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Band: I've been in band for like...4 years now. Since i was in 6th grade i played trumpet, and now im in high school playing. I'm not the greatest player in the world, but im not that bad either. When i was in 7th grade, i made all-district band and got 13th chair out of like 15 (HA!). And last year, i made 6th chair in all-district, but i didnt go, and i got in trouble. Oh well. This year, im in the fletcher band. WOOT WOOT! Our director is Mr. Paul Pippin III. We are gonna be off the hingees this year. Our show is "the wiz" (oooooooo!!!) and we have some tizite marching in it. And all you other bands that think your good, YOU CAN'T HANG! We will make finals all the time this year, and we're gonna beat Buholts or whatever their crappy name is, cuz they cant hang either. And juss to get you other school bands scared, the picture below is just one of the trillions and trillions of tight moves we do. SO HA! The picture is taken crooked, but you must STILL BEWARE OF THE FLETCHER MARCHING BAND!

We just got our last song on the field, and it kicks booty! Dont be surprised when we make finals kids, dont be surprised. Oh wait....i dont want to jynx us, so ill juss say we have a good chance of making finals all the time this year. Also, heres a pic of my homies Ray, J-lom, and Gail.

I wanna give a shout out to KEY CLUB!!! This year, there was a pep rally called the snarl, and clubs got to perform in the snarl to win a prize of lots of money, and key club won!!! Just about 95% of the key club dancers were in band including me. Congradulations to me, andre, rj, j-lom, gail, lauren, john, calvin, jimmy, marlee, anthony, ru-ru, and all the people i forgot. Im really really sorrie i forgot whoever i forgot. And also thanks SO SO SO much to jonathan levine who made our CD for us. I know this doesnt really have anything to do with band, but it was nice to mention. hehe. This is us celebrating after we found out we won first place. Also, congradulations to johnny pasco for dancing in tights. It was funny to see.


Our Competitions and scores:

Terri Parker:

Bands Entering-20
Wood Winds-Excellent
Drum Line-Superior
Drum Major-superior
Did we make finals?-yes we did
Place in finals-4th out of 8

Let me tell you about these scores. Some absent minded judge had surperior floating through his head when he saw our show, and he forgot to write it down on the paper. So a few shows later, they give the paper back to him, saying he forgot to put a score. So this MF puts a friggin excellent for our band. I shun him. But our band knows that we really got straight surpeiors. MWAHAHA!

Here's a pic of the trumbones and also pierre from sax section. We are at the competition getting ready to warm up. THANKS TO JONATHAN LEVINE FOR THE PICTURES IN THIS SECTION OF MY SITE. ALSO, THANKS TO THE FLETCHER BAND WEBSITE FOR LETTING ME GET THESE PICTURES. I got all these pictures from the band website, so check it out. The link is in my hobbies section.


We're hosting a competition this saturday 10-20-01. It's gonna be at our school, and its gonna be tight! oh yes. So like uh....everybody come and watch.

We juss had the competition, so its too late to come. It was fun! If you didnt come, you should have. hehe. Lowndes won the competition without barely even trying. They are too good. haha. Layta.


*sniff Sniff* Marching season is almost over. We only have about one more week of it, then the whole "wiz" show is going to be put to rest. All that hard work, and we have come so far. At least we'll have time to do things now besides band. I can maybe get a job, and get more DDR time with my friends. FBA is this saturday, 11-3-01, and our last competition is gonna be on the 10th i think. Band was fun this year.

Here are our FBA scores:

M & M- Superior
G.E.- Superior
Music 1- Superior
Music 2- Superior
Auxillary- Superior
Percussion- Superior ("woo HA!")
Overall score- Superior

I could have just put "we got straight superiors" but i wanted to savor the moment. Thats really tight that we got such good scores. Thats cool. We did awesome. Okay, bye.


Today (11-9-01) was our last competition of the year. It was at fernandina beach. Here were our scores:

Drum Major-Superior

Once again, i could have just put "we got straight superiors", but that would be gay b/c it would be so plain. Also, our Auxillary received the "best auxillary" award twice--once in prelims, and once in finals. In prelims, some faggot band got best GE (general effect), when really ours was better. In finals, we ripped the GE award out of their hands. Stupid other band.


If you havent seen our show this year, then you have mave missed out on a lot. You should have came, too bad for you. Also, if you seen our show, then you know at the end, there is a huge huge banner that goes over us. If you dont know what i mean, then check the pictures i got below. Thanks a bunch to the fletcher band site, where i got these pictures from.