April 19, 1995: Dan Powell, Northeast Texas Regional Militia

Ron Engelman: I'd now like to, uh, introduce, Dan Powell, from the Northeast Texas Regional Militia. Who would like to make a presentation. Dan? [applause]

Clive Doyle: Bonnie Haldeman, could you come up to the ??.

Back during the, 51 days of the tragedy, most of us, stood by or sat by our TV sets and watched, and you heard it over and over and over and over, as to why. What were the reasons, and why? How could they get away, with such events that they did? The use of military force as well as, lethal force with no reason at all. And, uh, I can't explain it. I don't think any of us can.

Um, to begin with, this flag that I hold before me today, has flown at my home for many, many years. Through different conflicts of war that our veterans have gone through. Up through the Waco situation- and, uh, so this is a special flag to me. It's seen a lot of conflict, and it's got a lot of honor behind it. At this time, I'm going to ask, that, uh, Bonnie accept this flag on behalf of all of you who are family, and survivors, of what you've been through. I just, I- we pray for you, we hurt with you, and, uh, especially after seeing the tape, the "Seventeen Little Children" tape, it just melts you down. So at this time, Bonnie, I ask you to accept this flag, on behalf of our militia group as well as myself, to the memory of those who perished here, needlessly.

Bonnie Haldeman: ??(Good of you to come?)??

Thank you. (Haldeman and Powell hug) [applause]

Bonnie Haldeman: Mr. Powell and his group brought- a statue, and it's right back behind here if everyone would look at it. Can you hear me? ??? Mr. Powell and his group brought a statue with everyone's name on it, and it's right across the roadway if everybody would like to look at it, and we want to thank you, and thank everybody for coming. [applause]

Beyond the time that all this happened, there's a lot of us, felt deep down inside of us that this was very wrong and that our government had gone way overboard. Um- and it just gnawed at my heart all this time, and then finally, November of this past year, something happened and, I just decided I got to get involved, I got to do something. To make sure that this never happens again, because, ladies and gentlemen, to some of you it did happen. But to most of us it did not, but it could. And if America doesn't wake up now- and put your foot down, and straighten these people out, it's going to happen over and over and over again. And just like Mr. Thibodeau said earlier- we're being blamed, you all are being blamed, the militia's being blamed, the blame is being put everywhere, for the bombing in Oklahoma today- except where it needs to be put. And it's not on us, and not on y'all, believe me.

Uh- Shulamit Cohen had sent me a poem she asked me to read to y'all today. I feel it an honor. I asked her would she be coming in from Israel, for this event today. And in tears, she said, "I would love to, but I'm scared to." And I said, "Well, why is that?" She said, "You've seen what they did once before, what's to stop it from happening again?" She says, "I'm afraid of America now. I'm afraid of America, I'm afraid of the government there." And that's a shame, when we live in the home of the brave and the land of the free, that we the people have to fear our government. And that's just the way it is.

To the memory of my beloved son Pablo, blessed be his memory.

Fallen hallow, empty leaves
The following are hollow, and riddled with holes
And the wind plays in the air until through them it blows
The hollowed-out chambers of my empty heart
Are clogged up with sorrow
Pablo will never return
My hollow cheeks glossy with droplets that stream
Like water from faucets, I wake from my dream
Another empty space, my window is open
The city of spirit, Mt. Gilo appears
As if my invention
What enables my fingers to write out these letters
Is hollow as well, a quill filled with ink
And I search,
Oh your hands, I look at your fingers, so long and so slender
And light as caresses received from a child

And she wrote two others, and of course I'm going to cut it short for the time of the program. I want to thank y'all, for letting me come up here, and to speak, and do what I have done. I'm going to make it real short. We did bring, a memorial back here that has all the names listed and so forth, we would like for you to see that. It was donated by, a man in Texarkana that makes monuments. I went to several and they all slammed the door in my face except for this one man, and he's a Vietnam veteran. And he said, yes, I believe they got done dirty, he says, I'll give you a thousand-dollar stone, don't worry about it. So he donated the whole thing to us. [applause]

We, uh- had a short rally last night in Texarkana where I'm from. Uh- I say rally, it's a memorial for y'all. And, uh- wasn't but 50 people, that turned out. It was 51 including the FBI man that was filming us the whole time! But, uh- (chuckles) it's, it's really not the numbers that matter, it's the thought. And I want y'all to know that you were in our hearts and in our prayers last night. Um, we went through the salute, we placed crosses upon the hill at the federal building, and had a candlelight service as well. And, uh- we just want to tell you, God, we love you all, and we pray for y'all, and, uh- may justice soon come about for y'all. Thank you. [applause]

Ron Engelman: Don mentioned earlier that the, uh, federal courthouse in Oklahoma City had been bombed. And, uh, seems that it was a car bomb that somebody drove in, and they found a couple of other bombs, in different areas of the city. Hamas has taken, blame for that. David Rucker, who's one of those responsible for this, and that. This bell and this podium and everything else- Uh, called some of the television stations in Dallas, irate. Because, they were inferring [sic], by just happening to mention the fact, that this happened to be the, second year anniversary of the burning of Mt. Carmel- the inference [sic] was there that somebody, maybe somebody of a, from the Branch Davidians or a sympathizer from the Branch Davidians, might have been responsible for it, without actually saying it! Well, fortunately, because of his phone calls to television stations, it seems that the television stations are now starting to put the blame where it supposedly belongs, we believe it belongs, that it was a Hamas, and they stopped saying, that it just happened to be on the second anniversary of, of the fire at Mt. Carmel. So I, I thank David Rucker for that...


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