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Come make connections with others who share your interest in Mandarin!

Reasons to attend:

  • practice speaking Mandarin in a social environment
  • make new friends who also enjoy speaking Mandarin
  • Socialize -- in Mandarin
  • network with other professional who may (or may not) be in China-related fields

You probably will NOT feel comfortable attending if:

  • you are expecting someone to dedicate their time tutoring you in Mandarin at this event.  People are friendly and some may be willing to help you out, but, remember that this is a social event for everyone.  You must be pro-active about your own learning and conversations (just like any social event).

  • you don't know any Mandarin at all. If you are interested in China but have never learned any Chinese, you may find other venues more appealing such as the World Affairs Council lectures, City College Chinese language classes, the Center for the Pacific Rim, or the Asian Art Museum.

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All levels are welcome and encouraged. Please come intending to speak in Mandarin. Please be respectful of the language environment and speak in Mandarin as much as possible & use English only as necessary.

You do not need to be a member of the World Affairs Council to come. 

  • The age of participants ranges from about 21 - 70.   
  • The number of participants  ranges from about 30 - 50 each time.
  • So far the Mandarin level of participatns has been about 20% beginners, 50% Intermediate, and 30% native or advanced.

First time to the group?  Welcome!  Each time there are many newcomers and you will be certain to find plenty of people to talk with quickly.

Please keep in mind this is not a "class" -- you must be pro-active about your own learning and your own conversations (just like any social event.)

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In the past we have met at various venues including

  • bars & lounges
  • museums
  • parks (daytime event)

Please check the eVite for each month's venue.

We need more ideas!

This is a non-profit group and we do not have a budget to "rent" or "reserve" a location. If you have any ideas for where a group of 50 people can meet without a reservation, let me know. wacsf_mandarin@yahoo.com . in general we try to pick places with

  • Convenient to public transportation
  • Convenient for parking
  • Quiet enough for conversations (i.e., no venues with loud music)
  • Enough room for 50 people
  • No fee for using the space and no commitment for a specific number of beverages purchased
  • Individual payment is OK. (Some venues try to enforce one big bill for the whole group. We avoid such places.)

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We meet monthly and generally pick a weeknight although we have had a couple weekend events.

For details about the exact date of our next next meeting, please contact Linda at wacsf_mandarin@yahoo.com .  We will send you the date and the invitation which you may later use to RSVP.

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We try to keep things simple. Many events are free. Some events are at bars or lounges where we ask participants to purchase a drink so that our group will be welcome back.

Check the eVite for the amount of this month's event.

The event organizer is a 100% volunteer and the orgaznier is not paid for being the organizer.

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  • Car: We try to pick venues with a parking garage near-by. Check the eVite for details.

  • BUS & BART: We try to find locations convenient for public transportation. Find bus/bart maps 

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Some venues require a firm RSVP commitment if we have firm reservations. Other venues are not as strict. In general, please RSVP and honor your RSVP

To get on the invitation list, please write to group moderator wacsf_mandarin@yahoo.com

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The Council's mission is to engage the public in the exploration of issues and opportunities that transcend borders.  The Northern California Chapter is the largest of the affliliates of the World Affairs Councils of America - the largest international affairs non-profit organization in the United States.

Main World Affairs Council Website: www.ItsYourWorld.org

From the World Affairs Council's main website:

Public programs have been at the core of our engagement with the San Francisco Bay Area community since 1947. Over two hundred speakers annually offer members of our community the opportunity to hear and participate in discussions with leaders from every field related to world affairs. Heads of state, Nobel laureates, government officials, journalists, authors, and academic experts all visit the Council to share their views and understand ours. Public programs also include special series, conferences, and photography exhibits.  

The Council's Global Philanthropy Forum aims to build a community of donors and social investors committed to international causes, and to enable and enhance the strategic nature of their giving and social investing.  

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Please contact the volunteer moderator:


Looking for a different language?  See the
World Affairs Council's list of
Language Dinner Contacts.



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