Waffnuffly's U1 Maps
My Single Player U1 Maps are coming soon! I'll keep everyone posted here, on BuF and on UnrealSP.org BB.
Unreal Single Player Packs
Yeah I know it stinks but hey, it was free and I got my maps on the internet! I'll be posting screen shots, storylines, and maps here for download (You don't have to download the other stuff). If you have any problems with downloading my maps then tell me and I'll try to fix em. This is just a base-site so I can get my stuff on the internet for free. It's not gonna get very fancy.  My Email   ---   Email for Unreal-Related Stuff                                                                                          <===Why is that line there? Ok nevermind it's gone
    1-3-01: Well it's been a whole month since I've updated. And I submitted a hosting request to Unrealism. Hopefully I'll be hosted there on a regular website with their FTP! I'd actually be able to upload Attacked and other projects then :p   It's a good thing that I won't be at Geocities much longer.
Heh, I finally put a counter up : p
Yeah there's a guestbook here now.