*Elsewhere in Iziz, Jinjor was boarding his ship. Evolution was being put back to use once more! The message he sent for it long ago reached it during the fighting between the Sith and the guards. During that time, Jinjor hadn't noticed the beeping noise of its arrival on the planet. Nevertheless, he found out as soon as he stepped into the docking bay. His father's ship was waiting to finally return home. Jinjor boarded it and blasted off into space. He set the ship on auto-pilot to Bothawui and settled down to prepare for the construction of his newest lightsaber.*

OOC: In the Drow language, Waelin Velve means Young Blade according to a website that learned the lore of the Forgotten Realms.

*Jinjor laid out his lightsaber pieces one by one. The curved hilt was placed in the middle and surrounded by the parts that must be carefully placed inside of it. The new lightsaber's blade will be a bright silver that will contrast Jinjor's dark heart. The Kaiburr crystal will enhance Jinjor's powers as well as enable him to adjust the blade to any length he desires.

There were not only crystals around the hilt as your eyes would wander over to the lens and the emitter. The Pontite Lens will confine the beam while the Expert Fencing Emitter will direct it in a controlled way. And to power the lightsaber, Jinjor acquired the rare and powerful Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell.

Each piece was handled with care by Jinjor Roji. His weapon must be successfully built or else the resulting explosion could wipe out him and his ship. There would be no trace at all that Jinjor and his ship even existed. And yet, Jinjor's anticipation for the final product was overcoming him.*

*Jinjor was still sitting where he was hours ago. His meditation has successfully controlled his emotions. The lightsaber parts were hovering around Jinjor as he controlled them with the Force. The hilt remained stationary in the air while the others orbited it.

Jinjor felt through the force what he must do. It was almost like the Force was explaining to him how a lightsaber was born. Soon enough, the parts arranged themselves in the way they woul appear inside the shaft. Jinjor released himself fully to the Force and allowed his actions to be controlled. The parts moved slowly closer together...*

*With Jinjor's mind still open totally to the Force, the power of the Kaiburr Crystal ebbed and flowed. Jinjor was passing by Mimban on his way from Onderon. The origin of his Kaiburr Crystal lies deep in the lore of Mimban. Its power comes from the core of the planet and thus its power is never a constant. The closer you are to the planet, the stronger the wearer gets.

Each piece of the lightsaber shifted itself into the hilt. Jinjor sealed the hilt shut. With the Force, he melted the edges of the parts that must be fused and locked the loose crystals and lens in place. This procedure was time and power consuming and after the entire ordeal, Jinjor could not do anything but stare at the lightsaber that was now in his hand.

Jinjor knew he successfully crafted his lightsaber and with confidence, he ignited it by flicking the switch. The brilliant darkness obliterating silver shot out of the lightsaber. A smile full of sharp pointy teeth spread slowly upon Jinjor's weary face. His difficult task was finished and another was looming on the horizon.*

*Jinjor turned off the blade, stood up, and walked over to the cockpit. In the cockpit, he placed his new lightsaber upon the console along with his father's lightsaber. These weapons will not lead him to glory on Bothawui. Jinjor must not reveal that he is a Sith Lord just yet and must appear as a regular challenger to the throne. Only until the challenger is defeated and his power returned shall he dismantle the foolish regime in place.

Jinjor knows that a discrete path must be taken. Especially when it means so much to Raynor that his success is achieved. The sais that Raynor gave to him upon his arrival on Onderon will be the extensions of his arms this time around. While Jinjor has not trained much with them, he feels that it will give him a much needed lesson on resourcefulness.*

*A beeping sound alerted Jinjor Roji to the fact that he was entering the airspace of Bothawui. His ship, Evolution landed at a local docking bay under his name. He wanted to draw attention to himself as much as he could and any likeness to his father should attract that. He exited the ship and walked upon the ground of his ancestors for the first time in his life...*

OOC: Continued in Bothawui: Dark Force Rising.