hi.. how are you doin? 

am sure glad to welcome you 
to my home page
please feel free to come in 
and hang out

who knows we might be able to
hook up for real
all am saying is let's be friends
bring peace and happiness 
to the world

in our own small way..


You are Traveller # 
since 13 June 2000


LOOK at it but you cannot see it!
Its name is Formless.

Listen to it but you cannot hear it!
Its name is Soundless.

Grasp it but you cannot get it!
Its name is Incorporeal.

These three attributes are unfathomable;
Therefore they fuse into one.

Its upper side is not bright:
Its under side not dim.
Continually the Unnameable moves on,
Until it retums beyond the realm of things.
We call it the formless Form,
 the imageless Image.
We call it the indefinable and unimaginable.


Confront it and you do not see its face!
Follow it and you do not see its back!
Yet, equipped with this timeless Tao,
You can harness present realities.

To know the origins is initiation into the Tao.