Wagontale's Em Tee and her first litter
EM TEE.... was not empty for awhile!!! She had 2 beautiful "tiny" toy females, one a deep apricot and the other a chocolate brown. She is a wonderful Mama, but insists on her babies residing in the living room. Which is ok for a time, but they must be relocated very soon.

Mommy is very protective, but if approached gently will let you look only.
Since we believe very strongly the puppies must bond with humans at the earliest moment Mommy must learn to let her people persons hold and talk to her babies a couple of times a day every day from birth. Other humans will not even get close until these babies are protected with their first shots..... the people persons will see to that.

Just days old these little girls are very
strong and healthy. First born this apricot
girl already shows her preferance to Mama.

This little girl seems to be content just about anywhere it is warm.

Here they are again around 3 weeks old
There was quite an uncomfortable hot spell and
these two little girls really felt it. They began
crying and the people persons discovered their
little mouths and tongues were so dry they could
not latch on to Mommie. They were given little
drops of water to lick off the tips of fingers , and
were then able to eat. The people persons
put a fan near their bed, moving the air around
them but not on them, they were watched very
closely after that and given water as needed.

Wagontale's Tiffani at 5 weeks old

Wagontale'sTiffani at 5 weeks old

Wagontale's Miss Tee at 5 weeks

Wagontale's Miss Tee at 5 weeks


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