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Xavier's Institute For Gifted Youngsters


Xavier's Institute For Gifted Youngsters
1407 Graymalkin Lane
Salem's Center
Westchester County
New York

This original mansion, whose foundations date back to the 1700's, that stand on Graymalkin Lane was constructed by a Dutch seafarer named Xavier. Since then the mansion and its grounds have always been in the Xavier Family, currently it is owned by Professor Charles Francis Xavier, who uses the building as the his Institue for Gifted Youngsters and as the head-quarters for the X-Men.

Xavier's Institute offers a curriculum of high-school, college and advanced degree courses in a variety of fields, just like any other Prep school. They way Xavier's Institure differs is in it's student body. All the children who attend here are mutants, who Professor Xavier teaches the young mutants how to use and control their powers.

The Institute's faculty and other occupants also make up the X-Men. The X-Men is an organization of powerful mutants that were brought together by Professor Xavier for two purposes:
First, to train such mutants in the uses of their superhuman powers, and second, to serve as a combat team that could defend humanity against attacks by powerful mutants who use their powers for criminal ends, as well as against other threats.

The following pages detail not only the school's students and facilities but also those and the technology utilised by the X-Men.