The Food Game

Our Wagontale crew has a game, ... we are not sure exactly when it started, nor how it came about.

It is one they all play. Sometimes there are no players only "it's"....
Fresh water and dry food are available at all times in our house ...
so they always have the necessary "equipment" to play this game with.

When Keeper was around 5 weeks old he was terrorized by this game. An adult would take a pellet of food, lay down with the pellet placed between their front feet far enough out to "tempt" little Keeper and turn their head away as though not paying attention to the pellet.

Keeper would try to take the very tempting pellet then the adult "it" would growl, bark and jump at him and scare the wits out of the poor little thing! The first time this happened we had to pick him up to console him he was so shaken. Keeper always "fell" for this game, but as time passed he began to find it a challenge!

This was very interesting to watch and of course we watched in amazement as Keeper grew, and finally one day he decided he was "it".... of course being so small his terrorizing didn't faze the adults they just picked the pellet up and walked away! Keeper kept growing, and practising, and soon another "litter" was born.

The new puppies grew fast and were soon old enough to be introduced to "the food game". Meanwhile Keeper practised and became a "master it"... We watched in amazement as Keeper picked up a pellet of food, and placed it on the floor, went back for a second and placed it in another spot farther away, then he lay on top of the footstool keeping his eyes away from either  pellet!!!

That is when we both agreed  Keeper was the Master of the "food game" and we realized our intelligent pets were developing a whole new lifestyle. I have also noted that each new litter is now introduced to the "food game" by their own mother in the "nursery" before venturing out to mix with the others. 

Denis and I have known for some time now that our poodle population was "different" from ordinary dogs  in the sense that women's lib is in effect in our poodle population.  Our Mister Male (Keeper) here does not back away from any female. If there is a scrap to break up it is usually between Keeper and one of the females...  Perhaps this began with the food game???


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