his small ship.

"Identify yourself," one of the guards said.

"I am Cygnus Rakshasa," he said confidently, "apprentice of Jinjor Roji. Do you know him?"

"Jinjor Roji? Follow us."

Cygnus followed the guards who led him to Raynor's throne room. He spotted Jinjor as soon as he entered, and another Bothan, more advanced in years than he.

"Jinjor," Cygnus started, half-ignoring the aged Bothan. He had never been good at pleasantries. "I come bearing good news. Everything went according to plan."

*Jinjor and Raynor were surprised by Cygnus' appearance. This efficiency of the human boy was something of great pride towards Jinjor. While he may not have been with the boy that long, it just reinforces his decision. Raynor looked to Jinjor after the sudden outburst with a smile.*

Raynor: Shall I assume that answers my question?

Jinjor: Yes. This was one of the senators for the Bothan Sector. He showed force potential when I attacked and killed all of the traitors. He had no real alliance with anyone and thus I gave him a proposition. Join me or die. It was quite simple really.

Raynor: Yes, yes. Now it is done. You are back in power with quite a few planets to call your own. As I said before you left, Onderon is yours. Please take care of yourself, my son!

*Tears flooded Jinjor's eyes as the last breath left Raynor's body. The man was like a father to him and to be called son as his last word was an honor. Fear soon made its way into Jinjor's heart since this man was truly all he knew. He wiped the tears from his cheek and stood up. He turned towards Cygnus and called him forth.*

Jinjor: This was my Master for the longest time. I may never have called him that, but he truly was. He taught me everything I know, along with my father. I am what I am today because of him. Now he's dead and I'm taking his title as Lord of Onderon.

*He grabbed Raynor's shoulders and pulled with all his strength. The old Bothan's body slipped from the throne to the floor.*

Jinjor: The only way to make the succession official is to remove the one in power. I have done thus and I shall take my seat.

*Jinjor stepped over the body of his mentor and sat on the second throne of his life. While nothing changed, it almost felt like Jinjor was growing stronger. Shocked servants removed the body and disposed of it. Jinjor leered at them as they did so. He then looked up to Cygnus as a smile slowly etched upon his face.*

Jinjor: What do you know of other planets? Who should we take over now...

Cygnus watched as Raynor was carried away, slightly disturbed that Jinjor was able to shrug off the death of his mentor so quickly. He turned his attention back to Jinjor.

"I know there are six planets surrounding the sector," he started. "Lashbone, Falleen, Rodia, Ando, Kamino, and Gamorr. The last two are out of the mid-rim, however; I think it'd be stupid to try for either of those. Other planets can come later, but for now, Lashbone is closest. If you want my opinion, I say we hit it first."

Jinjor: That's a wise decision. That's the planet we will attack first. If all goes well, you will be rewarded for your contribution.

*Jinjor called for a servant and handed him a datapad with everything that was required. On that datapad was a request for the mobilization of the Onderonian Armada. It was only a request for a fraction of the fleet as the Republic may use force if necessary.

It would take several days as the requested warships were joined. Until that time, however, Jinjor also made plans of raising a Bothan Armada in his home sector. This task was simple since it was battle ready after the attack on the Bothan Officials. Word spread quickly through the ranks about their new sovereign's aggressive campaign. Morale grew ever larger after many years of a stagnating economy and droll lifestyle.

When all was completed on Onderon, Jinjor and Cygnus boarded Evolution once more and journeyed back to Bothawui with the Armada in tow.*