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Mahn, i havent updated my site in months! Jesus! Well ive decided to start updating it more often since i got a tight scanner. I got pictures of jess! yay! They are all in the "jessica" section. And also i have a new feature on my site called "snap shot stories" inspired by MadTV and my friend jin. It'll be me and my friends doing movies and stuff but only by taking pictures. Sweet. Anyways, I'm gonna start updating, so later.

Okay...I REALLY have been caring less about my site. There has been a lot of stuff thats been happening in the last week when i wasnt updating my site. First, i am proud to say that jessica and i have passed our one month already. That was fast wasnt it?! I loved it though. THEN, there was a DDR tournament, and you can see the details in "Strictly DDR". I also did some other things, like go to jessica's house.=)! We juss watched TV (wink wink). But yeah, that was what happened. I also went to the movies with jess too. Yup. Well thats about it. Layta.

OMG! Tonite was honestly one fun azz nite! Me, Alan, Wayne, Stix, and Steve all went to orange park to sign up for the DDR tournement they're having next week. While we were there, we DDRed a little bit, and we were by FAR the best DDrers there. We had a HUGE crowd as well, and the people there were really really really nice. THEN we all go to the Adventure Landing they have there. oh my gosh, what a HUGE disapointment it was. The Adventure Landing in Orange Park is the most pitiful thing i have ever seen. And we went to check out they're 4th mix, and some FAGGOT guy wearing a "DDR Freak" (aka DDR fag) shirt is sitting there talk junk about how we play. The whole time me and my friends were playing, he was juss sitting there juss talkin a bunch of crap, and the whole time he hasnt played one song. After this gay azz incident happened, we were off to Dave & Busters. Unfortunately, we were too young to go in. But BEFORE we went to D&B, we went and saw the TIGHTEST cars ALL in this shogun minimall parking lot place. It was LITERALLY Fast and the Furious only in J-ville. Not only did we see them in the whole lot but also all over the roads. And on the way to get something to eat, these girls were in this silver eclipse with purple neons, and we kept up with them so that they could see us, and we could see them, you know? We went to McDonalds and we made breakin videos with their survailance cameras. Im saying EVERYTHING in the wrong order, so you can try Stix's site some time and he will probably have it all in the rite order. Oh yeah, we ALSO got pulled over by a cop for having one headlight, but that guy was really nice. Alrite, that enough for tonite. Later. You can also find all this in the "Strictly DDR" part of the site.

Me and jess are all nice and dandy now. Its gonna be thanksgiving tomorrow. Jess had to leave to go to miami =(, i wish i could have gone with her, but thats alrite. I forgot to watch dawson's creek for her. hehe. I hope she has fun in miami and i also hope i have fun doing whatever im doing. Jess is staying there for like 5 days, so that will be 5 days with no jessica for me. =(. But anyways, my friend andreu wants to start a band and he wants me to play the drums. Im not a very good drum player, but okay. I wonder what im going to be doing over this 5 day weekend. Maybe practicing for the DDR tournament on the 1st of december. Hell yeah. Its gonna be so tight. I guess we juss started a new DDR team, team nOfLO! Imma try to make up the tag and stuff. haha. That'll be cool. More info on Team nOfLO in the "Strictyl DDR section" if you wanna get a tiny more info about it. Oh well, imma catch some Z's, so ill see all you guys layta.

11-18-01 was not a good day. I "talked" on the phone with jess, but in reality all we did was sit on the phone for literally an hour which seemed like days to me. Then we got upset at each other b/c we werent talking. AND THEN she asked some serious stuff about me and her which i choose not to go into. Then for another 20 minutes we sit on the phone. Damn....

Today was a not so good day. It was SO SO SO SO rainy outside, from morning to nite. THEN, when i call jess, i have nothing to talk about, and i feel like a damn idiot for maybe 20 minutes straight. THEN i found out that someone told her that i sed that i didnt feel like going anywhere with her last weekend, and thats a COMPLETE F*CKING lie, b/c i would go anywhere in the world with that girl! THEN my home boy josh IMs me telling me to take him off the DDRin list b/c he sed that he doesnt want to be at the end of the list. Hey, at least your one of the best in jacksonville to me. Oh well, he told me to take him off the list, but i really just moved his (_|_) up the list so that he wouldnt be last. Oh well, i give today a 5 out of 10.

Thats a lot of 1s in today's date. Anyways, i didnt do much today. I updated the strictly ddr section. Thats jason guy isnt on there anymore, and i added Tats one Josh kid that goes to paxon. Thats kid is fer real good. I heard many stories about him passing afronova ssr doubles. But what i tell all of my friends, i dont believe something about ddr until i see it myself.

Oh goodness...I've been neglecting my website again. Oh poor me. But today was an interesting day. I woke up at 8:00 to get ready for band b/c we were going to fernandina beach for our final competition of the year. In prelims, we made straight superiors, made 2nd in our class (AAAA), recieved best auxillary, and we made it to finals. In finals, we were to go last, and guess what place we made?! 2nd!!! thats really really good. Not to mention we also got best general effect and best auxillary. I also put this in the band section of my site, so you can look at it there.


If i didnt tell you guys yet, i have ddr comics in the "strictly DDR" section. I doubt anybody will like them, but oh well. They arent the best comics in the world just to let you know, but their worth putting on my website and looking at. Yeah....and....i like jessica. k bye.


