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Wagontales latest puppy at 5 wks old.

Attention please!!! My puppies have an approved home before they are even conceived. Poodles pictured on this site are not for sale.

One hobby of mine (it became ours in short order) is breeding and raising toy poodles. My husband says "they are easier to raise than children and they don't talk back." We get a lot of compliments on our "toys" especially on their dispositions.

Most people think that small dogs are yappy and crabby. We maintain attitudes like these are the owners fault. They thought it was "cute" and let them get away with it. Our cure for "yappy" here is the water hose. I have learned to be a pretty good shot with it. I have to laugh though at our "Keeper" (Mr. male here) he figured out the best place for him to be when the hose came out is at our feet!

We have a kennel name "Wagontale" it is a name only to identify our poodles, we do not have a kennel. I had planned on showing my poodles but an injury in 1995 made that impossible. Now I must settle for casually enjoying my pets and raising an occasional litter.

Raising a litter is one of the most pleasurable past times I have ever experienced. We love watching them grow and play. The joy of seeing some happy face carrying their new baby home is just out of this world.

I do a breeding when I have an order for a puppy with a deposit which is refundable only if I do not fulfill that order. Obviously with this approach there are relatively few breeding's done here. When most people decide to bring a pet into a family they want it right away. This leaves them vulnerable to puppy mills and across the border purchases

I do NOT mean to imply that USA puppies are undesirable. What I am saying is there are outlets near our border crossing who sell puppies at $300. to $350.00 with "blue slips".... When people buy like this they are rarely concerned about registrations. BUT ... when they are ...they soon find out those "blue slips" mean very little in Canada and it is unlikely they will ever get their pets registered!

There is an outlet for puppies here in Thunder Bay and it has been the subject of some rather disgusting reports. Quite a few of them actually hit the local newspapers. On one occasion one person who was going to adopt the second puppy from a litter called me to apologize but said she decided to "rescue" a puppy from a very undesirable situation. She said she wanted to take them all, they were so pitiful, but she had to be reasonable. Of course, I wished her the best of luck and assured her I would not have a problem placing my puppy. I was expecting it but still felt badly for the lady when she called back a few weeks later with her sad news. The puppy lost it's battle for life even after hundreds of dollars in Veterinary care. This particular puppy was purchased from the above mentioned outlet for puppies here in the Thunder Bay area, and it is still in operation after two or three more similar instances have come to light.

A Wagontale puppy, leaves here with up to date vaccinations, and a health certificate signed by our veterinarian, as well as a week and more supply of puppy food. (BTW they also have a head start on potty training too) The new parents are encouraged to keep in touch, even if it is just to brag about their new baby. Also, I call back when the next litter is born to be sure all is well with the latest adoption. This is anywhere from a year to a year and a half from the adoption date. There never has been an instance, but the intention is to ensure there is no need for a replacement.

Wagontales Hint Section..
I would never try to lift a pee smell with anything that has ammonia in it, I have learned from experience that ammonia only enhances the odour.

I have found a fantastic product to remove "pee door". It does not mask.... it neutralizes and eliminates AND it is environmentally friendly. The pleasant orange scent it leaves behind actually discourages flies and most insects

We purchased a gallon in 1995 for around $100.00. There were no other sizes at the time but we had great faith in the person who recommended it to us. Now there are other options from about 8oz size and up.

We have been using that gallon on our asphalt driveway.... which they use exclusively winter and summer and we still have 1/4 gallon left. So though it was a lot for us to put out at the time it was not expensive in the long run.

It is called Orange TKO and it is made in Canada

TKO Industries International
4015 23rd Street N.E.
Calgary Alberta TZE 6T3
1-800-991-2463 (CANADA)
1-800-995-2463 (USA)

Hey!!! Lookee here!!!

All the people persons are giving awards from their pages we Wagontale poodles deserve to have one too.
We went together as a group to our people person
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This is our award!

please apply for it
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We is proud to display the following AWARD WINNERS

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Wagontales Bud Dee

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Em Tee and her litter

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April 4, 2000 
Wow, another award!

We thank you Donna very much. We had great fun and appreciate you enjoyed our pranks and tricks. What a nice award and 
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