Strictly DDR

Name: Francis

Age: 14

Birthday: June 8th, 1987

height: a tiny bit taller than 5'6

Weight: one hundred something. Damn, im not very specific about my height or weight. Oh well.

What i look like:Im filipino. aww yeah. So i have tan skin, black hair and brown eyes.

Occupation: nothing

Hobbies: D-D-D-D-DDR come on come on! hehe. I like playin DDR, MVC2, bboying, band,anime, and uh.....i do a bunch of stuff other people do, so that i can get good at it and beat them in it. =). But usually when i get good at it, its out of date, er out of style or whatever. How ironic...

Things i dont like about a girl: If she is self centered and all she wants is her her her. I also dont like girls that couldnt live without their mascara or would die when she has to wear something she wore the last week b/c she ran out of clean clothes. You know, like the kind of girls that wouldnt be able to survive on their own if they were to be stranded in a jungle for 2 hours or so. I dont like girls that are hypocrits, for example, if she sed that you need to stop being so ignorant or something like that, and SHES the one doing things that pisses everyone off. I dont like girls that believe everything they hear, and start spreading rumors and gossip and all that shiz. Oh yeah, they shouldnt smoke or do drugs, or none of that bad stuff. Lots of stuff i dont like about girls huh.

What i DO like about girls: I like girls with first names "jessica" and last name "iglesias" hehe. j/k. I like girls that say whats needed to be sed, and no more. I like them when they dont change the way they act around me when they find out i like them or vise versa. I like girls that laugh a lot, and has a good time a lot. They gots to be smart, and fun to be around. Yeah...

What i am like: I like to laugh a lot. Im usually shy around people i dont know, but if im around with my friends, then im fun as a mofo i think. yeah....i think. heh heh. Sometimes i am conceided or whatever says me, and when i notice that i am being like that, then ill stop. I dont like hurting people's feelings. This can be one of my weaknesses b/c sometimes you might have to to get things straight with your life. Another big weakness of mine is that im really forgetful. Oh well. A lot of times, people tell me their problems, but i usually have no advice to give them since i have never been through any BIG problems, such as divorce and deaths and adoptions and all that stuff, and sometimes thats not good. All i can say to them is im sorrie. Thats never good. Why am i telling all the bad things about me? I am a fast learner and I guess im funny sometimes. Okay, done.