Me and the fletcher band went to Terri parker for FBA and we got striaght superiors. That was tight booty. Also, on the way home from terri parker, i asked out jessica again. That was cool too. And i went to AL and ripped everyone into asshole in MVC2. Wayne was killing EVERYBODY last nite. Last nite was his nite. He even beat jin! That means he was doing good. Oh well, ill be back later to type summore boring stuff. bye!


Hey everyone. I dont really have anything to write. Oh yeah, marching season is almost over. We only have 3 more rehersals left. This saturday we're going to FBA, and next saturday we're going to Fernandina beach. Not only is our show the best it ever was, we also have a little surprise for sandelwood. heh heh heh....

I've realized that my blog entries arent as long as they should be, so im gonna try to make this one long, and hopefully, all my other ones will be long as well. On saturday i made four pictures for jessica that were really cool i guess. Too bad i had to scrub 3 dollars off of wayne, and 8 sheets of paper off of mr. joe jenkins. The first time, i only needed four sheets of paper, and then i showed wayne, and he sed it was too similar to what he had done with some other girl, so i had to get four more sheets of paper. THEN i accidentally wrote the wrong word on one of the sheets, so i asked for another sheet of paper, and mr. joe jenkins sed "no" so i was desperate to fine another sheet to write on to put in my picture. THEN i saw a sheet of green paper lying around, and i asked this lady if i could use it, so she sed "yeah" and this is why one of the pieces of paper in the picture is green. But you would only know that if you've seen the picture, but i bet 95% of the people reading this has not seen the picture, so im gonna stop now.

If i havent told you guys yet, Adventure Landing has 5th mix. Today i got a B on rythem and police maniac. aww yeah. Top that. J/K. I also asked out jessica again. But thats only between me and her. = )

Hold Jebus! Dang doode! Now my friend alvin got in an accident! What the fugde is happenin?! All my friends think that everybody on my DDR list is gonna get in accident. I dont think thats true. If it is, i hope everybody comes out safe.

Praise the Lord! Holy goodness! Today i was caught in an accident. It was raining, so accidents were at a higher percentage, and i just about got screwed over. I was with my friends mike, wayne, j-lom, rj, and craig. I praise the lord that im still alive today. And whats wierd is that dawson's dad also died in an accident. Dang.

I dont think anybody is in a good mood. Last nite something happened to one of my good friends, and everyone feels her pain. Its sucks that this has to happen to such a good person. My heart goes out to her, as well as all of her other friends. I hope she will be all good. Ill pray for her.

I added a little bit to the Band section, and also a little to the jessica section.

We went to a band competition and made finals. We were scored 4th out of 20 bands. Thats good! We also tied buholts in general effect.

Today we had a football game. It was alrite. Tomorrow, we have practice for band b/c we have a competition on saturday. Oooo buddy, we're gonna own. I havent been updating this site in like...3 days just about. Imma update it real good when i get new pictures. Hopefully there will be a new section on my site titled "pics" er something cliche-ish like that. Oh well. See you then i guess.

Mother friggin crap doode. This kid is so mother friggin cheap in MVC2. All he did was the same shiz over and over, and you can block it or whatever, but when you try to come close, he catches you off guard and hits you with an assist, and then goes back to doing his SOS. It pissed me off so much! I wasted 2 dollars trying to beat that cheap azz mudda fugga. Thats all, im mad...

OH DANG! THEY GOT DDR AT REGENCY MALL! WOOT WOOT! Me and my boy wayne are hopefully going to go up there and show everyone up. Hopefully...Anyways, i got band practice today. We watched our perfomance last nite on tape, and we were RAPING it! They showed a close up of me, and i was bustin out some moves DDR style. Then rite after that, i started marching away, and mr. pippin was like "LOOK AT DEM TOES!" oh yes. I should get a promotion out of rookie. I also added a new section to my site. JESSICA! The page is dedicated to my favorite person in the world.

I like this girl. A lot. A lot a lot. No problems popped up in my life yesterday or today. Thats good! I like a hot ass girl. She is a 13 and a half out of a scale from 1 - 10. I like her a lot. Oh yes...

Uh oh. My problems are solved, but i feel a new problem coming out from the depths. What is up with me and problems. This one is going to be really hard to juggle.

Mother f*cking sh*t doode. My problems are starting to bloom again. I can feel it. I am fucking crying over this girl,and i dont know what the fuck is wrong with me. I juss feeling like fucking killing something. Imma go out side and step on plants and bugs, and friggin shoot dogs with my paintball gun. I HATE THIS SHIT! I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad, I am sad.

Today was just a usual day. Nothing special happened. I put up just a little more in the hobbies section of mine. Its yours truly, DDRin with wayne, and also by myself. I also stuck an MVC2 pic at the bottom.

My troubles are solved, but also came with an extreme consequence. I lost an amazing person's trust today which meant a lot to me. I need to gain it back.

We won the football game by a hair! It was so off the chizain. I saw me on the T.V. a whole bunch juss a few minutes ago. Dern doode. But i have a big situation on my hands, and it isnt looking good. I am still sad. The reason im sad is b/c of my own fault. This sadness must be fixed.

Today is so stressful. I dunno if i should let the whole world know about it. But im having troubles. Like...INTENSE troubles. I dunno what i should do, but hopefully, everything will turn out okay. To be continued...