Visions of how things were supposed be. Dreams of a timeless existence and knowing why we are.

I wonder.... do people realise why God made us? Some say that He made us to worship Him. Others say He Created us so that He would love us. But these answers still do not answer why he made us. Let me explain:

There is an inherent desire found in humans that leads us to seek and find mates and to eventually have children. Why? Why do we want to couple and have children? Think about the implications. Everything you own will no longer just be yours, you will have to share it. You can no longer go where ever you want, do whatever you want. And if you think you can, consider the repercutions; you risk loosing the trust and love of your mate. Everything you do, you will have to ask yourself how your mate will take it or think of it. What in the world leads us to desire to have children? Seriously, do we really want to spend sleepless nights tending to baby's needs , do we really want to deal with all the head aches that come from raising children. Do we really want to bear the responsibility of a human life?

Forget about having privacy, that will be gone. Forget about going where ever you want. Forget about doing things your way. Fights, disagreements and heated discussions about what should be done will be the order of the week, if you are lucky. Endless debates about frivilous matters will bring you to tears and don't forget, the hurt, anger, resentment, misunderstandings, misgivings, impatience, overbearings and tensions that come with the whole package. How then could we want any of this???? How and why?????

The truth is, this is not how things are supposed to be and deep down inside we know it. There is a reasonable answer to why we get married and have children, and it is this,  we deeply long for love, companionship, friendship, joy, happiness, collaboration and nurture and these drive us and compel us to sometimes desparately seek after mates who we can love and with whom we can have children.

Well, this all sounds like something so obvious that I needn't have mentioned it but wait..... Why do we long for love and companionship and the rest?? Ahhhhhhh, now you are beginning to see where I'm going with this, or are you?......

To put it simply, God made us in His image.....what does this mean? I won't and can't really fully expound on what this means but I could explain part of it. We share with God the desire to love, have companionship and so on. And this my friends is why God made us. I like to say that we are a product of God's love, just like children ought to be the product of the love a couple have for each other. In other words, we can't help but want these things.

Now some of you will say, isn't this the same as saying that God created us so that He could love us? This is only one part of why God created us.

I must say that, even having said all this, I can't really say without a shadow of a doubt that I know this for a fact. This is just my opinion about the matter. I could easily be wrong.
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